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Chapter 912: He Did Not Like This Feeling Of Not Being In Control

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Long Yang frowned when he saw the silver needle in her hand. He pulled his hand away. “Grand Duchess, what is this? Haven’t you already diagnosed me?”

Ling Lihua explained, “I noticed that something didn’t seem right with your pulse, but I can’t diagnose exactly what kind of poison you have. I’d like to conduct a further inspection and I hope Your Majesty would be able to provide some blood.”

She clenched her teeth when she said those words.

Even though this was her son-in-law, it was the first time she needed to stifle her anger and speak in such a low voice to a patient.

If not for her daughter’s request, she would never have conducted a diagnosis for him.

Lu Hetian was rather angered to see his wife being irked this way.

If not for Weiwei, he would have grabbed his wife and stormed out already.

So what if the patient was the Emperor?

He should cooperate with the physician properly if he was sick. Was it necessary for him to put on such a defensive display as though they were going to harm him?

Lu Liangwei felt slightly exasperated about this. She went forward and took the silver needle from Ling Lihua’s hands and turned to say to Long Yang, “Please hold out your hand out for me, Your Majesty.”

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Long Yang immediately extended his hand the moment she said this. There was a look of indifference in his eyes, but his frown revealed the nervousness he was experiencing.

A small smile appeared on Lu Liangwei’s lips as she gripped his finger and expertly pricked his index finger.

Fresh drops of blood immediately appeared.

Lu Liangwei quickly gathered the blood in a cup.

After collecting the blood, Lu Liangwei released Long Yang’s hand and passed the cup over to Ling Lihua. Then she used a handkerchief to wipe off the remaining blood on his finger.

Lu Liangwei noticed a strange look on Long Yang’s face after she was done wiping for him. She was slightly taken aback, then quickly waved her hand in front of him. “Your Majesty?”

Long Yang gave a start, then abruptly grabbed her hand and said in a slight daze, “This scene. I think I’ve experienced it before. I have a feeling that someone had once taken blood samples from me in the past…”

Lu Liangwei immediately realized what these words meant. A look of tenderness appeared on her face. “Your Majesty must have forgotten that I was the one who had taken your blood samples.”

Long Yang frowned. “But I have no memory of you in my mind.”

“It’s okay. This is just temporary. You’ll remember me one day,” Lu Liangwei said with confidence.

Long Yang was silent.

A blurry image had appeared in his mind when Lu Liangwei was bandaging his finger. He felt that someone had pricked his finger to collect his blood samples once upon a time.

However, he could not remember the face of that person.

He did not like this feeling of not being in control.

Ling Lihua set down the cup in her hands and looked at Long Yang grimly.

Lu Liangwei felt slightly nervous when she saw this. “Mother, what are the results?”

Ling Lihua frowned and replied, “According to the diagnosis, His Majesty was indeed poisoned. From his blood sample’s smell and color, it’s safe to say that His Majesty is infected by a parasitic venom.”

Lu Liangwei was shocked. “Parasitic venom?”

She had read about this poison’s description in ancient books on medicine before, but had never encountered it. She never would have thought that His Majesty would be infected by such a poison.

Although, judging by the symptoms displayed, His Majesty did fit the description of someone infected by parasitic venom.

He may not look any different on the surface, but his temperament had become more impetuous, easily riled, and his memory was chaotic and even lost in places.

These matched the symptoms of parasitic venom perfectly.

However, as far as Lu Liangwei was aware, anyone who was infected by parasitic venom should not only display those symptoms, but they would also be induced with madness and end up harming the people around them.

Even though His Majesty had the aforementioned symptoms, he did not display any of the latter ones.

At the very least, he did not attempt to harm her when he was angry.

Ling Lihua nodded. “That’s right. This sort of parasitic venom comes from Southern Xinjiang. It’s considered unorthodox and is usually decocted by those who harbor evil intentions to gain control of others.”

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