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Chapter 933: Contentment Written All Over Her Face  

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“… Be careful. I’m carrying a child,” Lu Liangwei reminded him in a trembling voice.

Long Yang’s rationality had already crumbled the instant he touched her, but even so, he deliberately eased up on her for the sake of the child in her womb.

Seeing the tiny beads of sweat on his forehead, Lu Liangwei knew that he was restraining himself with all his might.

However, even at such a moment, he did not drop his weight on her and propped himself up on his arms instead.

When his passion finally reached its tipping point, he could not help lowering his head and capturing her lips.

Afterward, Lu Liangwei fell into a deep sleep, and she had no memory of what happened next.

However, she was vaguely aware that he was not completely satisfied.

Long Yang gazed at the sleeping girl, his long and thick lashes fluttering slightly as his slender fingers lingered on her dainty face.

Thinking about their intimate exchange just now, he sighed ruefully.

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If not for the child in her womb, he would have…

Pausing, he turned to look at the girl’s sleeping face. Eventually, he reached out and took her into his arms carefully.

Lu Liangwei seemed to sense his movement in her sleep, and she nuzzled her head against his chest, contentment written all over her face.

Long Yang was taken aback for a second, but then his lips curved into a smile, and a trace of affection flickered through his eyes.

The next day.

When Lu Liangwei woke up, Long Yang was, as usual, nowhere in sight.

She thought that Long Yang would come at night, but after a long wait, the only person who showed up was Zhao Qian.

“Your Highness, Master told me to come over and inform you that he won’t be visiting tonight, and he said you should rest early.”

Lu Liangwei was surprised.

After last night, she thought that their relationship would have improved at least a little and would no longer be as strange as it was a few days ago.

Since he had slept with her, he should have already accepted her existence.

Now, it seemed that it was only her wishful thinking.

However, she was not upset.

She knew more or less what he was thinking.

The Emperor was so awkward, though.

It was normal for them, a married couple, to sleep in the same bed, but that was probably not what he thought.

Never mind, she would just go with the flow and not pressure him too strongly, or her efforts could backfire.

Worried that she would overthink, Zhao Qian purposely added, “Master’s signing a treaty with Danjue tomorrow. He still has a lot to deal with, so he’ll be sleeping in the imperial study tonight.”

Lu Liangwei was aware of his good intentions, and her expression softened. “Thank you for letting me know, Butler Zhao. Tell His Majesty to take care of his health and rest early too.”

“I’ll definitely deliver your message to him,” Zhao Qian promised.

Lu Liangwei smiled. She was not too concerned – the Emperor would not listen to her, anyway.

The imperial study.

Long Yang was indeed staying in the imperial study that night, but it was not because of the business with Danjue.

When Zhao Qian walked in, he was holding a book in his hands, but nobody knew if he was actually reading it or not.

“Master, it’s getting late. The Empress asked you to rest early,” said Zhao Qian respectfully.

Long Yang’s gaze was still on the book as he asked casually, “Has she gone to bed?”

Zhao Qian’s eyes flashed with a hint of uncertainty, and he replied, “Her Highness was still awake when I arrived. She seemed to be waiting for you, Master.”

Long Yang furrowed his brow. “Didn’t you tell her that I’m not going there tonight?”

“I did, but she seemed disappointed and a little unhappy.” Zhao Qian bowed his head and lied through his teeth.

Something flickered in Long Yang’s eyes. “Disappointed?”

“Yes. Her Highness thought you’d visit her, and when she heard that you weren’t going over, she got upset.” Zhao Qian continued to spin his story effortlessly.

Long Yang could hardly sit still when he heard this, but he held himself back as a thought came to him. “Did you tell her that I’m busy tonight, but I’ll be there tomorrow?”

Zhao Qian looked doleful. “I only said that you were busy tonight, but I don’t know…”

Long Yang frowned. “Then go and tell her now.”

Zhao Qian, “…”

Did he just shoot himself in the foot?

His original intention was to persuade his master into going there.

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