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Chapter 906: The Inexplicable Addition Of An Empress  

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“Butler Zhao, have someone invite the Grand Princess and her son to the palace this instant. Also, send someone to fetch my mother here,” ordered Lu Liangwei.

Zhao Qian answered respectfully, “I’ll see to it right away, Your Highness.”

After he was gone, Lu Liangwei and Chu Jiu headed to the imperial study.

The atmosphere in the study was lively at this moment.

When Lu Liangwei arrived, she saw Long Yang playing chess with Wanyan Jin while Wanyan Luosang sat next to him, chattering away.

She could see the ghost of a smile on Long Yang’s lips. It was very faint, but it made him look like a completely different person from the one who had faced her that morning. In fact, he almost looked gentle then.

Suppressing her bitterness, she walked over to him.

However, when Long Yang saw her enter, his face immediately darkened.

“Who said you could come here?”

Lu Liangwei looked at him coolly. “I did. Why? Am I not allowed here?”

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Anger colored Long Yang’s features. How dare this woman speak to him like that? Who gave her the right?

Despite his fury, he could not bring himself to be harsh to her when he met her obstinate gaze.

He took a deep breath to smother his displeasure. “This is the imperial study, and you’re breaking the rules by barging in without my permission. Do you understand?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “No, I don’t. I’ve always come here whenever I wanted to, so why can’t I come now?”

Long Yang felt that he must have lost his mind before this.

Perhaps he had been bewitched by this woman into acting like a foolish ruler.

He had confirmed in many ways that this woman in front of him was, without a doubt, his lawfully wedded Empress. She had not made it up.

However, he could not comprehend why he would torture himself by marrying this woman.

Moreover, she was even pregnant with his child.

“Times have changed. Be good and go back to your quarters. If there’s anything, I’ll send a messenger to you.” Long Yang felt that he was already being very gentle. He had never coaxed a young girl so patiently before.

However, right after he uttered those words, he saw the girl’s eyes abruptly redden.

Alarmed, he shot up from his seat.

The chessboard and teacups on the table crashed to the floor.

Wanyan Jin shot him a sidelong glance.

Ever since Lu Liangwei appeared, Wanyan Luosang’s smile had frozen on her face as waves of panic surged in her heart.

Did the old woman not say that the medicinal powder in the perfume satchel could disrupt memories and bring about insanity?

According to the old woman, the Emperor would surely become deranged and irritable after losing his memory, and he would act brutally toward the person closest to him.

However, why was Lu Liangwei still standing there unscathed?

Moreover, why did the Emperor show such a big reaction when he saw Lu Liangwei’s eyes turn red?

Did he still care for Lu Liangwei?

She dug her nails into her palm to keep herself from showing any unusual behavior.

Lu Liangwei curtsied to Long Yang. “In that case, please excuse Your Humble Consort.” With that, she turned and left without another glance at Long Yang.

Long Yang instantly felt a sense of emptiness in his heart. It was an uncomfortable feeling which filled him with the urge to kill.

He could not bear to see her sad or curtsy to him, and even hearing her call herself “Your Humble Consort” agitated him.

That term of address made her feel so cold and distant.

However, was this not what he wanted?

He could not accept the inexplicable addition of an Empress at all.

Now that she was finally obeying him and not bothering him, he should be happy.

He wanted to go after her, but he managed to fight back the urge.

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