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Chapter 828: 828

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Chapter 828 Angering The Empress Was Worse Than Angering The Emperor

Wanyan Jin strode out of Jade Dew Hall with Wanyan Luosang and his group of ambassadors behind him.

However, the moment he walked out the door, he suddenly turned back to glance at the girl sitting on the high seat. Something flashed through his eyes, and the corners of his mouth turned up slightly.

The Empress of Great Shang was far more interesting than he had expected.

After Long Xiao and Wanyan Jin left, the hall lapsed into silence, and nobody dared to make a sound.

The Empress had just unhesitatingly poisoned the Prince of Xiangyang and Prince Wanyan in front of everyone.

However, the Emperor showed no anger, and even his reprimand was light-hearted. That was indulgence at its finest.

Everyone thought that the Emperor would forget about the Empress after being offered beautiful women by the two princes.

Instead, he allowed the Empress to reward the women to her servants without a single word of criticism or dissatisfaction.

Shock welled up in everyone’s hearts. They found the situation even more terrifying than drinking poison wine.

Tonight, they deeply realized that angering the Empress was worse than angering the Emperor.

If you offended her, and she gave you a cup of poison wine, you would have no choice but to drink it.

It was because the Emperor was right behind her every decision.

Everyone sat drenched in their cold sweat.

“Let’s end this banquet for tonight, shall we?” the Emperor’s voice broke the awkward silence in the hall.

As if they had been granted amnesty, all the guests took their leave quickly yet respectfully nonetheless, eager to exit the palace and return home.

After everyone had left, Lu Liangwei walked up to the Dowager Duchess. “Are you tired, Grandmother?”

The Dowager Duchess stroked her hair and looked at her kindly. “No, I’m not.”

“In that case, our family can stay here for a bit more. Is that all right?” Lu Liangwei asked

“Of course,” The Dowager Duchess replied as she looked at her dotingly.

Seeing that her grandmother and parents did not object, Lu Liangwei ordered the servants to lay a new table of food and wine in the side hall next door.

The family moved to the side hall.

Lu Liangwei had already instructed the servants to prepare the place.

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The moment they stepped into the hall, a warmth enveloped them and dispelled the cold from their bodies.

Not only was the side hall’s ground heating system activated, but there was also charcoal burning in the corner, making the room warm and cozy.

Lu Liangwei helped the Dowager Duchess to sit at the head of the table.

She wanted to refuse at first – after all, the Emperor was here.

However, Long Yang spoke before she could, his expression earnest. “Grandmother, this is just a family dinner, so let’s forgo all formalities tonight. Just treat me as your grandson-in-law.”

His tone, warm and gentle, was devoid of his usual authoritativeness, and he sounded just like a respectful younger person. “He’s right, Grandmother. Please don’t refuse. You’re older than us, so you should sit at the head of the table,” Lu Liangwei persuaded.

Since the Emperor had spoken, the Dowager Duchess could only give in and take her seat.

The food and wine were already laid out. After everyone was seated, Lu Liangwei raised her cup and said sincerely, “It’s New Year’s Eve tonight. I wish you good health, Grandmother!”

Joyful, the Dowager Duchess picked up her cup and replied lovingly, “And I wish you peace and happiness, Weiwei.”

Lu Liangwei then took turns offering toasts to her parents, using water in place of wine.

It was her first time celebrating the New Year with these people after coming to this world.

What a pity that Brother was far away at the frontier.

It would be perfect if he were here.

Soon, everyone started drinking away happily without restraint.

After downing two cups with Long Yang, Lu Hetian started to feel tipsy and stopped drinking. Ling Lihua had already drunk a lot tonight and during the day, too, and all she could take was a few more cups with Long Yang.

On the other hand, Long Yang was as composed as ever and showed no signs of drunkenness.

Seeing this, Lu Liangwei was secretly amazed by his alcohol tolerance.

Just then, the Dowager Duchess raised her cup and said, “If it’s not during New Year, we rarely get to sit and drink at the same table, so I absolutely must have a few cups with you tonight, Your Majesty.”

Aunt Lan hurriedly said, “I don’t think that would be wise.”

Lu Liangwei chimed in. “You can have tea instead of wine, Grandmother.”

The Dowager Duchess remained stubborn. “No, I want to drink wine tonight. I’m actually a good drinker. It’s just that your father wouldn’t let me drink since I’m getting old.” Ignoring them, she touched her cup to Long Yang’s. “Cheers, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang picked up his cup, and just when he was about to speak, he felt a pinch on his thigh. His heart thumped as if it had been grazed by a cat’s claws, and he turned his head, only to meet his young Empress’s warning gaze. He paused, then put down his cup and said to the Dowager Duchess regretfully, “I’d love to drink with you, Grandmother, but Weiwei won’t let me.”

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