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Chapter 890: Achieved Her Goal  

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Wanyan Luosang was startled.

She had been too focused on her troubles that she did not notice.

However, now that she thought about it, the old woman was always using her left hand to hold her teacup, while her right arm was left hanging.

It was because her right arm was missing.

“Don’t tell Brother about what happened today.” Remembering something, Wanyan Luosang hurriedly warned.

“Yes, Your Highness,” her attendants quickly answered.

When they were some distance away from the teahouse, the old woman, who had supposedly left before them, walked out slowly from a nearby alley.

Behind her was a white-haired old man.

“Since the matter has been settled, let’s get out of here,” the old man lowered his voice and pleaded.

Gone was the old woman’s compassionate expression from just now, and in its place was a pair of cruel eyes and a menacing sneer. If it were on a normal day, she would have scolded the old man.

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However, she was in a good mood, so she would not snap at him today.

Speaking of which, she was considered lucky.

She had not expected to run into Wanyan Luosang right after entering the imperial capital.

Just now, she happened to be walking behind Wanyan Luosang.

She could not understand the Danjue language, but all she needed was a glance at their exotic fashion to tell that they were not from Great Shang.

Wanyan Luosang was noticeably of noble status, and judging from the protective circle her attendants had formed around her, her identity seemed rather prominent.

Zeng Lunan happened to understand the Danjue language, and he explained their conversation to her.

If Wanyan Luosang’s marriage alliance partner was the son of a noble house, she would not be so troubled and depressed. Even if it was the Prince of Xiangyang, she was still a worthy match for him. Moreover, the Prince was still single, so there was no reason for her to be so distressed.

She was clearly in love, but her feelings were unreciprocated.

It did not take her long to associate Wanyan Luosang’s misery with forbidden love.

The other person was probably of supreme status or at least above Wanyan Luosang. Otherwise, she would not be so conflicted.

At present, the only person in the imperial capital who was worth Wanyan Luosang’s interest yet out of reach at the same time was that person on the throne.

After drawing that conclusion, she deliberately walked ahead and circled back to make Wanyan Luosang bump into her.

She then pretended to be a fortune-teller and uttered some seemingly profound nonsense to arouse her interest.

Sure enough, everything afterward fell right into place.

As she thought of the perfume satchel she had given to Wanyan Luosang, an enigmatic smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.

At least Zeng Lunan was still somewhat useful.

She could already visualize Lu Liangwei’s descent into misfortune.

“Let’s go.”

Now that she had achieved her goal, she had no reason to continue staying.

The palace.

Recently, Lu Liangwei felt that her stomach had grown bigger.

Stroking her protruding belly, she sighed wistfully and ordered Zhu Yu, “Tell the imperial kitchen not to prepare overly nutritious meals from now on.”

Zhu Yu blinked in confusion. “Why? You’re pregnant with the Emperor’s child. How could you reject nutritious meals?” She paused, glancing at her slightly bulging belly, and laughed. “You’re not afraid of gaining weight, are you?”

Rolling her eyes, Lu Liangwei turned sideways and checked her reflection in the mirror. “Of course not. I’m just worried that if I eat too well, the fetus will grow too large and make the delivery process difficult.”

In general, pregnant women were encouraged to increase their nutrient intake in the early stage but not so much after that, especially when the due date was close.

Excessive nutrition could make the fetus oversized and complicate the delivery process.

However, it was different for everyone.

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