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Chapter 925: 925

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Did she even regard him as her husband?

From what he understood, even the wife of a common man would not behave like such a shrew. She had married into the royal family and was granted the title of Empress, yet the girl had no sense of self-awareness.

He had zero recollection of how they had spent time together.

Regardless, judging by the situation, he must have given in to her a lot in the past. Otherwise, how could she possibly act so brazenly?

All of a sudden, he had no idea what to do about her.

He would feel unsettled and frustrated whenever he did not see her. It came to the point that he could not sleep at night and was even unable to calm down his nerves when handling administrative work at the imperial court. He kept feeling that something was missing, but during the times that he did see her, he had no idea how he should handle her.

“Long Yang, let go of me!” Lu Liangwei was staggering after being dragged by him. Her arm was hurting due to his excessively powerful grip. When she saw that he was ignoring her, she became so angry that she called him out by his name.

Long Yang paused in his steps and turned to look at her thunderously.

This was the second time she called his noble name directly. The last time she had even uttered his personal name.

How much free rein had he given her to make her act with such outlandish behavior?

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His thin lips formed a small smile, but he said nothing. He pulled on her arm and continued moving forward.

Zhu Yu watched her Miss recoiling in pain from being grabbed and began to feel extremely anxious. If she had not remained level-headed, she would have made a run forward and shoved His Majesty away.

Chu Jiu was feeling worried as well.

“What should we do? Miss is pregnant and can’t take such torment.”

There was nothing Chu Jiu could do either.

His Majesty had lost a portion of his memory and his mood easily fluctuated between good and bad.

Neither of them had any idea what to do and they could only follow carefully step-by-step behind the Emperor and Empress.

Long Yang suddenly turned back to face them and said in a low voice, “Don’t follow us.”

Zhu Yu pursed her lips and suddenly said with a burst of courage, “Your Majesty, Her Highness is pregnant and shouldn’t have to experience such torment. It would be terrible if the fetus in her womb is affected. Please consider this, Your Majesty.”

“Leave!” Long Yang’s eyes narrowed. His voice was intimidating and there was no warmth in his tone.

Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu were shocked by his fury, then they looked to Lu Liangwei who was not moving a step.

Lu Liangwei was staring at the fuming man in front of her. At that moment, she was unable to figure out what he was thinking. She gave it some thought and turned to the other two. “Both of you can leave first.”

Zhu Yu was slightly hesitant. “But…”

“There’s no need to worry.” Lu Liangwei had slowly calmed down already.

She turned to look at the man beside her. “I believe His Majesty would never hurt me.”

When Long Yang’s eyes met her slightly misty gaze, something tightened around his heart. Any slight movement would bring him tremendous pain.

He stared intently at her. He wondered what exactly about her was so unique that he would pamper her so much before.

Even so, this woman was much too fragile. All he did was grab her hand. Was it even possible for her to be hurt so much from that?

Even though he did not believe she was hurt, he reduced the strength of his grip.

Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu could do nothing but return to Grand Phoenix Palace for now.

“His Majesty would not harm Miss, would he?” Zhu Yu appeared worried and was unsettled about this.

“I don’t think he would.” Chu Jiu was not entirely sure either, but since Her Highness told them to leave, she should have a way of handling the situation.

Once both of them were gone, Lu Liangwei turned to look at Long Yang furiously. “Why aren’t you letting me go?”

Long Yang raised an eyebrow and looked at her dangerously. “Are you giving me orders?”

Lu Liangwei pursed her lips. If it was before, His Majesty would never bring himself to grab her this way, much less berate her. He had always given in to her no matter what.

Now, however, she had no idea what his limits were.

If she angered him now, would he hit her?

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