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Chapter 826: 826

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Chapter 826 You Can Even Keep One To Warm Your Bed

Chi Yi’s eyes were already bulging the moment he saw so many beauties. When he heard Lu Liangwei’s words, he was beyond delighted. “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Lu Liangwei smiled and said, “Go on and pick someone.”

As she said this, she turned to Chu Qi as well. “Lil Qi, you’ll be fifteen after the Lunar New Year. I shouldn’t favor one of you over the other. You should go ahead and pick a few women as well. You can have a few of them as concubines if you don’t want any one of them as your wife.” Chu Qi, “…”

Zhao Qian coughed.

This pushed Chu Qi to finally say, “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Chu Yi had already walked toward the beauties and was sizing them up from head to toe. Chu Qi stood where he was and did not move at all.

Zhao Qian could not help but feel envious of Chu Yi.

Zhao Qian was but a eunuch. No matter how envious he was, all he could do was stand by and watch.

Right at that moment, Lu Liangwei said, “Butler Zhao, you’ve been serving His Majesty for a while, and you are considered the one who has contributed the most to him. These girls here look like understanding ladies to me. What do you think? Would you be interested? Why don’t you go ahead and pick a few of them? The weather is chilly and cold right now, you can even keep one to warm your bed.” Zhao Qian was quickly convinced by her. She was right. Who said a eunuch could not have a woman?

The Empress was such a considerate person.

Now that the weather was freezing cold, it would be quite nice to have someone warm the bed for him.

“Thank you for your kind thoughts, Your Highness. I’ll go ahead and pick a few for myself.”

Lin Qingyuan was drinking some water, and at his words, she spat her drink out, stunned as she watched Zhao Qian striding forward lightly toward the bevy of beauties.

That was not right. He was a eunuch, right?

Lu Liangwei counted her fingers. “Besides Chu Yi, Chu Qi, and Eunuch Zhao, there is also Shi Yi, Shi Si, and Shi Qi. They aren’t married yet. There are enough beauties to go around, I hope?”

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Her gaze turned to Chu Jiu as she said this.

Chu Jiu suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

What was the Empress looking at her for?

A sweet smile suddenly appeared on Lu Liangwei’s face. “Jiu, even though you are a lady, ladies still need women around them. Let me decide on your behalf and choose a few people to take care of you.”

Chu Jiu’s mind was about to explode. Before she could reject the offer, she heard Zhu Yu say indignantly, “Miss, I’d like a few people too.”

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Lu Liangwei smiled and said, “Alright, alright. Go ahead and make your pick.”

Zhu Yu quickly thanked her and pulled Chu Jiu down the jade stairs as they walked toward the beauties.

“Jiu, we should hurry up before Chu Yi and Chu Qi pick the good ones. I don’t want to end up with the lesser quality ones.”

Everyone in the hall, “…”

Were the Empress’ subordinates enjoying life a little too much?

They were actually allowed to pick beauties meant for His Majesty.

Everyone wanted very much to be in Chu Yi and Zhao Qian’s shoes when they saw both of them zipping around the beauties while discussing and commenting about them.

“Chu Yi, this one is plumper. It should be more comfortable for you to hug her to sleep at night.” Zhao Qian’s voice rang out at an inappropriate time. Everyone looked over to him only to see that he was standing in front of a beauty with ample breasts and a curvy butt. He was about to reach out to touch her.

“She feels quite nice. She should be very comfortable to hug. Now I don’t need to worry about feeling cold at night while I sleep.” Zhao Qian was eventually left talking to himself when he saw that Chu Yi was completely immersed with the group of beauties and could not pull himself away. He ended up ignoring Zhao Qian. However, even though Zhao Qian was talking to himself, his voice was still pretty loud.

Chu Qi stood at the side while clutching his sword. He sneered while looking at them both.

Everyone watched with astonishment as they began to suspect that Zhao Qian was a fake eunuch.

Zhu Yu was also zipping between the beauties as she pointed at them here and there.

She declared one too skinny one moment, and another too fat the next. “This one’s too skinny, I don’t want her.”

“This one’s too fat, I don’t want her.”

Chu Jiu, “…”

Everyone in the hall, “…”

Long Xiao and Wanyan Jin, “…” How did the beauties they had presented as tribute turned into a session of nitpicking by the servants?

Was His Majesty really allowing Lu Liangwei to do this?

Those were beauties they had picked with great consideration.

The beauties were now relegated to servants getting water for washing feet and cleaning up the lavatory. It did not stop there either, now they were even meant to warm the bed for a eunuch.

The expression on their faces was something to remember.

Lu Liangwei turned to Long Yang to ask, “Do you think my arrangement is done well, Your Majesty?” Her tone sounded especially innocent. When everyone heard her, they were suddenly reminded of how young the Empress was. She was younger than His Majesty by so many years and it made quite a lot of sense for His Majesty to let her have her way.

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