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Chapter 866: 866

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Chapter 866 How Could His Majesty Pour Cold Water Over Her This Way

Wanyan Luosang was quite disappointed.

Wanyan Jin appeared unfazed. He lowered his head and used a sharp dagger to cut off meat from the goat’s leg, piece by piece. He then placed it onto a plate and passed it to the attendant along with some heated-up kumiss. “Even though His Majesty and Her Highness had enjoyed their dinner, I would still like them to have a taste of Danjue’s specialty food.”

The attendant took the plate and delivered it to Long Yang and Lu Liangwei’s courtyard.

Lu Liangwei could no longer go back to sleep after that scare from Long Yang. She had now put on proper clothes and was playing cards with Long Yang, Zhao Qian, and Chu Yi in the room.

Lu Liangwei had made those poker cards previously when she was bored.

Even though they could not be compared to modern poker cards, they were still made with the finest materials available.

They felt good when one held it in their hands.

Of course, this was just Lu Liangwei’s opinion. For people like Zhao Qian and the others who had never seen such a thing before, they found the cards very interesting and astonishing.

That said, this was not the first time they were playing cards.

Lu Liangwei would occasionally invite people over for a game when she was bored.

In the beginning, Zhao Qian, Chu Yi, and the others did not dare to sit when Long Yang was present. They insisted on standing.

However, after having a few games, they got a little more daring, and with Lu Liangwei present, they slowly began to take a seat when playing

However, their butts would only ever dare to touch the corner of their stools, with the exception of Chu Qi.

Lu Liangwei thought this was tiring for them. She had advised them otherwise quite a few times, but they would not relent, and in the end, she gave up.

The most important thing was that they were comfortable.

They played an upgraded version of the game tonight. Lu Liangwei and Long Yang were a team, with Zhao Qian and Chu Yi on the opposing side.

Long Yang did not have as much experience with the game compared to Zhao Qian and the rest, but he still played better than they did.

Before long, he and Lu Liangwei had scored five. Zhao Qian and Chu Yi, however, were still stuck at two.

They looked bitter as they thought to themselves, ‘If we knew Master would be playing tonight, we would have passed the opportunity to Chu Jiu and Chu Qi.”

“Master, Your Highness, why not play Dou Dizhu instead?” Chu Yi could resist suggesting after losing yet another round.

Lu Liangwei rested her chin on her hand and watched the two of them shuffle the cards. She smiled and said, “I don’t mind. What about Your Majesty?”

Long Yang darted a look at Chu Yi and said good-naturedly, “Alright.”

Chu Yi was originally happy about this. He finally could stop playing the upgraded version of the game against the duo, yet for some reason, he got a chill from that look his master gave him.

“Since we’re playing Dou Dizhu, we should be placing bets,” Long Yang quickly added.

Lu Liangwei grabbed a handful of golden leaves and swiftly placed them on the table.

Her mother had given them to her earlier.

She had given out quite a lot of golden leaves for the Lunar New Year, but there were still a lot of them with Lu Liangwei.

Zhao Qian and Chu Yi were momentarily blinded by the golden leaves.

They clenched their teeth in determination as they took out gold and silver from their pockets.

Long Yang glanced at the items and a small smile appeared on his face as he looked at them. “Looks like you two have earned quite a bit of side income.”

Zhao Qian forced a smile and said, “These were bestowed to us by Her Highness.”

A smirk appeared on Long Yang’s face, but he did not say a word.

Right then, Chu Jiu came walking in with something in her hand. “Prince Wanyan has instructed his attendant to send over roast mutton and kumiss.”

Lu Liangwei immediately gulped when she saw the food. She was about to ask Chu Jiu to bring the food over when Long Yang said, “Throw them away, in case there’s poison.”

Chu Jiu promptly turned away.

Lu Liangwei hastily said, “Jiu, don’t throw them away.”

Chu Jiu had no choice but to stop in her tracks.

Lu Liangwei said to Long Yang, “Let’s test it. We can throw it away later if there’s really poison.”

Long Yang replied good-naturedly, “Even if there isn’t any poison in it, there’s the possibility that they spat into the food. Besides, I’ve heard that the people of Danjue often don’t wash their hands for ten days or even up to half a month. Are you sure that the food that has passed through their hands would be hygienic?”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Now that he had said these things, Lu Liangwei found herself losing her appetite despite wanting to try the food.

How could His Majesty pour cold water over her this way?

“Forget about it. I don’t want it anymore. Chu Jiu, do what you will with it.”

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