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Chapter 904: 904

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Thinking of the Frostbite poison in his body, Long Yang was slightly intrigued, but the look he gave Lu Liangwei was cold and distant. “What are you playing at?”

Lu Liangwei placed a hand on her stomach and shook her head. “Nothing. If you trust me, you can call for my mother, but if you don’t, you can forget about it.”

Long Yang’s gaze landed on her stomach.

Her loose dress prevented him from seeing anything, but her action seemed to tug at his nerves, sending an inexplicable pang through his heart.

The unfamiliar feeling irritated him immensely.

From what Zhao Qian said just now, she was already pregnant with his child?

He believed Zhao Qian and Chu Qi though. They had been with him for a long time and would never lie to him. However, he just could not bring himself to accept the situation.

The moment he woke up, he was greeted by an Empress who had appeared out of nowhere. She used to hound the Crown Prince, but now, she had become his Empress and was even pregnant with his child.

How utterly ridiculous!

How could he possibly marry such a woman?

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However, the sight of her standing there quietly unsettled him somehow.

Usually, he would have already thrown her out.

However, he could not bring himself to do it…

“If you won’t go, I will.” With that, he strode out of the bedchamber.

Chu Qi immediately followed.

Zhao Qian looked at Lu Liangwei, unsure how to comfort her.

“Your Highness, could this be a side effect of the Frostbite antidote?”

Lu Liangwei replied, “Why don’t you get up first.”

Only then did Zhao Qian get to his feet.

After pondering for a while, Lu Liangwei said, “I developed the antidote myself, and I know better than anyone that it doesn’t have any side effects.”

Zhao Qian was startled. “Then how did Master become like this?”

“He must have been poisoned,” Lu Liangwei said firmly.

Noticing her weariness, Zhao Qian quickly helped her sit down on the bed.

The word ‘poisoned’ filled him with abhorrence.

Master had suffered from Frostbite for dozens of years, and he had just recovered not long ago, but now he was poisoned again?

He gnashed his teeth. “Who is this abominable lowlife who poisoned Master?”

The next moment, he was mystified again. “But I’m completely in charge of Master’s meals, so there should be no chance for anyone to poison them. Besides, Master’s had almost every meal with you ever since you got pregnant, but why weren’t you poisoned?”

Lu Liangwei knitted her brow. She had considered this question earlier. “Maybe the poison wasn’t in the food.”

Zhao Qian was puzzled. “Not in the food? Then where else could it have been?” A thought suddenly occurred to him, and he slapped his forehead in realization. “Could it have been the incense burner in the imperial study? Sometimes, when Master works till late, he’ll order the servants to burn incense that keeps him awake. Could the incense have caused this?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “I have no idea. I need to see it to know.”

Zhao Qian immediately said in understanding, “I’ll fetch it right away.”

Lu Liangwei nodded.

After Zhao Qian left, she slumped on the bed listlessly.

Chu Jiu and Zhu Yu hurried in upon receiving Zhao Qian’s order.


“Your Highness.”

“I’m fine.” Lu Liangwei forced herself to keep her spirits up.

However, she could not help feeling a little hurt – so that was what the Emperor had thought of her back then.

Although he did not mean what he said due to his apparent memory loss, she still felt somewhat unhappy.

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