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Chapter 801: 801

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Chapter 801: You’re So Shameless


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Looking at her mother’s serious face, Lu Liangwei blinked and could not stop herself from saying, “Mother, you’re going to be a grandmother soon.”
After the diagnosis, Ling Lihua was just relieved to find that her daughter’s pulse was stable.

Hearing what her daughter said, she could not help pinching the girl’s cheek and saying in disbelief, “You’re so shameless!” Feeling a little upset, she paused, then stroked Lu Liangwei’s hair and said softly, “Are you happy that you’re going to be a mother soon, Weiwei?”
She still felt that it was too early for her daughter to bear children, and it would be better if she could wait another two years.

However, the Emperor was not young anymore, and it would not be wise to keep delaying, Besides, her daughter was already pregnant.

The Dowager Duchess knew how she felt. She changed the subject and said pointedly, “Weiwei’s pregnancy happened just in time.”

Hearing this, Ling Lihua fell silent.

Lu Liangwei naturally understood what her grandmother was implying as well.

Now that the position of crown prince was vacant, the court seemed calm on the surface, but underneath the facade was an ominous storm brewing.

Moreover, Long Chi and Long Xiao were also secretly coveting the throne.

If she spread the news of her pregnancy right now, it could probably pacify the court for a while.

Worried that Lu Liangwei would overthink the issue, the Dowager Duchess ended the topic with a word of advice. “His Majesty may care for you a lot, but there are times when he can’t always be there for you, so you should stay alert and keep an eye on the servants near you.” Sighing, she added, “If Aunt
Lan were a little younger, I’d have arranged for her to stay with you and take care of you.”

Hearing this, Aunt Lan hurriedly said, “If you need me, I’d be happy to stay in the palace and look after you until the child is born, Second Miss. I may be a bit old, but I’m confident that I can take good care of you.”
Lu Liangwei was deeply moved and took Aunt Lan’s hand. “You’re too humble, Aunt Lan. Of course I would love nothing more than for you to stay with me, but Grandmother needs you more than me. Besides, I’ll be more at ease if you’re with her. Don’t worry, I can take good care of myself.”
Ling Lihua also felt that Aunt Lan should take it easy for her age, so she added, “Exactly. I’ll visit Weiwei in the palace often too, and if she needs more help, I can get a few trustworthy people from the House of Swallow Snow to come and take care of her.”

Lu Liangwei was touched but also exasperated to see them so worried about her. “You all really don’t have to worry about me. You don’t have to transfer anyone here, Mother. I have Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu with me, and that’s more than enough.”

Ling Lihua did not insist. “All right then. But if you ever need more people, just let me know.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “I will.” She then suggested excitedly, “It’s rare for you to visit, and since the weather’s good outside, let’s go for a walk in the imperial garden.”

“Good idea.” The Dowager Duchess nodded. “Although you need to be extra careful during the early stages of pregnancy, you can’t stay cooped up indoors all day.”

“think so too, Grandmother,” Lu Liangwei echoed her words.

Right now, the chrysanthemums were the most beautiful in the imperial garden.

It was the chrysanthemum bloom season, and flowers of various varieties blossomed furiously, creating a sight to behold.

It was almost noon when the family finished admiring the flowers, and Lu Liangwei ordered the imperial kitchen to prepare lunch.

At noon, Long Yang set aside his work and came back specifically to have lunch with them..

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