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Chapter 884: 884

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Zeng Lunan was shoved and he fell haphazardly. He had no time to even complain as Lu Yunshuang was already running out of the courtyard. The look on his face changed as he quickly gave chase.

However, he had just reached the entrance of the courtyard when he stopped in his steps.

Lu Yunshuang was now in Long Chi’s arms as they came walking back into the courtyard.

“What’s wrong, Shuang’er?” Long Chi asked softly.

The savage expression on Lu Yunshuang’s face from when she was facing Zeng Lunan had disappeared. She was now extremely docile as she nestled in Long Chi’s arms, sobbing quietly. “Your Highness, I’m so sad, so very sad, I have no idea what to do…”

Long Chi felt slightly helpless when he heard the way she addressed him. “I haven’t been the Crown Prince for a long time. Didn’t I explain that to you many times before? You can refer to me as ‘My Liege’, or call me directly by my name.”

Zeng Lunan followed quietly behind them and felt slightly consoled when he heard Long Chi’s words.

He could tell during these trying times that Long Chi was a reliable man who cared for Shuang’er in every way.

Even though Long Chi was in a difficult situation himself, he still managed to give Shuang’er the best he could offer in terms of living environment. Even her usual clothes, food, and daily necessities were the best around.

What he was worried about most right now, was that Shuang’er did not know to cherish this.

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After all, Long Chi’s harem had more than one woman besides her. If she continued to create trouble, even Long Chi might lose his patience for her.

Long Chi sat down in the chair next to Lu Yunshuang after helping her down. He looked at Lu Yunshuang, who was no longer the beauty she once was, but did not display any sign of disgust. Instead, he said with tenderness, “It has been a long time since everything had happened. Shuang’er, you should brace yourself and perk up once again. I will seek revenge on your behalf on the people who have wronged you. Your problems are my problems. I will make sure you have justice.”

Lu Yunshuang was touched.

Just when her world had turned gray and was about to crumble around her, Long Chi had sent someone to look for her and brought her here. He had given her the best things, unlike Zeng Lunan, who was all talk and had never given her anything worth having.

When she had regained consciousness, she found herself needing to move about constantly. Sometimes she was even forced to stay in old, abandoned temples just to hide their tracks.

As she led a life that was neither that of a human nor a ghost, she finally received consolation from Long Chi. She used to resent him, but he had not abandoned her even though she had ended up in such a sorry state.

She finally understood that even if Long Chi had not given all his heart to her, he was still sincere toward her.

“Long Chi…” Her eyes were a little wet.

Long Chi grabbed her hand. “It’s alright. Everything is in the past. All you need to do now is to have proper rest and make sure you get healthy again. I’m still waiting for you to bear me a son.”

Lu Yunshuang’s expression stiffened at those words.

Long Chi was not aware that she was unable to conceive anymore.

She pressed her lower lips and acted coquettishly as she replied, “What nonsense are you spouting? My father is still here.”

Long Chi looked as though the realization suddenly hit him as an embarrassed expression appeared on his face. He coughed lightly and tried to cover up what he had just said. “Alright, you should have a good rest. I don’t want to see you look so dispirited when I visit you again tomorrow.”

With that, he stood up.

Lu Yunshuang wanted to see him out, but he pressed her down on the shoulder. “There’s no need to walk me out. I’ll come to visit you again the minute I’m free.”

Lu Yunshuang no longer insisted.

When Long Chi was on his way out, he nodded at Zeng Lunan. “Do let me know if there is anything you need, Mr. Zeng.”

“I’ll walk you out.” Zeng Lunan was extremely grateful to him because of what he did for Lu Yunshuang.

Long Chi gave a wave of his hand and said, “How can I allow my father-in-law to walk me out? You should stay and accompany Shuang’er.”

Zeng Lunan had no choice but to stop.

Once Long Chi left the side courtyard, the smile on his face vanished completely.

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