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Chapter 827: 827

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Chapter 827 Was He Talking About The Person Or The Wine

That was because the Empress was still young and had less understanding of the world.

As they had expected, Long Yang said adoringly, “Your arrangement is the best, of course.”

“It’s nice that you have no objections,” she said while pouring two cups of wine personally. She took out a porcelain bottle and poured out two dark, black medicinal pills. She crushed it with her fingers and sprinkled it separately into each cup.

She placed the cup on a tray and turned to a palace maid next to her with instructions. “This wine is specially prepared by me for the Prince of Xiangyang and Lord Wanyan to thank them for bringing all these beauties all the way here.”

The palace maid was from Grand Phoenix Palace and had always served Lu Liangwei. She was considered loyal to Lu Liangwei and was lucky enough to witness His Majesty’s love for her. That was why she did not look shocked even though she saw Lu Liangwei sprinkle the medicine into the wine cups.

The palace maid followed her instructions and brought the wine cups steadily toward the Prince of Xiangyang and Wanyan Jin.

Everyone in the hall looked at the two wine cups in the palace maid’s hands with fear. The Empress had actually sprinkled medicine in there?

Was that laxative or poison?

Lu Liangwei did not bother to hide anything from anyone with her action just now. She had sprinkled the medicine into the wine in front of everyone.

Everyone looked on with trepidation.

Long Xiao and Wanyan Jin naturally saw it too.

Long Xiao was a little afraid while Wanyan Jin was considered calm. All Wanyan Jin did was glance at Lu Liangwei, as if trying to guess what she meant by her action.

This continued until the palace maid was standing right in front of them.

Lu Liangwei’s cheery voice was heard. “Prince of Xiangyang, Lord Wanyan, you have both gone through so much trouble. I have personally poured the wine for both of you to thank you for doing so much for His Majesty.”

Her voice sounded bright and cheerful, but for some reason, Long Xiao and Wanyan Jin felt something eerie in her tone.

The Empress looked like she was being grateful to them on the surface, but in fact, she must be quite unhappy with them.

Long Xiao suppressed the chilling fear he felt and looked at the wine up in the palace maid’s hands with mixed emotions. He was struggling within.

Should he drink the wine?

Could it be poisoned?

Everyone was watching this. No matter how much the Empress was unhappy with him, she would not go as far as to poison him, would


As he was hesitating, he saw a fair, slender hand reach out to take the other wine cup from the tray.

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He gave a slightly shocked look at Wanyan Jin and saw that Wanyan Jin had already finished the cup of wine.

An unfathomable smile appeared on Wanyan Jin’s lips. “This is indeed delicious wine bestowed by Your Highness. Even though it isn’t as strong as the liquor in Danjue, but is rich, yet gentle to the palette. I enjoyed it very much.”

It sounded like nothing, but when Lu Liangwei met his eyes, she had a feeling there was a double meaning to his words.

Was he talking about the wine or the person?

Lu Liangwei was slightly annoyed. When Long Xiao saw Wanyan Jin had finished his drink, Long Xiao no longer hesitated and made the decision to pick up the cup and drink from it.

“You are both pretty straightforward. It’s no wonder that you are both strong leaders in your respective lands.” Lu Liangwei’s voice was quickly heard. Her tone of voice did not indicate that she was happy.

A chill went down their spines as they lifted their heads only to meet the eyes of the girl, which had no warmth.

They gave a start, but then they saw Lu Liangwei suddenly smile. “It’s not poison, although…”

Long Xiao and Wanyan Jin held their breaths while they looked at her with slight nervousness.

Lu Liangwei swept her gaze across two of them before slowly saying, “I’ve been making poison recently and this medicine was recently created by me. I haven’t tested it yet, which is why I have no idea if it will have any negative effects on the human body. Just to be safe, you should both summon an imperial physician.”

Long Xiao forced himself to stay calm and collected, but he finally cracked somewhat as he bowed at Long Yang to say, “Royal Brother, I’m suddenly feeling a little sick. I shall leave the Palace first.”

Long Yang looked at him grimly. “Go ahead.”

He lifted his fingers and flicked Lu Liangwei on the forehead. “Why are you being so cheeky, my dear Empress? If both Lieges end up with a stomachache, what should we do?”

He sounded like he was reprimanding her, but his tone did not sound like he was doing so to anyone.

Long Xiao suddenly felt uncomfortable physically and for the first time, ran out of Jade Dew Hall without concern for his dignified image.

He had to return to his mansion immediately and get the physician to give him a check-up.

It would be best to act with caution over this.

Compared to Long Xiao, who had lost his calm, Wanyan Jin stood still where he was, but he had also taken his leave.

“Alright, it’s getting late and it’s snowing out there. It’s best to leave the Palace early.” Long Yang accepted his farewell warmly.

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