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Chapter 979: 979

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However, Lu Yunshuang’s death was not worthy of anyone’s sympathy.

After faking her death, she could have run away with Zeng Lunan and started a new life in a place where nobody knew them. Unfortunately, the intense bitterness and hatred in her led her to believe that everyone had done her wrong.

She was too blind to see that nobody owed her anything. In fact, she was the one at fault for committing so much evil without a sliver of repentance.

Lu Liangwei did not know what exactly had happened in Thousand Village City, but she could make a rough guess.

Chen Qiyu had no clue that Lu Yunshuang was still alive, so Lu Yunshuang must have bumped into Chen Qiyu. Although the latter was just a commoner, she was now able to live a relaxed and carefree life. Lu Yunshuang, on the other hand, was a fugitive with a severed arm, which clearly made her the more miserable one.

She used to trample Chen Qiyu under her feet, but now, Chen Qiyu was living a better life than her. Given Lu Yunshuang’s personality, she would definitely be unable to stand this humiliation and hence find a way to get revenge on Chen Qiyu.

Chen Qiyu already hated her in the first place, so a confrontation between them was bound to end in bloodshed.

If not for that, Lu Yunshuang would not have had to suffer such unexpected misfortune.

She had brought this tragedy on herself.

“Served her right. This is called reaping what you sow.” Lin Qingyuan rejoiced openly in Lu Yunshuang’s death.

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Meanwhile, Lu Liangwei was mulling over something else. Although Lu Yunshuang was dead, Zeng Lunan had escaped.

According to Mother, Zeng Lunan had been rescued by a group of elite soldiers.

The only person Lu Liangwei could think of was Long Chi.

Long Chi had set his sights on the throne, and he would not waste his effort on someone who had no value to him.

Did he send his people all the way to rescue Zeng Lunan because he possessed some sort of value?

Lu Liangwei was puzzled.

Lin Qingyuan, on the other hand, was in high spirits. Now that Lu Yunshuang was dead, even the air seemed so much fresher to her.

However, despite her joy, there was still a question that baffled her.

Looking at Lu Liangwei’s increasingly lovely face, she could not stop herself from asking. “By the way, I remember you said that Lu Yunshuang was already dead last year. How come Qiyu ran into her in Thousand Village City and killed her? What on earth is going on?”

She knew that Chen Qiyu’s hatred for Lu Yunshuang was far greater than hers, but Chen Qiyu could never devise such a scheme. Her mind had been in a whirl after she had read Chen Qiyu’s letter, and now that she remembered it, she could no longer suppress her doubts.

Lu Liangwei replied honestly, “Lu Yunshuang’s heart was on her right. That was why she managed to escape death back then.”

Lin Qingyuan’s jaw dropped in realization. “So that’s what happened! Lu Yunshuang really had the luck of the devil. Too bad she refused to stay in hiding and came out to be a menace to others, but in the end, she brought about her own downfall. That’s karma for you!”

As Lu Liangwei was already heavily pregnant, Lin Qingyuan did not stay for too long. After chatting for a while more, she bid Lu Liangwei goodbye and left the palace.

Her carriage arrived at the Lin Mansion, but when she got down, she suddenly had a feeling that someone was watching her. Immediately, she swung around to look, but there was no one in sight.

Frowning, she scanned her surroundings, and when she still did not spot anyone suspicious, she finally withdrew her gaze and entered the mansion.

Shortly after she went in, a tall man emerged from behind a nearby tree.

The man’s looks were ordinary, but he stared in the direction of the Lin Mansion as if in a trance.

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In Xuyang, Long Chi had already received the news of Lu Yunshuang’s tragic death.

After delivering his report, Jiang Chong stood beside him silently without another word.

Long Chi was shocked upon hearing the sudden news, but he soon resumed his calm expression.

Lu Yunshuang’s death did evoke a tinge of sadness in him.


After all, she was his first wife, and they had been in love for quite a while.

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