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Chapter 856: 856

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Chapter 856 Someone I Can Entrust The Rest Of My Life With

The handprint was still there. He could still feel the stinging pain there from when that girl had slapped him. It was fast and sharp.

He had thought that she would be angry at him and he never expected she would agree to marry him.

The reactions from that girl at the start and the end were completely different. It puzzled him quite a bit.

He thought about this for quite a while before finally breaking the silence. “Um, Miss Zhu Yu, there’s no need for you to be troubled too much over this. You should give this careful consideration and if you aren’t willing, just let Her Highness know anytime.”

Zhu Yu turned to him when she heard this, “Does this mean that those were just empty words you told Her Highness just now, Brother Chu Yi?”

Chu Yi choked. He finally stammered after a long pause, “Of course not. I was serious.”

“How do you know that I’m not serious then?” Zhu Yu questioned him back.

Chu Yi knew he was not going to win this argument, so he ended up bolting off.

Zhu Yu’s shoulders sagged once Chu Yi left. She sat down on a long bench in the corridor and stared into the white, snowy world outside in a daze.

Chu Jiu came over and patted her on the shoulders.

Zhu Yu turned to look at Chu Jiu with a blank expression.

Chu Jiu took out a few golden leaves from her pocket and handed them to Zhu Yu. “This is for you. Happy Lunar New Year.”

Zhu Yu did not bother with pleasantries and blandly took the gift from Chu Jiu, placing the leaves in her pocket. “Thanks.”

Chu Jiu did not mind it at all. She sat next to Zhu Yu and took out a piece of cloth to wipe her sword while asking, “Why did you suddenly decide to marry Chu Yi? Chu Yi might be an adult, but he is really not that reliable.”

Zhu Yu paused. “But Butler Zhao said that Brother Chu Yi is someone I can entrust the rest of my life with. Even Chu Qi said the same thing.” Chu Jiu, “…”

Even though she was not willing to criticize Zhao Qian behind his back, she still chose to say, “The three of them live as if they share the same pair of pants. Even though they look like they are frequently at loggerheads, they actually have a close relationship. It’s only natural they would want to talk up Chu Yi. Besides, Butler Zhao and Chu Qi must have gotten something in return from Chu Yi.”

Zhu Yu was slightly astonished.

“Jiu, are you speaking ill of Brother Chu Yi because he is not interested in you?”

Chu Jiu’s face darkened. “Believe what you will.”

With that, she returned her sword into its sheath and turned to leave.

Zhu Yu went into deep thought.

Was Chu Yi really that foul?

Even though she agreed to marry Chu Yi to put a stop to her false hopes, she would not want to marry anyone that was too terrible.

It was a good thing that her Miss had given her three days. If Chu Yi was really that bad, she would just scrap the plan.

She was about to stand up when Chu Yi returned, both hands tucked behind his back. He called out a little awkwardly, “Miss Zhu Yu.”

Zhu Yu lifted her gaze to look at him. “Brother Chu Yi.”

Chu Yi revealed something in his hand as he said earnestly, “This is for you.”

Zhu Yu looked at the jade pendant in his hand and stared at him with some astonishment. “What’s this?”

Chu Yi explained, “This belonged to my mother. She gave it to me when she was still alive. It’s meant for me to give to my future


He said all of this in one breath. There was a faint blush on his handsome cheeks and he looked quite uneasy.

Zhu Yu looked at him and was suddenly a bit amused.

Brother Chu Yi was the most childish person she had ever met.

There were times when he was unreliable, but most of the time, he was a responsible man you could rely on.

How could someone like that be a terrible person?

She fell silent for a long time before finally taking the jade pendant from his hands and fastening it around her neck.

Chu Yi stared at her with a shocked look on his face.

Zhu Yu blinked. “Are you starting to regret


“Of course not.” Chu Yi smiled while looking a little helpless.

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