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Chapter 957: Becoming A Punching Bag For A Certain Emperor   

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Zhao Qian thought his words made perfect sense.

That child, Jiu, had always been independent and strong-willed. She relied on herself for everything. There was no need for a man in her world because she was already stronger than many of them.

Moreover, she was never far from the Empress due to her duty to protect her. The Empress was also an incredible beauty and as the days went by, it would not be a surprise if Jiu started to have strange thoughts about her.

Zhao Qian was immediately worried at the thought of this.


He suddenly turned to look at Chu Qi and said with a sense of wonder, “Lil Qi, I realized you’ve become a bit more mature after growing a year older.”

Chu Qi, “…”

He took a deep breath. “Allow me to remind you once again. Chu Jiu was brought up wrong by you. If you don’t get more involved, she might walk the wrong path in life.”

Zhao Qian’s shoulders drooped. He sounded troubled and helpless as he said, “Chu Jiu is now twenty-years-old and has her own opinions. If she really likes women, I… can only respect her choice.”

Chu Qi did not want to continue the conversation and made to leave.

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Zhao Qian suddenly thought of something and quickly stopped Chu Qi. He smiled and said, “Lil Qi, why are you suddenly so concerned over our Jiu? Are you interested in her?”

Chu Qi, “…”

“Jiu might be five years older than you and is old enough to be your elder sister, but if you’re really interested in her, I could live with that and I’ll try my best to get you two together.” The more Zhao Qian talked about it, the more excited he was. He looked at Chu Qi brightly. How had he never realized that Lil Qi and Jiu were quite the good match?

The way Zhao Qian stared at Chu Qi was like a fly setting its eyes on a piece of juicy meat.

“Go away!” Words burst out from Chu Qi’s thin lips, filled with murderous intent.

Zhao Qian took a step back and his rolls of fat trembled visibly. “Who are you trying to scare?”

“Master!” Chu Qi looked behind Zhao Qian and suddenly called out.

Zhao Qian remembered the last time Chu Qi had tricked him and was not easily swayed this time. He sneered and said, “I was foolish enough to be tricked by you last time. There’s no way I would be dumb enough to be tricked a second time. There’s no need for you to abuse Master’s name.”

“Butler Zhao.” Lu Liangwei could not help calling out with warning when she saw the expression on the man’s face turn darker by the second.

She was quite worried that Butler Zhao would end up becoming a punching bag for a certain Emperor.

Zhao Qian turned around slowly when he heard Lu Liangwei’s voice. He jumped at the sight of the person behind her and stammered, “Ma…Master?”

The corner of Zhao Qian’s eyes glared at Chu Qi. That rascal. He had some nerve not giving him a warning?

Chu Qi looked back at him innocently. Chu Qi Had indeed warned him, but Zhao Qian was the one who chose not to believe it!

“I see you must be bored out of your mind. Go for a run and circle the Palace walls twenty times,” Long Yang said grimly as he gave Zhao Qian a look that became more unhappy by the minute.

Chu Jiu was raised by Zhao Qian, and that woman had ended up acting inappropriately. She was brazen enough to lay her hands on Lu Liangwei. Zhao Qian deserved punishment!

Zhao Qian’s heart chilled. No matter how slow he was with the uptake, he knew this was his master venting anger on him. The emperor had transferred the anger he had for Chu Jiu onto Zhao Qian.

Why was he so unlucky?

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Of all things, why had his master not forgotten his preference of punishing them by making them circle the Palace walls?

“What are you doing still standing there?” Long Yang growled.

Zhao Qian did not dare delay a second longer and ran off with a bitter look on his face.

Lu Liangwei sighed and tugged on Long Yang’s hand. “Butler Zhao didn’t do anything wrong. Why are you punishing him?”

Long Yang glanced at her swollen red lips. Was the punishment he gave her not enough?

Lu Liangwei was immediately reminded of how she had been taken advantage of in the carriage just moments ago. Now the man’s gaze fell on her with a dark look in his eyes that was difficult to decipher. She released his hand awkwardly and did not dare to appeal for Zhao Qian anymore.

She decided to forget about it. Butler Zhao was covered in fat. It was good for him to go for a run and reduce weight anyway.

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