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Chapter 897: 897

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When Lu Liangwei entered the hall with Long Yang, she immediately spotted Wanyan Luosang standing up from the seat next to Wanyan Zhi.

She paused and darted a look at Wanyan Luosang. She was slightly surprised. She had not expected Zhi’er to be friendly with Wanyan Luosang.

The night of Lunar New Year eve, she had clearly seen the fear on the boy’s face when he saw Wanyan Jin. It looked like he was only afraid of Wanyan Jin and did not feel the same toward his sister.

Lu Liangwei turned her gaze away and was about to head to the high seat with Long Yang when Wanyan Zhi, who had been sitting obediently all this while, suddenly came running toward her. He reached out his arms. “Aunt, carry me.”

Lu Liangwei was about to bend over when Long Yang stopped her. He turned to look at Wanyan Zhi and said gently, “Zhi’er, your aunt is pregnant with a baby. She can’t carry you now. Come, let me carry you instead.”

He thought Wanyan Zhi would protest, but to his surprise, Wanyan Zhi promptly reached out to Long Yang right after he said this.

Long Yang paused. He had just thrown those words out without much thought and did not actually intend to carry Wanyan Zhi.

Nevertheless, Zhi’er was his sister’s only child. If he rejected Zhi’er’s request in front of all his officials, Zhi’er would end up being taken lightly by the people of the imperial capital.

It was a decision made within a flash when he changed his mind and reached out to lift Zhi’er.

When Wanyan Zhi saw the pearls hanging from Long Yang’s crown, he reached out curiously to touch them.

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“Uncle, these pearls are really pretty.”

Long Yang tried his best to be patient as he replied, “Yes, I’ll get Butler Zhao to give you some of them later.”

The entire hall was shocked at those words.

The pearls on the Emperor’s crown were no ordinary jewels. No one was allowed to have them besides the Emperor.

Even so, the Emperor had just made a promise to bestow them to the son of the Grand Princess.

The look everyone gave Wanyan Zhi changed in an instant.

Could this be a hint from the Emperor that the Grand Princess’ son would have an opportunity to ascend to the throne?

Everyone began contemplating the meaning behind his decision.

However, they had all guessed wrong.

Even if Long Yang did not have any heirs, he had never once considered passing the throne to Wanyan Zhi.

Even though Wanyan Zhi had returned to Great Shang with Long Qingzhi, half of his bloodline still belonged to Danjue. That was an undeniable fact.

Moreover, Weiwei was now pregnant with an heir. It did not matter if she had a daughter or a son, he would still nurture his child to be the next monarch and replace him on the throne in the future. This was the only way Weiwei would have someone to rely on once he passed.

Long Qingzhi gave a start and immediately went forward to prise Wanyan Zhi from Long Yang’s arms.

“Zhi’er, you’ve crossed the line,” she lectured him, then looked at Long Yang.

Long Yang knew that she had reservations about this and he shook his head. “It’s fine. Zhi’er is still young. There’s no need to reprimand him too strictly.”

Long Qingzhi sighed with relief.

Even though they were siblings, her brother was the Emperor, after all. The dignity of the Emperor should not be challenged by anyone.

She wondered what came over Zhi’er tonight and felt that she was fortunate her brother was not unhappy about it.

The incident was smoothed over without any mishap.

Long Yang held Lu Liangwei’s hand once more and walked toward the high seat.

Wanyan Luosang retreated to the side. When she saw Lu Liangwei heading to the seat from the corner of her eye, she finally unclenched her fists. Her palm was now drenched with sweat.

She calmed herself down and lifted her eyes to look. Lu Liangwei was now seated next to the noblest man on the high seat.

She suddenly felt a flicker of annoyance at the sight.

If not for Lu Liangwei having the good fortune of meeting the emperor of Great Shang before anyone else, that Phoenix throne might very well not be hers.


Wanyan Jin entered the hall once everyone was seated. His ice-cold gaze casually swept past Wanyan Luosang.

Wanyan Luosang felt her heart plummet. Could her brother have found out?


Wanyan Jin approached Long Yang and Lu Liangwei to bow in respect before taking his seat.

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