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Chapter 811: What Are You Being So Nervous About

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The room was silent for a while when a sudden loud noise came from outside.

“Where are you, Grand Duke? It’s no use hiding from me. My Big Brother has informed the Emperor of Great Shang that I will be marrying you to unite our countries.”

It was the voice of a tender yet strong-willed young girl.

“Princess Wanyan, I’ve told you before that the Grand Duke doesn’t live here. Please return to the coaching inn immediately.”

Wang He’s helpless attempt at convincing could be heard coming from outside.

Ling Lihua’s eyes narrowed and the nervousness she had felt immediately disappeared. She glared coldly and furiously at Lu Hetian.

She said sarcastically, “Dowager Duchess, do you still think that the Grand Duke has had a hard time fighting in the battle out there? I don’t think it’s entirely true. He has the companionship of a pretty lady and must be enjoying himself so much that he doesn’t miss anything about home.”

Lu Hetian choked. He no longer cared about acting embarrassingly as he went forward to grab her hand. “Lihua, don’t misunderstand this. Princess Wanyan is just a girl like Weiwei, how could I…”

Ling Lihua brushed his hand away. “She’s the same age as Weiwei, yet she is still interested in you? Did you do something to her?”

Lu Hetian was getting a huge headache over this.

“What nonsense are you spouting, how could I…

“If you hadn’t done anything, why would she be here looking for you?”

Lu Hetian was about to explain when Wanyan Luosang fought her way inside. Her eyes curved into crescent moon shapes when she spotted Lu Hetian and she went forward to hug his arm. “You’re here indeed! I’ve been looking all over for you!”

Lu Hetian had moved backward a few steps when he saw her approaching him. His face fell. “Princess Wanyan, if you continue to act so blatantly and obstinately, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

Wanyan Luosang played with a braid of hair lying against her chest. She did not take his words to heart and instead giggled. “How are you planning to be rude to me?”

Lu Hetian’s face went green, especially when he saw the cold expression on Ling Lihua’s face. He went into a panic and could not even be bothered to scold the princess. He said anxiously to Ling Lihua. “Lihua, don’t you listen to her nonsense.”

Ling Lihua darted a cold look at him but said nothing.

Wanyan Luosang finally noticed her when she saw the subtle difference in how Lu Hetian was speaking to Ling Lihua. Her eyes narrowed. She sized up Ling Lihua and said with hostility, “Who are you?” Ling Lihua was not about to waste her time with a mere girl, and was about to leave.

However, Wanyan Luosang reached out to block her way. “I didn’t say you were allowed to leave!”

Ling Lihua darted a condescending look at her. “Little girl, no one can stop me if I want to leave.”

With that, she pushed Wanyan Luosang’s hand away.

Wanyan Luosang found herself being looked down upon and said willfully, “If I say you can’t leave, you aren’t allowed to leave!”

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Ling Lihua gave her an amused look. “Is that so?”

She was about to move something in her sleeve when Lu Hetian grabbed hold of her. “Lihua, there’s no need to bother yourself with a little girl.”

Ling Lihua pulled her hand away and said calmly, “What are you being so nervous about?”

Lu Hetian felt slightly frustrated. ‘Why would I be nervous? In any case, she is a Danjue princess and since she is here at Great Shang, she is Great Shang’s guest.”

Ling Lihua understood this. The girl meant nothing to her, and she could easily kill the girl, but this was the Grand Duke Mansion. She could not bring trouble to the Grand Duke Family.

She said nothing, but turned to the Dowager Duchess. “I’d like to enter the Palace to see Weiwei first.”

The Dowager Duchess looked around at the scene of chaos in the room and was troubled. She did not like Princess Wanyan, who had suddenly appeared to create trouble, at all.

However, her voice softened when she heard Ling Lihua’s words and she replied kindly, “That’s just as well. Although, it’s snowing outside and quite cold. Put on some extra clothing.”

Ling Lihua’s heart warmed at those words. She nodded and walked out without giving Lu Hetian a second look. She picked up the umbrella she had placed down in the corridor and opened it as she walked into the snow.

Lu Hetian wanted to call out to her, but was worried that he would just aggravate her further. He had no choice but to swallow his words. He turned back only to see Wanyan Luosang still standing where she was and felt a deep annoyance. He said toward Wang He, who was standing outside the door, “What are you doing? Send Princess Wanyan back to the coaching inn now!”

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