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Chapter 881: 881

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There was a flash in Lu Liangwei’s bright eyes as she denied this. “When have I ever wanted to settle old scores with you? You were the one who brought it up.”

Now that old scores had been brought up, Long Yang suddenly remembered something and his eyes narrowed. “How can you still get mad at me after what happened between you and Long Chi created such a huge scandal throughout the imperial capital? What do you have to say about that?”

When Lu Liangwei heard him mention the past, she found herself stifled with panic. She mumbled in a low voice, “That wasn’t even me…”

“What did you say?” Long Yang stared a hole into her.

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “Nothing.”

However, Long Yang had already heard her. He looked deeply at her. “Are you implying that the person before wasn’t you? Could it be that the one who chose death for Long Chi was someone else?”

Lu Liangwei broke into cold sweat. Could His Majesty not be so sharp?

She tried to give a vague explanation. “You can sort of say that. The Lu Liangwei from before did not have a clear mind, which was why she did those things. Anyway, I wasn’t the one who did them.”

When Long Yang saw how anxious she was to draw a line from her past, to the point of saying she had not been of clear mind, he could not help feeling both frustrated and amused at the same time. “Alright, since you claim it wasn’t you, I’ll just assume that you had gotten sick and your soul left you.”

Lu Liangwei’s heart thumped wildly.

If she had not been sure that His Majesty could not possibly know about it, she might have thought he had already figured out the truth from that comment alone.

“Why are you sweating?” Long Yang touched her forehead and frowned when he saw beads of sweat.

“It’s because you’re hugging me. Your body is so warm that it’s heating me up,” Lu Liangwei mumbled as she pushed him away slightly and removed her cloak.

They had just returned from the imperial garden and she had not had the opportunity to remove her cloak, which gave her a perfect excuse to distance herself.

Long Yang gave her a thoughtful look, but said nothing. Instead, he helped her with her cloak.

Lu Liangwei snuck a look at him and she was secretly relieved when she saw him acting like normal.

She attempted to change the topic. “If the Pure Consort did not have such a huge scandal to her name, would you have tolerated her presence in the imperial harem?”

“No,” Long Yang flatly denied.

“Even without today’s incident, I would have found an opportune time to send her out of the Palace.”

Lu Liangwei was slightly astonished.

A small smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips. He did not explain further.

He had long planned to kick all the women out of the imperial harem.


Long Yang had always felt guilty toward Weiwei about this. How could he allow those women to continue troubling her?

If it were not for that, the Virtuous Consort would never have been sentenced to death in such a hasty manner.

However, Lu Liangwei picked up something else from his words as she inhaled sharply. “You knew long ago about the relationship between the Pure Consort and Zhan You?”

Long Yang darted her a look. He did not deny it. “Yes.”


Lu Liangwei was astonished. “Why didn’t you do anything earlier if you already knew?”

“The Pure Consort had not done anything else that crossed the line. Since she had been in the imperial harem for so many years, I wanted to give her an opportunity to tell me herself. If she wanted to leave the Palace, I would have immediately arranged it, but the Pure Consort was an arrogant woman and even hurt you,” Long Yang replied casually.

Lu Liangwei knew that what Long Yang meant by the Pure Consort not crossing the line was her not attempting to seduce him as the Virtuous Consort did.

She suddenly felt sorry for the Pure Consort. If the Pure Consort had told His Majesty about this directly, she might have been able to keep the baby in her womb.

However, the Pure Consort had gotten together with Zhan You with the idea of getting revenge on His Majesty, which was admittedly quite conceited of her.

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