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Chapter 816: 816

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Chapter 816 A Glimpse Of That Breathtaking Beauty

“Yes, Master,” Zhao Qian replied. Just as he was about to lead Wanyan Jin’s party to Jade Dew Hall, a girl’s voice came from outside. “Lil Qi, is your master free now?”

The voice was lovely and silvery. Startled, Wanyan Jin turned his head reflexively toward the doors, and to his surprise, the Emperor abruptly rose from his seat at the imperial table and walked out briskly. The owner of the voice was already at the doors, but he could not make out her face clearly with the Emperor blocking his view. All he could see was the snow-white cloak she wore, her movements revealing glimpses of the bright red palace costume beneath it. “Didn’t I say that I’d go and fetch you? Why did you come over by yourself?” “I didn’t want to trouble you by making you run back and forth. Since I had nothing to do, I decided to come over first.” Lu Liangwei peered into the imperial study. “Are you finished with your work?”

“Yes. I was just about to go and fetch you.” Long Yang embraced her gently. Seeing a few flakes of snow on her hair, he brushed them away carefully, then took her hand and asked, “Are you cold?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “No. I’ve been holding onto this.” She waved her handwarmer in front of him.

After touching her hand, Long Yang was relieved to find it warm. Grasping it firmly, he started to head for Jade Dew Hall, completely forgetting that Wanyan Jin and his party were still behind him.

Seeing that his master had forgotten about everyone else the moment he saw the Empress, Zhao Qian cleared his throat sheepishly and reminded him, “Your Majesty, Prince Wanyan is still here.”

Only then did Long Yang remember, but he merely turned his head slightly and said to Wanyan Jin nonchalantly, “Then let’s go together.”

Wanyan Jin lowered his eyes to conceal his astonished gaze, but he was still astounded by the glimpse of that breathtaking beauty.

Was that the Empress of Great Shang?

“Very well,” he replied quietly.

Without sparing him any more attention, Long Yang took his fur overcoat from Zhao Qian, but instead of putting it on, he wrapped it around Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei pouted and whined begrudgingly, “I already have so many layers on. If I wear this, I’ll look like a bear.”

Long Yang chuckled. “So what if you do?”

Lu Liangwei shot him a look and turned away from him huffily.

Long Yang pulled her into his arms, his voice gentle but persistent. “Be good, Weiwei. It’s cold outside. You can take it off once we arrive at Jade Dew Hall.”

Lu Liangwei was unable to resist and had no choice but to let him wrap the overcoat around her.

After making sure that she was snug and warm, Long Yang held her close to him and made his way to Jade Dew Palace.

Zhao Qian and Chu Qi were already used to this scene, but Wanyan Jin’s party was dumbfounded.

The Danjue ambassadors standing behind Wanyan Jin muttered in the Danjue language, “To think that the resolute and ruthless Emperor of Great Shang has such a gentle side to him-he must be very fond of the Empress.”

Wanyan Luosang stared at the two figures walking in front of her absent-mindedly.

The scene just now had left her staggered. How blessed that woman was to have a man who doted on her so much.

Her emotions surging, she hurried after them.

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When Wanyan Jin came back to his senses, he realized that his sister had already run off and hastily chased after her.

In front, Long Yang kept his arm around Lu Liangwei and asked, “Isn’t your mother in the palace? Why didn’t I see her?”

Lu Liangwei answered, “She’s already gone to Jade Dew Hall.”

Right then, a dainty figure dashed out from behind them and blocked their way.

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