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Chapter 810: 810

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They held each other as they walked toward the room.

Lu Hetian stared greedily at the woman next to him.

Ling Lihua could his gaze and her fair face turned a shade of red.

Lu Hetian almost stopped breathing as he looked at her almost obsessively.

He was so engrossed at staring at her that he did not pay attention when walking up the steps. He tripped and nearly fell.

“Be careful!” Ling Lihua reacted quickly and grabbed hold of him.

Lu Hetian gave a start and his handsome face looked a little red. He was feeling quite embarrassed.

“You’re already a grown man and you can’t look where you’re walking?” Ling Lihua withdrew her hand in annoyance.

Lu Hetian went close to her ear and said in a low voice, “Thank you, Lihua.”

Ling Lihua felt the tickle on her ear and pushed him away as she mumbled, “Get away from me, you smell terrible.”

Lu Hetian was slightly stunned as he watched the woman run into the room.

Did he smell terrible?

He could not help lifting his arm to sniff at it. There did not seem to be any odor.

In reality, he smelt fine and it was just an excuse Ling Lihua used when she got annoyed.

Lu Hetian did not realize this and thought he had been too focused on rushing home on the journey and did not take proper baths. He decided to have a good, proper bath after greeting his mother.

He marched into the room while thinking about this.

Ling Lihua was already sitting by the Dowager Duchess’ side in the room. She looked calm and collected, as if nothing had happened, but her eyelashes were fluttering, which revealed what was going through her mind.

The Dowager Duchess noticed this and knew what was going on. She patted Ling Lihua’s hand and asked,

“Where’s Shenzhi?”

Ling Lihua replied, “Outside.”

She had just said this when Lu Hetian strode in from outside.

His mother was here and no matter how much he missed Ling Lihua, he did not have the courage to stare blatantly at her under such circumstances.

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He pulled the corner of his robe to the side and knelt in front of the Dowager Duchess. “Mother, your son has returned.”

The Dowager Duchess was greatly comforted. “The floor is cold. You should get up.”

Lu Hetian stood up at this.

The Dowager Duchess looked him over and saw that his skin was more tanned on his return, darker from when he had left for battle. However, the man was in great spirits, which gave her great relief. “It’s good that

you’re back, really good.”

After that, the Dowager Duchess continued to inquire about what had happened at the frontier, and especially about her grandson, Lu Tingchen.

“Do not worry, Mother. Tingchen has adjusted well at the frontier and he has earned a fair amount of merits in this battle with Danjue. But Wanyan Jin is not someone who will easily give in. I fear he may have something up his sleeve. I had Tingchen stay behind at the frontier during my trip back to the capital to relay news because I’m worried about Danjue scheming against us.”

The Dowager Duchess nodded at her son’s words and did not ask anything further. She said simply, “You must be tired. Hurry up and clean yourself up. You need to attend the Palace banquet later at night. You should enter the Palace earlier to see Weiwei. She misses you a lot and has been thinking about you all this time.”

Lu Hetian’s eyes filled with adoration at the mention of his daughter. “Yes, Mother.”

The Dowager Duchess suddenly took Ling Lihua’s hand at this moment and patted it. “Lihua, Shenzhi has been staying at the frontier for the last few months and it has not been easy for him. You should go on and serve him in the bath.”

Ling Lihua’s face burned slightly. She did not expect the Dowager Duchess to say something like that.

Her heart skipped a beat and thumped wildly when her eyes met with Lu Hetian’s…. They were burning deep with passion.

Lu Hetian looked at her expectantly, but when he saw that she was not moving, he gave a soft cough.

“Mother, let Lihua accompany you. I’ll drop by to chat with you again once I’m done cleaning up.”

The Dowager Duchess complained in her heart about her son being a stick-in-the-mud when she heard his reply.

She had already sacrificed her dignity as an elderly woman to help him create the opportunity, but he had

let it slip so easily from his hands.

How infuriating!.

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