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Chapter 842: 842

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Chapter 842 No Room For The Provocation Of Others

They had just left their bedchamber when they saw Long Qingzhi arrive while holding Wanyan Zhi’s hand. Long Xiao was also here with her.

When they saw both Long Yang and Lu Liangwei dressed up, they were taken aback. “Are you leaving the Palace?”

“Yes.” Long Yang nodded and his gaze swept past Long Xiao’s pale face.

He asked Long Xiao in concern, “Are you feeling unwell?”

Long Xiao’s face did look slightly pale. One could almost see chilly smoke wafting out of it.

Long Xiao laughed bitterly in his heart when he heard this. Was his Royal Brother unaware of what Lu Liangwei had done last night?

His gaze swept past Lu Liangwei without betraying any expressions as he replied purposefully. “Royal Brother and Royal Sister-in-law had taken care of me quite well yesterday. The Danjue beauties you sent over were too passionate and I… Ahem, went a little overboard.”

Long Yang had not expected him to say something so provocative and a displeased look flashed across his face.

It was nothing if he had said it in front of Long Yang alone, but Weiwei was here and he had dared let her hear such words.

“Long Xiao, how dare you!” There was slight anger in his voice.

It was as if Long Xiao had just realized what he had said as he bowed at Weiwei. “It’s my fault for crossing the line.”

Long Qingzhi noticed the atmosphere seemed tense and she quickly attempted to smooth things over. “I bumped into Long Xiao when I came into the Palace, so we decided to come here together. Zhi’er, quickly wish your uncle and aunt a Happy Lunar New Year.”

Wanyan Zhi took a few steps forward obediently and knelt in front of Long Yang and Lu Liangwei with proper manners. “Zhi’er wishes Uncle and Aunt a Happy Lunar New Year. I hope that Uncle and Aunt will enjoy four seasons of happiness and may all your wishes come true!”

It was apparent that he had practiced this as his new year wishes were uttered naturally and smoothly.

Compared to when he had just arrived at Great Shang, he looked like he was completely well now.

However, it was still quite painful to see the fear on Wanyan Zhi’s face the moment he set eyes on Wanyan Jin at the banquet last night.

Lu Liangwei strode forward to help him up. She smiled and praised him, “You’re a good boy, Zhi’er.”

With that, she took a red packet from Zhu Yu and placed it in his hands. “This is the lucky money your uncle and I have prepared for you. We wish Zhi’er to be active and smart and have good health.”

Wanyan Zhi’s dark, black eyes looked at her brightly. He broke into a smile not long after as he turned to jump into Long Qingzhi’s arms with the lucky money in his hand. “Mother, Uncle and Aunt gave me lucky money.”

Long Qingzhi rubbed his head. “Yup, I saw it too, but Zhi’er, you’ve forgotten to thank your uncle and aunt.”

This realization hit Wanyan Zhi and he turned back toward Long Yang and Lu Liangwei and gave them a serious fist and palm salute. “Zhi’er thanks Uncle and Aunt.”

Lu Liangwei smiled gently as she tousled his hair. “Zhi’er is most welcome.”

When Long Yang saw how happy Lu Liangwei was, he found himself liking Wanyan Zhi just a little more. His anger had vanished when he looked back at Long Xiao, but he still looked displeased at him.

Long Xiao rubbed his nose. He knew his words had angered his Royal Brother.

He sighed.

The Emperor and the Empress were about to leave the Palace, so Long Qingzhi and Long Xiao did not stay long and they left the Palace together.

Once they saw the Emperor and Empress’ horse-drawn carriage rode far away, Long Qingzhi suddenly looked at Long Xiao to say, “Xiao’er, there is no room for the provocation of others when it comes to your Royal Brother’s feelings for the Empress. Stop doing pointless things. The Empress was not that angered last night, but if she was really angry, you should know very well what your Royal Brother is capable of.”

With that, she patted his shoulder and gave him a meaningful look before leaving on a horse-drawn carriage while carrying Wanyan Zhi.

Long Xiao stood where he was for quite a while before getting into his carriage.

The Grand Duke Mansion.

The Dowager Duchess and everyone else had no idea Lu Liangwei would leave the Palace. They were slightly surprised when they received the news.

She was about to get up to welcome them when Long Yang entered Longevity Hall unexpectedly while holding Lu Liangwei’s hand.

“Happy Lunar New Year, Grandmother.” Lu Liangwei let go of Long Yang’s hand as she smiled sweetly.

The Dowager Duchess looked at her in surprised delight. She pulled herself together and quickly stood up in an attempt to bow at Long Yang Long Yang strode up quickly toward her and held her hand. “Grandmother, there is no need for you to bow. Weiwei and I are here today to greet you happy new year. If you bowed at us, it would make our trip quite pointless.”

The Dowager Duchess stopped her action immediately when she heard this. A smile appeared on her lips as she said happily. “Alright. I’m so happy that you’re both able to be here. Aunt Lan, hurry up and inform Shenzhi and Lihua that His Majesty and Weiwei are here.”

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