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Chapter 885: 885

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Even though Lu Yunshuang had been brought back over a month ago already, he still found it quite difficult to face her.

She had lost an entire arm and because of her grievous wounds, Lu Yunshuang was in a depressed and gloomy state most of the time and it seemed impossible for her to get healthier.

This was especially pronounced when looking into her sunken, deadened eyes. Every time he was done visiting her, he would lose his appetite.

He had felt sad for her and pitied her in the beginning. She was his wife, after all, despite the fact that she had been demoted. However, it was impossible to completely erase the love they once had for each other. Moreover, she had once done a lot for him.

He sincerely wanted to take good care of her.

However, a month has passed by and there was no improvement in Lu Yunshuang’s health. Instead, her personality just got more depressed and she was even more easily angered.

Even though he did not visit the side courtyard often, he had gotten someone to keep an eye on it in secret. He knew that Lu Yunshuang had been venting on Zeng Lunan every day.

She would only put up a show of being obedient and docile in front of Long Chi, not knowing that he had already seen through her facade.

The days went by, and he found himself detesting her more and more, but he had no choice as he needed to take care of her emotions.

One day, Jiang Chong discovered something that might be of use to them.

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Long Chi returned to his courtyard to find Beauty Lin already waiting for him there.

When she saw him return, she approached him with tenderness and intent. “My Liege…”

Long Chi held her hand. “Have you waited long?”

Beauty Lin replied slightly coquettishly, “I’ve only been here a while.”

Long Chi looked at her pretty face and the discomfort he felt because of Lu Yunshuang diminished.

He brought her into the room.

The sky was dark when they were done with dinner.

Beauty Lin returned to her room only after she was done servicing Long Chi in bed.

Both she and her maidservant felt a little nervous when they walked past the side courtyard.

The maidservant, Tao’er, complained in a low voice, “Why doesn’t the Liege ever allow you to stay overnight?”

The corners of Beauty Lin’s lips drooped. She was a little tired, and she could not say that she was happy about this either, but what could she even do?

The Liege would always make her leave every time he summoned her and was done bedding her.

She had thought herself to be quite special compared to the other women in the harem. At the very least, the Liege had bedded her more times than the other women.

However, she ceased to think this way after someone had moved into the side courtyard.

She could not help but turn her head to take a look at the direction of the courtyard.

What she saw almost made her scream.

A white figure was standing beneath a large tree at the front of the side courtyard. One of its sleeves was empty and fluttered in the wind.

Tao’er saw it too. She was so scared that she hid behind Beauty Lin. “Beauty Lin, there’s a ghost…”

Beauty Lin steadied her nerves and forcefully calmed herself down. “That’s not a ghost. See for yourself, there’s a shadow on the ground.”

Tao’er trembled with fear as she looked over. Just as Beauty Lin said, under the pale moonlight, the white figure’s shadow was apparent on the ground.

“As long as it’s not a ghost.” Tao’er patted herself on the chest and sighed with relief.

Lu Yunshuang had spotted Beauty Lin immediately.

The person was a mere Beauty who was not worth a second look while she was still at the Eastern Palace.

She had never thought that once their base location had changed, Beauty Lin would still manage to attract Long Chi’s attention.

Lu Yunshuang glared viciously at Beauty Lin before pushing open the door to the courtyard and slowly walking inside.

Tao’er was slightly astonished. “That’s the person staying here? Was it her mournful wailing that I heard?”

Beauty Lin did not say anything. She watched thoughtfully as Lu Yunshuang entered the side courtyard.

The moonlight might be dimmer than usual tonight, but when the white figure looked at her, Beauty Lin was able to see that face clearly.

When they were back at the Eastern Palace, Lu Yunshuang had been radiant as the Crown Princess. Only a few months had passed, but she had already ended up in such a state.

Beauty Lin smiled.

So, the person that the Liege arranged to stay in the side courtyard was Lu Yunshuang.

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