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Chapter 98: His Face Actually Burned

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Chapter 98: His Face Actually Burned

Lu Liangwei felt genuinely embarrassed for Long Chi.

He was the Heir Apparent, yet he had been so utterly ignored. It was not difficult to imagine how great a psychological impact this would have had on him.

Lu Liangwei and Lu Tingchen caught each other’s eye; both of them were gloating to some degree over Long Chi’s misery.

The palace subordinates, however, were nowhere as calm. Every single one of them lowered their heads and practically stopped breathing.

Within this abnormal atmosphere, it was finally Zhao Qian who broke the silence. “Ahem, ahem. There’s no need to worry. We’re about to return to the Palace soon so we can bring Your Highness with us.”

Long Chi’s expression held a slight tinge of stiffness as well as embarrassment. His hands clenched into fists, and his voice sounded highly unnatural. “You’re much too kind, Butler Zhao.”

“Your Highness is most welcome.” Zhao Qian smiled beatifically.

Lu Liangwei glanced at Zhao Qian. Why did she feel that he was doing this on purpose?

His words did not help Long Chi resolve the embarrassing situation at all—rather, it made things even more awkward than before.

Unfortunately for Long Chi, he had always pampered Lu Yunshuang a great deal. Now that he had been abruptly embarrassed to such a degree, all he could do was to soldier his way through and just grin and bear it.

He may very well have also been frustrated with Zhao Qian’s inappropriate choice of words, but no matter how angry he was, he did not dare lose his temper with Zhao Qian.

It was not only the fact that Zhao Qian was the Emperor’s close confidante. Even if he were not, there was also the saying, ‘Never slap a smiling man in the face.’

If he had vented his anger at Zhao Qian, it would only reflect on Long Chi—that he was an extremely petty man.

Lu Tingchen raised his brows slightly and said courteously to Long Chi, “Your Highness, is this visit to our mansion for something important? Please do come in and have a seat.”

Long Chi took a deep breath, and the stiff expression on his face dissipated finally. By the time he turned his gaze to Lu Tingchen, he had regained his composure.

“Originally, there was something we needed to see to, but the Crown Princess hurt herself when she fell. I’m worried about her and would like to return to the Eastern Palace to attend to her. Once Shuang’er has healed, I’ll bring her back here again to greet the Dowager Duchess. Please do inform the Dowager Duchess on my behalf, Heir Presumptive.”

Lu Tingchen snickered in his heart, but his expression did not betray his thoughts. “The Crown Prince need not worry; I will be sure to inform the Dowager Duchess of your words.”

“Very well,” Long Chi replied. His gaze swept over Lu Liangwei, who was standing next to him. For some reason, his face actually burned when his eyes met her cool, clear gaze; he felt slightly embarrassed.

He turned his eyes away as if everything were normal. In fact, under his sleeves, his hands clenched even tighter.

The junior eunuchs had just finished moving everything out from the carriage. Zhao Qian’s face was wreathed in smiles as he passed a list to Lu Liangwei. “Second Miss Lu, everything has been moved now. This is the list. Please do check it for me so that I may return to the Palace with my duties done.”

Lu Liangwei took the list, smiling as well. “Butler Zhao, this is far too troublesome for you. There is no need to check the list at all. I wanted to invite you in for a cup of tea, but I can see that you’re in a rush to return to the Palace, so I won’t keep you any longer than I must.”

Zhao Qian was pleased when he heard the first half of her sentence, but he felt a little disgruntled at the second part of it.

He had undertaken quite a journey to send her home and had even busied himself doing this and that. Yet, in the end, he could not even manage to earn himself a cup of tea.

Second Miss Lu was obviously reluctant to entertain him.

His expression held a touch of resentment. “Actually, I’m not really…”

Before he could utter the words “in a rush,” he was interrupted by Lu Tingchen. “Good day, Butler Zhao!”

Zhao Qian gave him a slightly aggrieved look.

It would appear that these two siblings were really cut from the same cloth.

He replied in a slightly dissatisfied tone, “There is no need to see me off, Heir Presumptive. I’ll take my leave now.” With that, he turned toward Long Chi and said respectfully, “Your Highness, let’s return to the Palace.”

“Very well,” Long Chi replied colorlessly and climbed into the carriage.

Once the carriage was finally at a sufficient distance, Lu Liangwei no longer needed to hide the amusement in her expression.

At the thought of Lu Yunshuang’s ruined face, she turned to collapse against Lu Tingchen’s shoulder so she could give way to her laughter, not caring a jot about the image she presented.

“Haha, I’m going to die from laughing!”

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