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Chapter 941: 941

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His master was a grown man, so why was he acting so childishly? Did he not know enough to give in to Her Highness?

Lu Liangwei had no idea what was going through Zhao Qian’s mind and could only give some thought before asking cautiously, “What exactly happened during the session at the imperial court?”

Zhao Qian did not provide her with details earlier in the day; all he said was that His Majesty had been angered at the imperial court.

She should not actually be asking about issues of the imperial court, but she could tell that His Majesty did not seem to be in the right mood.

Zhao Qian had no qualms about this. The moment he heard her question, he immediately told her about what had happened during the session of the imperial court in detail. He even told her about how Wanyan Jin labeled her a jealous wife and urged His Majesty to remove her as the Empress.

With his master’s current condition, Zhao Qian felt he had to let Her Highness know that his master still cared a lot for her and was quite protective of her. Otherwise, if his master suddenly went crazy enough to hurt Her Highness’ heart, there would be nothing he could do to win her back.

He had to assure Her Highness that his master did not mean what he said and, on the contrary, he cared deeply for her. This way, Her Highness might be able to better tolerate his master’s occasional outbursts.

Zhao Qian had thought far ahead about this issue.

He truly believed that he had given everything he had to solve his master’s problems. There was no way anyone could find a right-hand man as loyal as Zhao Qian was!

Lu Liangwei was silent after she heard his words.

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Zhao Qian snuck a look at her expression and said encouragingly, “Your Highness, Master might be acting high-and-mighty lately, but he is actually very concerned for you. He removed a few officials from their posts just because they bad-mouthed you. Master was so angry that he immediately threatened Wanyan Jin with war, and he was doing it for you, Your Highness. Master would never allow anyone to hurt you and he would absolutely never accept that so-called Princess Wanyan.”

Chu Jiu glanced at him from the side as she stood next to them.

She was convinced that Butler Zhao would say just about anything in his attempt to leave Her Highness with a good impression of His Majesty.

Lu Liangwei could vaguely guess the worry in Zhao Qian’s mind when she heard his words. She sighed. “I understand.”

When Zhao Qian saw there were no further instructions from Lu Liangwei, he left.

Lu Liangwei stood where she was for quite a while before suddenly turning to Chu Jiu to say, “We need to make a trip out of the Palace.”

Chu Qiu came forward and asked with a frown, “What is there to do outside the Palace?”

The situation was now different for the Empress because she was pregnant with the royal heir. Chu Jiu did not dare make any potentially harmful decisions over this.

“I’d like to visit the Grand Princess of Ning Mansion,” said Lu Liangwei.

Chu Jiu replied, “Please wait a while. I’ll make arrangements for this.”

Lu Liangwei knew what Chu Jiu was worried about and did not stop her.

Lu Liangwei was now pregnant, after all, and there was no room for carelessness.

Chu Jiu made arrangements for personnel to escort Lu Liangwei out of the Palace.

The coaching inn.

Wanyan Jin had been looking grim since returning from the Palace.

Even if his ambassadors were unhappy with him, no one dared say a word when they saw what he was like.

Even though Wanyan Jin had not taken the throne, the Danjue imperial court was under his control. Moreover, he might look like someone easy to get along with, but he was in fact the most sinister and diabolical person around.

Even his nephew had died under his sword.

When they thought about his underhanded tactics, the Danjue ambassadors were filled with fear.

For a while, the entire room was completely silent. No one dared incur his wrath.

However, when they saw Wanyan Jin sitting there without saying a word, an ambassador could not help saying, “The Emperor of Great Shang had been greatly enraged today. I’m worried that his words weren’t merely spouted in a moment of anger. If the time truly comes when both countries waged war once again…”

This was what worried the ambassadors the most.

After fighting in the war for the past year, Danjue had suffered many casualties. Even their great pride, the steel cavalries, suffered a terrible defeat. If Great Shang went into war with them once more, they would not have the resources to fight back.

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