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Chapter 931: I Was Just Helping You Out Of Pity  

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Lu Liangwei had not noticed that there was a change in personnel in the bathroom.

Her fingers caressed her belly tenderly.

The baby in her womb had just moved and all her attention was focused on her stomach.

Long Yang’s gaze fell onto her perfect, gorgeous back which was fair and white. His almond-shaped eyes narrowed with a dangerous glint.

He could not understand why he was doing such a thing, but since entering the bathroom, his feet were planted firmly on the floor and he was unable to move forward at all. His eyes stared greedily at the defenseless woman in the bathtub.

He was only able to see the back of Lu Liangwei from this angle.

As she was in the bath, her hair was tied up and her beautiful, slender fair neck was exposed. The skin on her back was smooth and delicate, like a piece of superior quality white nephrite jade, and lower down was…

His fingers clenched tightly as he forced himself to look away.

Right at that moment…

“Zhu Yu, my back is a little sore. Help me with a massage,” Lu Liangwei suddenly said.

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Long Yang’s mind went blank.

He gulped a few times and his entire body stiffened.

“The water is getting a little cold too. Add more hot water for me.”

Long Yang gave a start when he heard those words and he slowly added hot water into the bathtub. The surface of the water rippled as the hot water was poured in.

The look in his eyes tensed up as his handsome face turned red.

He placed the bucket down, planning to leave the bathroom, but when he heard the girl make her request once more, he hesitated. In the end, he rolled up his sleeves and pressed his hands onto the girl’s back.

His strength was not controlled in the beginning and Lu Liangwei felt a tinge of pain.

She yelped softly and frowned. “Zhu Yu, your technique has gotten worse… Something’s not right. Why are your hands so calloused? They’re rubbing against my skin…”

A thought crossed her mind as she said this and she suddenly turned back to look.

Her beautiful eyes widened when she saw the man standing behind her. She looked at him in shock. “Why are you here?”

Long Yang suppressed the lustful thoughts in his mind and his dark eyes narrowed slightly. He questioned her coolly, “Who are you hoping to be here besides me?”

Lu Liangwei frowned. “What I meant was, why are you here instead of Zhu Yu? Where is she?”

Long Yang quietly admired the girl’s beautiful front as he thought privately about how she was more voluptuous than he had imagined.

“How should I know? I hadn’t seen her when I came in. She must have gone hiding somewhere to laze about. Don’t take this the wrong way. I just saw you here all alone. With you being pregnant and looking quite pitiful, I decided to help you with your bath.”

Zhu Yu, who was in the corridor complaining about a certain Emperor with Zhao Qian, suddenly sneezed for no good reason.

Chu Yi immediately took off his outer robe and draped it over her shoulders when he saw this. He did not forget to reprimand her, “Don’t think that you won’t get a chill just because it’s the spring season. There is a chill during early Spring and you need to keep yourself warm. Don’t think for one moment that you can ignore this just because you’re young. If you catch a lingering chronic illness over this, you’ll end up suffering in the future.”

Zhu Yu tightened the outer robe around her as she listened to his nagging. She could not help but say, “It’s just a sneeze. That doesn’t mean I’m cold.”

Chu Yi raised an eyebrow. “If you aren’t cold, then give me back my robe. I’m cold.”

Zhu Yu ignored his hand and glared at him with disdain. The corners of her mouth thinned as she said, “Do you really think I want to wrap myself with your outer robe? I just didn’t want to reject you lest it embarrasses you. There’s no need for any gratitude; I’ve always been a kind and considerate person.”

Chu Yi, “…”

Zhao Qian, who was standing at the side, rubbed his arms. “Get away from me, you two. Stop flirting in front of me.”

A small smile appeared on Zhu Yu’s lips as she suddenly hugged Chu Yi’s arm. She faced Zhao Qian and laughed as she said, “In that case, we would need to trouble you to take care of everything here, Eunuch Zhao. Brother Chu Yi and I will go enjoy something to eat before coming back.”

She said the words ‘Eunuch Zhao’ in an unusually loud and bright voice.

Chu Yi was overwhelmed by this unexpected treatment and quickly followed her away.

If the two of them had not made a hasty retreat, Zhao Qian would have taken off his shoe and thrown it at them.


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