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Chapter 970: 970

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Long Yang eventually left.

Lu Liangwei had thought she would be unable to sleep that night after being messed around by him. Surprisingly, she fell sound asleep shortly afterward.

Lu Yunshuang and Zeng Lunan headed straight for Southern Xinjiang right after they left the imperial capital.

Lu Liangwei had been right about them. When Lu Yunshuang learned about the guiding herb that could remedy the parasitic venom, she planned to head to Southern Xinjiang to destroy it in order to prevent the Emperor from being cured.

The reason she knew about it was because of Zeng Lunan.

Zeng Lunan had been to Southern Xinjiang in his younger years and was quite knowledgeable when it came to parasitic venom. It was also Zeng Lunan who had procured the parasitic venom for her.

They were currently passing by a small city and planned to stay at an inn.

This city was not big, but the streets were crowded with so many people that their shoulders were brushing. The atmosphere was quite lively.

The pair asked around and discovered that the Martial Arts Conference was being held at Jade Green Mountain, which was nearby. That explained why this remote and backward little city was suddenly filled with people.

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As members of the martial arts world suddenly came pouring in to watch the latest happenings, the inns in this small city became bustling with activity.

The father and daughter visited a few inns before finally finding an inn that had two empty rooms in which they could settle down.

They were able to secure the rooms because someone had coincidentally just canceled their stay.

The attendant led them up the stairs in a friendly manner.

Lu Yunshuang followed behind and was about to walk up the stairs when her sweeping gaze caught sight of a young woman walking out from the kitchen behind her.

Even though the woman was dressed in simple and plain garments, and no longer had any makeup on, the foxy beauty of her face was enough for Lu Yunshuang to recognize her.

Lu Yunshuang’s gaze locked onto her. An angry and poisonous look crossed her eyes.

Enemies were bound to meet—she never thought that she would bump into this woman here!

Zeng Lunan turned back to call out to Lu Yunshuang when he noticed she had stopped moving.

Lu Yunshuang gave a start, she suppressed the shock in her heart and continued heading upstairs.

Chen Qiyu had a feeling that someone was watching her. She turned in the direction it seemed to be coming from. However, all she saw was the back of a stooping figure.

She paused for a moment; when she saw that it was an elderly person, the suspicions in her mind disappeared.

Chen Qiyu was aware that her looks stood out, even more so than usual when she was staying in this little city. She could easily attract the gazes of others no matter where she went, and she had already gotten used to it.

However, for some reason, she felt a sense of animosity this time around.

It was for a fleeting moment, but obvious nonetheless.

This was the first time she sensed something like this since coming to this place.

For some reason, she felt a little insecure.

The little city was filled with people of simple culture and it was far from the bustling environment of the imperial capital. It was serene and very peaceful, and she enjoyed her current life. She spent her days managing her shop and the inn business, which gave her contentment and filled her time.

She liked being here and did not want anything to change.

However, that feeling she had just now was a little worrying.

Chen Qiyu frowned and left the inn.

“Why the sad look on your face? Another customer refusing to pay up today?”

She had just left the inn when a flirtatious voice called out to her.

She lifted her head at the voice. When she saw who it was, she pursed her lips and replied brusquely, “Sorry to disappoint. I didn’t have any such customers today.”

With that, she turned to head toward her silk and satin boutique.

The man behind her quickly stopped his teasing behavior and followed her step by step.

Chen Qiyu turned when she heard his movements and said somewhat exasperatedly, “Aren’t you here to participate in the Martial Arts Conference? What are you following me for?”

“You’re Xuping’s younger sister. I’m following you to give you protection, of course,” Zhao Heng replied matter-of-factly.

Chen Qiyu scoffed gently. “I’m not some person of great status. I don’t need the protection of the great Swordsman Xia. You should just return to that random mountain villa you’re from.”

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