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Chapter 907: Did He Marry Her To Repay Her Kindness  

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He returned to his seat, but he was no longer in the mood to play chess with Wanyan Jin.

His brows were knitted together, still unable to calm himself.

Wanyan Jin cast him a significant glance.

Just then, Wanyan Luosang took a cup of tea from the palace servant and passed it to Long Yang. “Your tea, Your Majesty.”

“Get lost!” The sudden appearance of her slender hand in his line of sight enraged him, and he lashed out and knocked the teacup away.

Taken by surprise, Wanyan Luosang was splashed by the scalding tea on the back of her hand, and a scream of pain immediately escaped her lips.

However, her scream only fueled Long Yang’s irritation, and he sent a heavy kick in her direction.

“Out! All of you, out!”

Unable to dodge his kick in time, Wanyan Luosang’s body slammed into the corner of the table, and the sharp pang instantly made her face pale.

Shocked, Wanyan Jin rushed over to her and helped her up.

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“Sister, are you all right?”

Wanyan Luosang, unable to utter a word due to the pain, could only stare blankly at the wrathful man.

He was completely different from the man she had seen before.

How could this be?

How did things turn out this way?

It was totally different from what she had expected!

“Let’s take you to a physician first.” Wanyan Jin had also noticed that Long Yang was not his usual self.

He was irritable, violent, and intimidating.

Could it be the effect of the medicine Sister had mentioned?

Lost in thought, he helped Wanyan Luosang out of the room.

When all was silent in the room, Long Yang’s mood finally started to stabilize.

However, the palace servants were still trembling and holding their breaths in fear.

Why was the Emperor so frightening today?

After marking Palace Memorials for a while, Long Yang was still unable to calm down. The rising exasperation in his heart eventually made him slam the Palace Memorials down on the table as he bellowed, “What’s all this rubbish? Am I feeding a bunch of freeloaders? There’s nothing constructive in here at all! Tell them to scrap this and rewrite everything!”

The servants went dead silent.

At this moment, Lu Liangwei was basking in the sun in the courtyard of Grand Phoenix Palace.

Just now, in the imperial study, she had pinched her leg on purpose so that she could instantly tear up from the pain.

However, she did not expect the Emperor to react so strongly.

It seemed that he had not forgotten her altogether. At least, he still remembered her deep down, so he could not bear to see her upset.

She massaged her thigh. That bit of pain was worth it, after all.

She was immersed in her leisurely thoughts when she suddenly felt a gust of wind. Raising her head, she saw the man standing in front of her, his handsome face grim as he looked down on her condescendingly.

Recovering from her momentary shock, Lu Liangwei stared at him without flinching. “Why have you come here yourself, Your Majesty? You could have just sent a messenger to me.”

She was mocking him with his own words just now!

Long Yang’s awareness of this made him even more furious.

Who on earth had been spoiling this woman? How could she be so unruly?

Something flashed in Lu Liangwei’s eyes, and seeing him remain silent, she thought for a while, then got up and curtsied to him. “I didn’t know you would come, Your Majesty. Please forgive me for not welcoming you properly!”

Long Yang pursed his lips, a trace of hostility darting across his face.

Without speaking, he circled her and studied her closely.

Apart from her decent looks and figure, he could not find anything commendable about this woman.


Besides having the guts to challenge him, there was really nothing special about her.

Why did he marry her?

According to Zhao Qian and the others, this woman was the one who had cured him of Frostbite. Did he marry her to repay her kindness?

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