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Chapter 986: Long Yang, “I’ll Let You Off For Now.”

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Long Yang would never admit that he was jealous of himself.

To stop her from teasing him, he quickly changed the topic. “Let’s go and have breakfast.”

With that, he took the empty cup from her grip and grabbed her hand, pulling her outside with him.

Lu Liangwei let him hold her hand as he wished, choosing to be obedient and docile today. Her eyes, incomparably bright, never swayed from him for a moment, as if she would never grow tired of staring at him.

Zhao Qian and the others watched the Emperor and Empress from behind. They finally felt that the worst was behind them now.

Their master was back to normal. How wonderful!

They no longer needed to tolerate his emotional temperament.

Even Chu Jiu, who had not dared to appear in front of Long Yang for a long time, finally showed herself.

Even though His Majesty was still as possessive over the Empress as ever, he was at least more reasonable now and would not kill anyone blatantly.


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Zhu Yu was supposed to serve Lu Liangwei when she was having her bath, but when she saw Long Yang entering, she tactfully retreated before he said a word.

Lu Liangwei had taken off half of her clothes and felt a little uncomfortable when she saw him coming in.

Her belly was now as round as a ball. Even though it was not exactly bad-looking, it did not look attractive either. She had some misgivings at being stared at this way by Long Yang.

She stood with her back facing him. She bit her lips and said, “You should leave quickly. I can help myself.”

Long Yang had mainly come over out of worry as her belly was growing bigger. She would have issues moving about, not to mention that the bathroom was covered in water. It would be disastrous if she slipped because of the water puddles.

He could not be entirely worry-free with Zhu Yu either. Even though Zhu Yu served by Lu Liangwei’s side day and night, he was worried that she would miss out on certain things.

He only trusted himself.

“I’m going to accompany you every time you bathe from now on until you give birth. You’ll need to get used to it.”

Lu Liangwei frowned when she heard this. She was about to turn to face him when she felt the man’s hand on top of her shoulders, taking off her remaining garments.

When Long Yang saw her exposed belly in its entirety, he could not help but stare at it for an extra moment.

Lu Liangwei tried to cover it with her hands when she noticed his gaze. She sounded a little moody when she said, “I look bad, don’t I?”

Long Yang’s gaze moved from her belly back to her face. “Why would you think that? You don’t look bad at all. You look adorable.”

He knelt on one knee in front of her as he said this. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on her round and smooth stomach.

It was a sincere action that did not have any lustful intentions.

Lu Liangwei was stunned by his action and she even forgot to cover herself up.

She stared at him in a daze.


Long Yang observed her from bottom to top.

Before she could react, he suddenly stood up and carried her into his arms. He placed her into the bathtub that had been freshly prepared.

Lu Liangwei gave a start when her body entered the warm water. Long Yang had taken off his outer robe and rolled up a sleeve. His slender but muscular forearm was exposed as he took a towel from the side and soaked it in the water. He began to wipe her body gently.

Lu Liangwei blinked and did not say anything to reject him.

She decided to let him be. He was her husband and it was normal for him to bathe her. She should be adapting to this.

Moreover, it was pointless for her to reject him.

He may be quite willing to let her have her way on a daily basis, but when it came to something he had made up his mind about, he would refuse to budge and was strongly insistent about it.

She leaned against the side of the bathtub and watched him distractedly.

His Majesty was a mature man and there was a charm about him that no one else possessed.

There was no denying that it was a lethal attraction.

For example, the way he was cleaning her now was so mesmerizing that she could not turn her gaze away.

Long Yang noticed her staring and a small smile appeared on his lips.

His hands pressed against both sides of the bathtub and he suddenly leaned in toward her. “Are you seducing me, Weiwei?”

The man’s strong and domineering charm suddenly came sweeping toward her, and it took Lu Liangwei by surprise. She quickly pulled her intense stare away from him.

Her wet hands pressed against his chest purposefully. “I’m not.”

The bathroom was filled with hot steam which enshrouded her face.

It was impossible to tell if it was from the heat or embarrassment, but her fair face had turned red, and by the time her gaze turned back at Long Yang, there was a glaze over her eyes, as though the hazy atmosphere had put her in a tipsy mood.

Long Yang’s heart fluttered. He almost dropped the towel in his hand.

However, he still had some rationality in him. It was not appropriate for Weiwei to be bedded at this stage. He had no choice but to suppress the lust welling within him.

Despite that, he still kissed her on her lusciously moist lips and said huskily, “I’ll let you off for now.”

Lu Liangwei returned to the bedroom once she was done with her bath.

Long Yang stayed back to wash up in the bathroom.

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