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Chapter 867: 867

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Chapter 867 His Majesty Is So Cunning

In the end, Chu Jiu brought the food out without anyone even touching it.

Just as she was about to throw it away, Chu Qi silently snuck behind her and snatched the plate from her hands.

Chu Jiu, “…”

Was he a ghost? How was there no sound at


She calmed herself down from the fright and gave him a concerned reminder, “There might be poison in there, and maybe spit.”

Chu Qi shot her a look. “You actually believe Master’s words?”

“Don’t you?” Chu Jiu asked in return.

Chu Qi had already opened the bottle of kumiss and taken his first mouthful, but he found the taste too strange for his palette, so he did not take anymore. He frowned and placed it to the side.

He next sat on the long bench in the corridor and began to tuck into the plate of roast mutton.

“Master doesn’t want Her Highness to eat anything from Wanyan Jin, which was why he said that on purpose.” Chu Qi sampled a piece of mutton and found it quite to his liking. He continued to the second piece.

Chu Jiu was speechless when she saw him act that way.

Did he love eating so much?

Even if there was no poison or spit in there, someone had mentioned it regardless. Did that not ruin his appetite?

“I’ve been watching them since they started roasting. They didn’t poison it or spit into it,” Chu Qi said in a casual tone, as if he knew what Chu Jiu was thinking.

Chu Jiu was already speechless by this point. She could not understand the thought process of a diehard foodie.

Lu Liangwei and the others played cards in their room until late into the night.

It was only when Chu Yi and Zhao Qian had lost all the money they had, and they had nothing left to wager, that Long Yang finally found it in his heart to let them off.

Lu Liangwei’s eyes brightened as she looked at the pile of gold, silver, and silver drafts in front of her. The smile would not leave her face.

She darted a look at Chu Yi and Zhao Qian, then muttered, “You can actually bet with the clothes on your back too.”

Chu Yi and Zhao Qian were already feeling depressed from losing all the money they had on them. When they heard her words, it was like they were about to face a dreadful enemy. They quickly covered their chests with their hands, looking wary.

How could she suggest such a thing? They had already lost so miserably and yet, the Empress still wanted the clothes on their backs.

Long Yang shot a look at Lu Liangwei. His gaze swept past Zhao Qian and Chu Yi, his eyes moving up and down while sizing them up.

They felt numb in the head and quickly said, “Master, it’s getting late. We should be leaving.”

When Zhu Yu saw both of them leave dejectedly, she grunted. “How stupid are both of you? His Majesty is so cunning, you could never win against him.”

Chu Yi was about to cry. “Lil Zhu Yu, I should have listened to you before.”

Zhao Qian shuddered and scurried off.

Zhu Yu patted his shoulder and consoled him, “You’ll grow wiser with every obstacle you face. Just don’t repeat the mistake again.”/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

Chu Yi was very touched. He spread open his arms. “Lil Zhu Yu, I’m feeling miserable right now. Come here and let me have a hug.”

Zhu Yu ducked and managed to evade his clutches. When he was about to turn toward her, she kicked him squarely on the butt. “Get out of here. If you don’t leave, I’ll go in and tell Her Highness that you would still like to play cards with her.”

Chu Yi rubbed his butt and left dejectedly.

A young lady should never kick someone’s rear for no reason. Where did she learn this bad habit from?

In the room.

Lu Liangwei looked at all the gold on the table delightedly. Little did she realize that she had angered someone with her comments just now.

That changed when someone behind her circled his arms around both sides of her chair, enveloping her within the cage of his scent.

“Are you so interested in another man’s body?” His tone sounded dangerous.

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