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Chapter 887: 887

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It was not long before she tasted blood in her mouth, but he refused to release her.

Fear crept into Beauty Lin’s heart.


Even though the man’s voice was very soft, Beauty Lin still heard what he said. Her heart shuddered.

Regardless of how ignorant she could be, she knew that Weiwei was the Empress’ maiden name.

The Liege had called out the Empress’ maiden name…

Beauty Lin was disturbed by this.

She had no idea which part of herself resembled the Empress to the point it garnered a mention of the Empress’ name from the Liege’s lips next to her ears.

Beauty Lin moaned softly from the pain on her lips.

She suddenly understood why she was Long Chi’s favorite in bed.

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It was not because of her considerate temperament, but rather…

Her lips. It was her lips that resembled the Empress’ lips.

She did not feel happy at this realization, but instead, felt a deep fear.

She had heard rumors before of the past relationship between the Liege and the Empress, which later crumbled because Lu Yunshuang had come between them. The Empress was abandoned in the end, but she was still obsessed with the Liege back then, even to the extent of attempting suicide over him.

However, if the Empress was the one who got abandoned, why did the Liege seem to not get over it?

Moreover, by ranking in terms of seniority, the Liege should be referring to the Empress as his Royal Aunt. A nephew harboring indecent thoughts toward his aunt…

A chill ran through Beauty Lin as she stared at the man in fear.

Long Chi finally let her go, but his eyes still stared at her with a dreamy obsession. His slightly calloused fingers caressed her swollen lips.

Beauty Lin realized in shock that there was a deep infatuation in his eyes.

“Go to sleep.”

At the end of it, Long Chi patted her back and said in a tender voice.

Beauty Lin curled up in a corner in great shock. She was unable to shut her eyes for the entire night.

The next morning.

Long Chi was still in his dreams when Jiang Chong came rushing into the courtyard with a letter.

“Master, Lady Lu is gone and she left a letter.”

Jiang Chong reported from outside the room.

Long Chi was immediately wide awake. He got up and opened the door. “When did this happen?”

“I have no idea. When I was on the way here, I found the letter outside the courtyard’s door. I went to check Lady Lu’s courtyard and found that all her clothes are gone.”

Long Chi frowned and opened the letter to read.

It was not long before his face fell slightly. “If she is determined to seek death, there’s nothing I can do.”

Jiang Chong suddenly understood when he heard this. “Has Lady Lu gone to the capital?”


Long Chi continued sarcastically. “She is planning to seek revenge on Lu Liangwei even in such poor health. What a stupid thing who can’t see the situation clearly!”

Even Jiang Chong felt that Lu Yunshuang was biting off more than she could chew.

Word has it that the Empress was pregnant. The Emperor had adored her before this, and now, his love and protection for her must have magnified. She would definitely be surrounded by martial arts masters openly and in the dark. Lu Yunshuang had lost an arm and it was still a big question if she could return successfully to the imperial capital. It was a fool’s daydream for her to think she could have her revenge on Lu Liangwei.

“Did Zeng Lunan follow her?” Long Chi frowned and asked after a while.

“I didn’t see him in the side courtyard. Moreover, some of the things in his room have been packed. He might have left with her.”

“It’s fine. Send a few men to protect them in secret.” Long Chi thought of something and instructed.

Jiang Chong hesitated before asking. “Should we just kill Zeng Lunan and grab that thing from him?”


Long Chi gave this some consideration and shook his head. “We won’t do that for now. It’s better to keep him safe.”

Jiang Chong did not say anything else when he saw that Long Chi had his plans. Jiang Chong retreated and went on with his mission.

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