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Chapter 852: 852

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Chapter 852 Touch My Face Again And I’ll Chop Your Hands Off

Chu Yi was feeling a little troubled.

He had just wanted to teach Zhu Yu a lesson because he was annoyed by her words, but he could not stop himself from kissing her in the end.

“I’ll ask for her hand in marriage from Her Highness.” He decided he had to take responsibility for touching her.

Zhao Qian looked sympathetically at him. “Aren’t you afraid Her Highness will order you to be castrated?”

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Chills ran over Chu Yi’s body as if he suddenly had a basin of cold water poured over him.

“Don’t say anything if you have nothing nice to say,” Chu Yi spat, glaring at Zhao Qian. Did the man need to rain on his parade?

“I’m just saying it as I see it! What do you think, Lil Qi?” Zhao Qian turned to look at Chu Qi.

Chu Qi bent over to pick up the red packet that had fallen to the ground. When he heard Zhao Qian’s comment, he darted a look at both of them and said nothing. However, when he walked past Chu Yi, he gave Chu Yi a thumbs up.

When Chu Yi saw this, he said to Zhao Qian somewhat pompously, “Lil Qi has confidence in me.”

Annoyed, Zhao Qian snapped, “Lil Qi is just a silly kid. He doesn’t know anything.”

“That might be true since Lil Qi is only fifteen, but compared to you, he’s much more reliable,” said Chu Yi as he poured out the golden leaves from his red packet. He then passed half of them to Zhao Qian and the other half to Chu Qi.

“What’s this about?” Zhao Qian looked at the golden leaves in his hand, his eyes brightening

Chu Qi was slightly puzzled as well.

Chu Yi reached out and clapped a hand on each of their shoulders. “I consider you guys my buddies, and now that you’ve accepted my money, you should be helping me out.”

Chu Qi’s eyebrows raised slightly. “Are you asking us to accompany you to meet Her Highness to ask Zhu Yu’s hand in marriage?”

Chu Yi rubbed Chu Qi’s cheek cheerfully. “My Lil Qi is really smart. That’s exactly what I had in mind.”

Chu Qi pushed him away. “Touch my face again and I’ll chop your hands off.”

Chu Yi let go of him sheepishly. “I’ve already touched you. It’s not like you are a lady and need me to take responsibility for you.”

A dark look shrouded Chu Qi’s face.

Zhao Qian immediately tried to smooth things over. “That’s enough. Stop snapping at each other. Even so, Chu Yi, is this really your decision?”

Chu Yi nodded, but suddenly blurted with some melancholy, “I’m already thirty this year. If I don’t get myself a wife soon, I’ll be marrying at a later age than Master.”

Zhao Qian understood how he felt. “But what would become of my Jiu?”

He sounded like he was grumbling slightly.

Chu Yu rubbed his arm. “Old Qian, what has your Chu Jiu got to do with me? She’s not my type.”

Zhao Qian forced a smile. “Do you mean to say that you fancy that girl, Zhu Yu?”

Chu Yi realized his words had upset Zhao Qian. He still needed Zhao Qian’s help, so he quickly said untruthfully, “Actually, with Jiu’s character, she is destined to marry someone of high status. Someone like me could never match up to her.”

Zhao Qian seemed to be placated by those words. “Good that you know where you stand.”

Chu Yi, “…”

Lu Liangwei and Long Yang were reading inside the room when Manna came in to inform them, “Butler Zhao, Chu Yi, and Chu Qi have requested an audience.”

Her Chinese was still not too fluent. Lu Liangwei raised her gaze to glance at her and asked, “Where’s Zhu Yu?”

Manna shook her head. “I haven’t seen her.”

Lu Liangwei gave this some thought and said, “Let them in.”

Zhao Qian and the other two quickly entered the room.

Zhao Qian and Chu Yi felt a little numb in the head when they saw their master in the room. They were tempted to give up on what they came for, but they were already here and it would seem strange if they excused themselves right then.

Lu Liangwei raised an eyebrow. “Is there something you all would like to say?”

Chu Yi hesitated a little. Zhu Yu was a close aide of the Empress. If the Empress was angered, would she really castrate him?

Someone suddenly pushed Chu Yi from behind. He was not prepared for this and ended up stumbling a step forward.

The annoying Zhao Qian’s voice suddenly rang out, “Your Highness, Chu Yi has something to say to you.”

Lu Liangwei gave Chu Yi a look of astonishment. “What’s going on?”

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