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Chapter 961: 961

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Lu Liangwei gathered her thoughts as she immediately sat up straight. A small smile hung on her lips as the voices of both countries confirming an alliance in the imperial study were lost to her. She turned slightly to the side. She only had eyes for the man with the cold gaze and foreboding intimidation next to her.

She felt warm and fuzzy at the thought of his considerate action just now.

When Wanyan Luosang was dragged out, she had seen the vicious look in Wanyan Luosang’s eyes, but was not afraid of it. However, His Majesty was worried she would be frightened and immediately pressed her head into his arms.

His protective action warmed her heart.

It was not convenient for her to be present while both countries agreed on an alliance, so she found an excuse to return to Grand Phoenix Palace.

There were many details to be drawn out for the alliance between both countries and Long Yang ordered his officials from the imperial court to be in attendance. The imperial court officials were invited into the Palace and Lu Hetian had come as well.

While both sides were in discussion for the alliance, Zhao Qian came walking in and said to Long Yang, “Prince Wanyan said that Princess Luosang cannot be forgiven for her crimes, but he has a request for Master that he insists on you agreeing.”

“What is the request?”

“Prince Wanyan hopes to be allowed to bring Princess Wanyan’s complete body back to Danjue to be buried.”


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Long Yang did not hesitate. She was already dead and if Wanyan Jin wanted Wanyan Luosang’s body, there was no reason for him not to allow him to have it.

Wanyan Jin was an intelligent man. He understood how to give and take.

Wanyan Luosang might mean something special to him, but when it came to his personal interests, he would still give her up without hesitation.

Lu Liangwei exited the imperial study and headed in the direction of Grand Phoenix Palace, but when she passed by the imperial garden, she encountered someone who was not supposed to be there.

That person stood under a flower tree with a hand behind his back. That tree had gone through a cold winter and its branches had all fallen. The trunk was barren and it looked particularly lonely and sad with the man standing underneath, his face pale without a trace of blood on his cheeks.

She raised a suspicious eyebrow, but she did not stop as she continued ahead with Zhu Yu.

The man standing under the tree suddenly turned to her. “Your Highness?”

There was a chill in his voice.

Lu Liangwei had no choice but to stop. She glanced at him. “Aren’t you feeling unwell, Prince Wanyan? What are you doing here?”

Wanyan Jin stared at her and suddenly smiled. However, the smile had a frosty tinge to it. “It’s just an old ailment I’m suffering from. I’ll be fine after a while. Thank you for your concern, Your Highness.”

Lu Liangwei could tell that he had waited here specifically for her. She returned the cold smile. “Even though it’s an old ailment, you shouldn’t take it lightly, Prince Wanyan. You might end up regretting it.”

Wanyan Jin spotted the sarcasm in her words but tried to overlook it. “Is Your Highness treating me as an enemy?”

“You’re not waiting here for me just to ask me this question, are you, Prince Wanyan?” Lu Liangwei had a slightly sharp look in her eyes.

Wanyan Jin was lost in his thoughts when he saw Lu Liangwei this way.

He had seen quite a few versions of her today.

He suddenly took a few steps forward.

Zhu Yu immediately stood in front of Lu Liangwei to block him, glaring at the man with warning looks.

Wanyan Jin did not even look at Zhu Yu. His gaze brushed past her as it fell on Lu Liangwei’s face. His tone turned melancholy. “My father had many children, but I was never close to any of them. My mother came from an inferior background and I have been looked at with disdain since I was born. I have been thrown into the sheep’s pen since I was young, and I grew up with them. I’ve always been a lone wolf and Luosang is the only one willing to get close to me…”

Lu Liangwei had not expected him to tell her about his sufferings while growing up.

“…I do think of Luosang as my sister from the bottom of my heart.” Wanyan Jin gave a complicated look at Lu Liangwei as he said this.

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