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Chapter 895: 895

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This was the ancestral tradition of the Great Shang Dynasty.

All concubines below the ranking of the Empress did not have the right to attend this event.

Aside from the Empress, the Empress Dowager was the only other person who was allowed to be present.

However, since Long Yang had ascended to the throne, he had taken special efforts to exclude Empress Dowager Xiaojing from the ritualistic event every year.

This was why Empress Dowager Xiaojing had never once attended the Moon Festival Event during the Lantern Festival.

The Moon Goddess Ritual Event of the Royal Family was a significant occasion. It was the grandest ritual of the year.

Even though Long Yang was not a superstitious person, the ritual was still important to him.

Moreover, the ritualistic event this year had the Prince of Xiangyang, Long Xiao, and the Grand Princess of Ning, Long Qingzhi, all in attendance.

As everyone arrived below the altar, an instrument that sounded like a horn was suddenly played. It made a sound that was bright and lively, as though it could reverberate through heaven and earth. There was also a kind of sacred and dignified ring to it. Before, other instruments began joining in as well.

Everyone stopped at one corner of the tower.

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The altar was set at the top of the tower. It was said that this tower had a total of eighty-nine steps and was the tallest building within the Palace.

The most important thing about the Moon Goddess Ritual Event was to pray for the country’s fortune, with hopes that the country would be blessed with fair weather and peace for the people. This process would require the Emperor and Empress to climb to the top of the tower together to complete the ritual.


Long Yang would personally attend this ceremonial event every year, so he was very familiar with every step of the process. However, this year’s ritual would include Lu Liangwei, who was now pregnant with a child. It would not be easy for her to climb up the tall tower.

He tried not to worry too much about it as he looked tenderly at Lu Liangwei. “Can you make the climb?”

Lu Liangwei glanced at the tower before her and replied with determination. “I can do it.”

She was pregnant with the imperial heir and could have chosen not to take part in the ritual this year, but this was the first ritualistic event for them after they had gotten married.

Moreover, Jiu had told her that the Moon Goddess Ritual Event was a tradition that Great Shang had been practicing for a long time, and it was an event of great importance to both the Royal Family and the common families.

If both husband and wife were able to conduct the Moon Goddess Ritual Event together during the Lantern Festival, they would be blessed by the Moon Goddess and would live happily ever after for the rest of their lives.

Even though Lu Liangwei did not believe in any of this, she hoped from the bottom of her heart that she would be able to spend the rest of her life with His Majesty in happiness, and for her child to grow up healthily.

Even if it was just for getting a token of luck, she wanted to attend the event this year. This was also the first time she would be taking part in a ritual with His Majesty and she did not want to back out of it.

Lu Liangwei was grateful that she was only a little more than four months pregnant. If she had been pregnant for another two more months, it would have been difficult for her to handle it.

The Imperial Astronomers were already at the top of the tower to prepare for the ritual.

Aside from the Emperor and Empress, everyone else had to stay below the tower.

Long Yang held Lu Liangwei’s hand and walked onto the steps while telling her in a low voice, “I’ll hold on to you. There’s no need to force yourself. Just let me know if you feel tired.”

“Alright,” Lu Liangwei replied softly as she looked at the tall man standing next to her. She felt very safe with him.

Long Qingzhi laughed softly as she watched the Emperor and Empress hold hands. “My brother really knows how to take care of his wife.”

Long Xiao, who was standing next to her, sighed. “Heroes will always fall for beauty. I never thought that Royal Brother would come to this too.”

Long Qingzhi turned her gaze away when she heard this. She looked at Long Xiao and said seriously, “You’re not young anymore yourself. You’re twenty-six this year and it’s about time you got yourself a proper wife.”

Long Xiao said a little helplessly when he heard this, “There you go again, Royal Sister. I’m not interested in marrying. I’m having a pretty good life now and have nothing to worry about.”

Long Qingzhi shot him a sidelong glance when she heard this. She paused before lowering her voice and saying, “Xiao’er, you don’t have some sort of unmentionable disease, do you?”


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