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Chapter 975: 975

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Zhao Heng raised an eyebrow. He had no idea what grudge there was between Chen Qiyu and the other two people, but when he saw Chen Qiyu lifting the dagger high and stabbing that woman repeatedly, he somehow found her quite beautiful.


A gorgeous woman being violent was actually quite pleasing to the eye.

He had never thought that this woman, who had always acted cold and distant, could be so mesmerizing when she acted so viciously.

He rubbed his chin and stood a little far off, admiring her from a distance.

He swiftly changed his mode of attack when he noticed Zeng Lunan rushing toward the two women, casually entrapping Zeng Lunan once more in his tightly sealed sword intent.

Zhao Heng had been quite laid-back and did not give it his all when fighting against someone of Zeng Lunan’s caliber. He was all relaxed about it, as if he was toying with some dog or cat.

Zeng Lunan was having a breakdown. He wanted to rescue Lu Yunshuang, but he was stopped by the other man, and he could not break out of the sword intent at all.

Chen Qiyu continued to stab Lu Yunshuang, again and again, a distance away.

Chen Qiyu was no longer on top of Lu Yunshuang, but was crouching at the side, staring coldly and numbly at the woman slumped on the ground, left with only her last breath.

“Lu Yunshuang, you must never have imagined that there would come a day where you’d be humiliated by me this way, have you?” A smile played on her lips, but her voice was chilling to the bone.

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Lu Yunshuang was unable to say a word. All that was left were her watching eyes.

She gave Chen Qiyu a deathly stare. One could almost see the hatred oozing out of it.

Chen Qiyu was not frightened at all, instead, she enjoyed the sight.

“Ever since you trapped me in that brother, I’ve dreamt of this day where I could stab you with my own hands. I wanted to slice your meat off piece-by-piece, and feed them to the dogs. When the Empress told me last year that you were dead, I was happy, but I also felt a pang of regret.”

“I regretted not being able to watch you die with my own eyes. I regretted not being able to stab you right in the heart. I never would have imagined that not only did you survive, but you even continued scheming to kill me. Karma brought you here to die at my hands.”

Lu Yunshuang was trembling from the pain. “I… I…won’t let you off…”

Chen Qiyu looked at her in ridicule. She did not give Lu Yunshuang the opportunity to finish her sentence and slashed Lu Yunshuang’s throat with one clean swipe.

Chen Qiyu felt exceptionally content as she watched the fresh blood spout out of Lu Yunshuang’s neck.

Hah, Lu Yunshuang was finally dead. She had gotten revenge for herself.

Exhausted by everything that had happened, Chen Qiyu fell to sit on the ground. She took the time to admire the look in Lu Yunshuang’s eyes that changed from fear to desperation, and then to hopelessness, before the life eventually left her body.

It happened in a blink of an eye. Lu Yunshuang had finally taken her last breath.

Chen Qiyu was so focused on staring into Lu Yunshuang’s open eyes that she did not notice a group of men in black suddenly appearing from afar.

They showed up without any warning. Some of them made a beeline for Zhao Heng, while the others came for Chen Qiyu.

The sword in Zeng Lunan’s hand was just about to stab Chen Qiyu when Zhao Heng suddenly appeared to whisk her away while she was still in a daze.


Jiang Chong stood next to Lu Yunshuang with a sword in hand. He could not bear to look at her when he saw the terrible fate she had suffered.

He did not need to check her condition to know that Lady Lu was no longer breathing. He quietly blamed himself for arriving too late.

Zeng Lunan was also aware that there was no chance of reviving Lu Yunshuang when he saw her body, but still held some unreasonable hope.

His hand trembled as he placed it under Lu Yunshuang’s nose. When he confirmed that she was no longer breathing, he let out a howl of anguish.

How had things ended up this way?

He had just gotten his daughter back after being unable to fulfill his duty as a father for all those years. That was why he did everything he could to fulfill Lu Yunshuang’s requests no matter how unreasonable they were, even when the requests were downright horrible things.


However, he still was not done making things up to her when she died in the blink of an eye.

Zeng Lunan hugged Lu Yunshuang’s body and wailed.

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