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Chapter 951: 951

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In an instant, she thought of a way to shirk the blame.

“I don’t understand what you mean. However, I did meet an old woman with only one arm a few days ago, and she gave me a perfume satchel.”

Lu Liangwei narrowed her eyes. “Only one arm?”

Wanyan Luosang nodded and said cautiously, “Yes. That old woman could tell fortunes, but she’d lost her right arm. I found her quite pitiful, so I asked her to tell me my fortune.”

Lu Liangwei quickly thought of a person.

However, the one Wanyan Luosang had encountered was an old woman.

Suppressing her shock, she looked at Wanyan Luosang. Her gaze suddenly hardened, and she slapped her palm on the table with a heavy bang. “Wanyan Luosang, as the Princess of Danjue, not only did you refuse to comply with the rules of Great Shang, but you also had the nerve to poison the Emperor. The evidence is irrefutable! Guards, seize her!”

Right after she finished speaking, several imperial guards burst in and captured Wanyan Luosang.

Wanyan Luosang was stupefied. After a moment, she eventually recovered her senses and started to struggle violently. “How dare you seize me, the Princess of Danjue? Lu Liangwei, you’re a liar who goes back on your word! You said you’d give me a lighter sentence if I revealed the culprit! You have no right to punish me! I demand to see the Emperor and my brother…”

Lu Liangwei glared at her coldly. “You already admitted that you were instigated by the culprit to poison the Emperor. With such conclusive evidence, how could I let you go? However, because you’re the Princess of Danjue, I cannot punish you hastily. Guards, take her to the palace and summon Prince Wanyan there so that he can give the Emperor a proper explanation.”

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With that, she rose and walked out briskly.

Everything had happened so fast that Wanyan Luosang could not process the events in time. At this moment, there was a buzzing in her ears, and her mind was completely blank.

How did things turn out like this?

Staring at Lu Liangwei’s nonchalant retreating figure, she felt hatred and jealousy raging inside her. How could Lu Liangwei punish her? Why was only she worthy of the Great Shang Emperor’s affection?

If she died, would everything be solved?

A fit of hysteria suddenly overtook her, making her lose all composure. Breaking free from the guards’ restraint, she grabbed the fruit knife off the table and dashed toward Lu Liangwei.

“Lu Liangwei, you can die now!”

Long Qingzhi had been holding and comforting Wanyan Zhi nearby, and when she saw this, her eyes widened in horror as she roared, “Wanyan Luosang, stop!”

However, Wanyan Luosang did not listen to her.

Seeing that the sharp blade in her hand was about to pierce Lu Liangwei’s back, Wanyan Luosang was suddenly filled with ecstasy, which wiped all her irritation away.

Once Lu Liangwei was dead, no one would stand in her way. She would have the opportunity to become Empress, and she was confident that she could replace Lu Liangwei as the Emperor’s most favored woman.


The words that the old woman had spoken to her that day flashed through her mind, making her even more exhilarated.

Once Lu Liangwei was dead…

However, she did not hear the scream of agony that she had expected.

Wanyan Luosang felt a sudden pain on her wrist, and the next moment, the knife in her hand flew from her grasp.

Looking up, she saw Chu Jiu, who was dressed in a guard’s uniform, put down her raised foot.

The delight froze on Wanyan Luosang’s face, and despite the ringing in her ears, Chu Jiu’s icy voice still resounded in her ears clearly. “On account of Princess Wanyan’s attempted assassination of the Empress, she shall be cast into prison this instant and await her punishment.”

The imperial guards immediately swarmed in, twisted Wanyan Luosang’s arms behind her, and dragged her outside.

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