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Chapter 916: 916

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He felt immense frustration at the thought of his memory being lost. He did not like the feeling of being led by others and he wanted to recover everything quickly.

Lu Liangwei understood how he felt, which was why she was more considerate when it came to his frustration.

Ling Lihua frowned. “He’s right that the most important thing right now is to come up with an antidote. I might know how to cure parasitic venom, but it requires a guiding herb that can’t be found here. I need to obtain it from Southern Xinjiang, but the journey to there and back would take at least about two months.”

Long Yang’s expression turned grim at those words.

Two months?

Lu Liangwei held his hand in consolation when she saw this. “There’s no need to rush this, Your Majesty. It’s lucky that this poison isn’t affecting your health. All it did was make you lose a portion of your memories. Once we get the guiding herb, you will be cured and your memories will return.”

Long Yang suddenly felt slightly unhappy when he saw her talking about this in such a relaxed manner.

What did she mean by ‘all it did was make him lose a portion of his memories’?

He did not remember her at all. Did she not care or feel anxious about this?

“I don’t remember you anymore,” he frowned and said in a gloomy tone.

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Lu Liangwei felt some bitterness in her heart, but she continued smiling in consolation. “I know that, but it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you are healthy.”

As long as he was healthy, those lost memories could be recovered eventually.

Lu Liangwei was confident of this.

Ling Lihua agreed as well. “That’s right. Being healthy is the most important thing. That said, you are only able to enjoy your health now mainly because of the medicine you took to make you impervious to most poisons. Even though it could not completely keep the parasitic venom at bay, at least your health wasn’t compromised by the venom.”

If not for the medication, His Majesty would not be so relaxed now.

What Ling Lihua fell short of saying was that anyone who had been infected by the parasitic venom would die in a fit of madness if they did not take the antidote within three months. The victim would suffer a terrible death with their blood turning black and oozing out of every orifice.

“Mother, why don’t you draw the guiding herb for us? I’ll get someone to search for it in Southern Xinjiang,” said Lu Liangwei. Even though she had researched plenty of books on medicine on this subject, she had never created an antidote for parasitic venom before. Since her mother knew about it, there was no need for Lu Liangwei to apply her own medical skills for fear of committing a mistake. When it came to her mother’s talent, Lu Liangwei was pretty confident.

Ling Lihua felt a little sad for her daughter.

It was already quite taxing on her daughter when she was pregnant, and yet, His Majesty had chosen such a time to lose his memories, forcing Lu Liangwei to be worried for him on top of everything else.

It was lucky that even though His Majesty lost his memories, his feelings for Weiwei were still buried deep within him. Otherwise, how was Weiwei to deal with this?

Ling Lihua grabbed Lu Liangwei’s hand and said gently, “You don’t need to worry at all. I’ll get my men from the House of Swallow Snow to deal with this. We have a branch in Southern Xinjiang and I’ll write a letter to them instructing for the guiding herb to be sent directly to the imperial capital.”

Lu Liangwei was delighted to hear this. “Thank you, Mother.”

“Silly girl. There’s no need for us mother and daughter to stand in ceremony with each other.” Ling Lihua rubbed her hair in slight exasperation.

Lu Hetian darted a look at Long Yang. Even if he was unhappy with Long Yang, Weiwei had ended up married to him, after all. As long as he was fine, Weiwei would be too. At this thought, he turned to Ling Lihua to give her a push. “We shouldn’t delay this any longer. Let’s leave the Palace immediately and, hopefully, we’ll be able to get the guiding herb as soon as possible.”

Ling Lihua nodded. “Let’s go.”

She had to leave the Palace swiftly to send out the instructions.

Time was of the essence and Lu Liangwei made no attempt to ask them to stay.

“I’ll walk both of you out.”

Lu Hetian wanted to stop her because she was pregnant, but a thought crossed his mind and he nodded instead. “Alright.”

Lu Liangwei glanced at Long Yang; when she saw that he did not react to any of this, she could not help but lament in her heart.

She walked her parents out of Grand Phoenix Palace.

Lu Hetian felt quite upset for his daughter as he looked at her, but in the end, all he did was tousle her hair and say gently, “If His Majesty does not treat you well, just come home. I’ll take care of you.”

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