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Chapter 946: 946

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Wanyan Luosang looked at her unhappily at those words.

How dare she call out His Majesty’s noble name? She even had the gall to sound as if she was familiar with it and was not bothered by formalities.

This made Wanyan Luosang rather angry.

Who did Lu Liangwei think she was—carelessly using His Majesty’s noble name like that?


She was crossing the line!

She sneered after a while and said sarcastically, “Your Highness, are you trying to show off to me how much His Majesty dotes on you?”

A small smile appeared on Lu Liangwei’s lips. She was not bothered by the statement. “His Majesty’s love for me can clearly be seen by anyone who isn’t blind. It’s something that almost everyone knows. What need is there for me to show off to anyone? This would include you as well, Princess Luosang.”

Wanyan Luosang refused to back down when she heard this. “How can you act so confidently, Your Highness? There is a long road to the future and no one knows what will happen next. You’re just lucky to have the love of his Majesty. How are you so sure that His Majesty would not be interested in someone else? Or does Your Highness think that there is no one better than you in this world?”

Lu Liangwei’s expression dimmed a little. “It is true that I’m lucky to have the love of His Majesty. There are many women better than I am in this world, but when it comes to personal feelings, it has always been something between two people. His Majesty likes an ordinary woman like me and he’s not interested in anyone too outstanding, because he is already an excellent man as he is.”

“Also, this is between us, husband and wife. There is no need for Princess Wanyan to worry about this. I do want to advise you, Princess Wanyan, that obsessing about someone that doesn’t belong to you would only end up with you having nothing in the end.”

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Wanyan Luosang had been slightly angered before, but when she heard Lu Liangwei’s last sentence, she suddenly picked herself up haughtily. “I thought Your Highness was confident with yourself. I see now there’s really nothing much to you. My big brother had only offered a suggestion this morning and that was enough for Your Highness to immediately come looking for me. I found it strange initially because I had no idea why you wanted to see me. I finally understand now. You’re here to threaten me and make me give up on trying to marry His Majesty, aren’t you?”

Lu Liangwei smiled. “Princess Wanyan, you do have a high opinion of yourself. You’re really nothing in my eyes. Besides, do you think you can really marry him just because you want to? You would still need His Majesty to be interested in you, but judging by what has happened recently, it seems like His Majesty would rather fight a war with your country than accept your marriage into the Palace. Even so, Princess Wanyan continues to act delighted. Are you unable to see the truth of the situation or are you trying to make yourself feel better?”

Her pointed and unrelenting words caused the delight in Wanyan Luosang’s expression to freeze on her face. Wanyan Luosang felt embarrassed and suddenly said in a higher tone, “What do you want with me then?”

Lu Liangwei did not reply to her because the horse-drawn carriage had stopped.

“We’re here at the Grand Princess of Ning Mansion. This is the first time you’re here, isn’t it?” With that, Lu Liangwei got up and exited the carriage.

Wanyan Luosang was slightly stunned, but followed behind her.

Lu Liangwei did not alert anyone in advance of her visit.

As such, Long Qingzhi only now found out she was here when they arrived at the Grand Princess of Ning Mansion.

Long Qingzhi rushed out to welcome them, but Lu Liangwei and the others had reached the hall by then.

Long Qingzhi hurried over and had to catch her breath before entering the hall. She looked at Lu Liangwei in surprise. “Why the sudden visit?”

Lu Liangwei smiled and said, “It was a spur of the moment. Sorry to trouble you, Royal Sister.”

Long Qingzhi shook her head. “I’m happy that you’re able to come. How could this possibly be trouble to me?”

At that moment, her gaze fell on Wanyan Luosang and her expression darkened slightly. “Why is Princess Luosang here as well?”

Wanyan Luosang could discern the unwelcoming tone and suddenly felt uncomfortable.


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