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Chapter 841: 841

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Chapter 841 Long Yang Combed Weiwei’s Hair

Once Zhu Yu left, Long Yang began brushing Lu Liangwei’s hair with the comb.

Lu Liangwei looked at the man through the mirror and said with a smile, “Happy Lunar New Year, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang paused his action momentarily and smiled as he looked at her. “Happy Lunar New Year, Weiwei.”

He stopped for a moment as he eyed her lusciously long hair and asked, “What sort of hairstyle would you like me to comb for you?” Lu Liangwei gave some thought and asked instead, “What sort of hairstyle do you know how to comb, Your Majesty?” Long Yang narrowed his eyes a while and he seemed to suddenly think of something as he expertly picked up a whole lock of her hair.

Lu Liangwei had actually asked this as a casual remark and did not expect much.

His Majesty was a man, after all, and had so much administrative work to handle every day. How could he possibly know how to comb a woman’s hair?

It did not take long before her hair was done.

She lifted her head and touched her hair as she examined her hairstyle. She gave the man an astonished look from the mirror. “You have pretty agile hands, Your Majesty.”

This was a hairstyle she had never seen before. It looked pretty and complicated. Zhu Yu had a good pair of hands too, but even she did not know how to comb such a hairstyle.

“Do you like it?” Long Yang stuck a pearl hairpin into her hair and leaned against the dressing table with his hands pressing on it. He bent over slightly and looked at the girl sitting between his arms.

Lu Liangwei nodded. “I do. But how did you learn to comb a woman’s hair, Your Majesty? And such a complicated hairstyle, at that.

She paused and looked at him questioningly. “Have you combed another woman’s hair before this?”

It seemed like the only logical explanation. Why would a man like His Majesty have such nimble fingers?

Long Yang burst out laughing when he saw the questioning look in the girl’s eyes. His fingers curved to flick her lightly on the forehead. “What are you thinking about? No woman has ever had the honor besides you.”

Even though Lu Liangwei believed him, she still felt something did not quite click about this.

Long Yang pulled her up when he saw that the questioning look was still on her face. “When my mother was still alive, I often saw her comb my sister’s hair. I’ve watched it long enough to remember it after a while.”

He reached out to touch Lu Liangwei’s hair and added with some satisfaction, “It’s a good thing I didn’t mess up even though it’s my first time.” This realization hit Lu Liangwei when she heard this.

So, that was how he knew to do it.

Even so, His Majesty was really something. All he did was watch it being done and he managed to learn it. Moreover, so many years had passed and he still remembered how to do it.

She gave a pause at this thought. This must mean that His Majesty really misses his mother deep in his heart.

She held his hand gently.

Long Yang caressed her fingers and a smile appeared on his lips as he said softly, “Couldn’t you tell that I was a little clumsy when I was combing your hair?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head and replied honestly, “I didn’t notice it at all.”

She had been so astonished when he combed her hair that she hardly noticed the detail.

Long Yang smiled and said nothing.

He changed out of his court robes and put on a navy green robe with a black fur overcoat.

He later took out a red cloak and draped it over Lu Liangwei’s shoulders. He tied it up neatly for her before taking her hand. “Let’s go.” Lu Liangwei blanked out momentarily. “Where are we going?”

“It’s the first day of the Lunar New Year. We’re going to your natal home for the new year,” Long Yang said dotingly.

Lu Liangwei was slightly taken aback.

He was the ruler and her father was an official. According to the rules, His Majesty did not need to visit his official’s home for new year greetings.

He was doing this for her sake.

“We saw my family yesterday, there is no need for Your Majesty to…” “Just go along with me,” Long Yang interrupted her.

Lu Liangwei stopped talking.

She understood that His Majesty had meant well.

“There is no need for me to be at the imperial court these few days. I have time to accompany you,” Long Yang said happily.

Lu Liangwei was happy too. His Majesty had been constantly busy with work and, with the Lunar New Year arriving, he finally had time to rest for a few days.

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