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Chapter 987: Who Was Bullying Whom  

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The night was still young and Lu Liangwei was not in a hurry to go to sleep. She picked up a book about medicine and began reading.

However, she was unable to calm herself down.

Today, His Majesty had regained his memories and remembered about her. The mere thought of this made her heart chirp with delight.

Her fingers flipped through the pages, but her mind did not process any of the words.

When Long Yang was done with his bath, he walked out into the room, his long hair flowing freely with water droplets still dripping from it.

He grabbed a towel and wiped himself as he went over to her. When he saw Lu Liangwei reading on the bed, his gaze drifted slightly. It was clear that his attention was not on the book.

He paused, then approached her once he was done drying his hair, but she did not notice him.

It was only when her book was snatched away by him that she blinked and realized what had just happened.

“You’re done with your bath?” Her gaze fell on his half-dried hair.


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Long Yang replied as he sat down next to her. After prying the book from her hands, he placed it on the table next to the bed.

Lu Liangwei was about to explain that she wanted to continue reading, but the words were caught in her throat when the man’s eyes suddenly turned to fix their gaze on her.

When she realized what was happening, she hastily yawned. “I’m getting tired. I’ll go to sleep first.”

With that, she yanked the blankets and prepared to lie down.

However, in a split second, the man’s strong arms had reached over and lifted her onto his lap.”

He leaned in toward her and kissed her on the lips. He said throatily, “It’s still early. Why not sleep a little later, hmm?”

His voice was incredibly husky, oozing with deadly temptation. Lu Liangwei’s heart skipped a beat and an electric current ran through her body. She found herself nodding without meaning to. However, she gave a start when she noticed the way she was currently sitting on him. She wrapped her arms around one of his to stop him from doing whatever he was about to do, then said in a sweet and cutesy voice, “I’m sleepy…”

Long Yang leaned toward her and whispered into her ear huskily, gently trying to coax her.

Lu Liangwei shook her head vigorously, not willing to give in.

“Weiwei, I want you…”

Lu Liangwei’s heart thumped wildly. Before she knew it, he had adjusted her position on his body.

Lu Liangwei shifted a little to the side and, when she saw the man’s sweaty face, she suddenly gave a soft laugh and lifted a finger to lightly touch his handsome face.

Long Yang moved slightly and pulled the blanket over her. He hugged her waist with one arm and lowered his head to peck her on her cherry red lips. “What are you laughing about?”

A small smile appeared on Lu Liangwei’s lips. Her voice was soft and sweet. “I’m happy.”

Long Yang’s slender fingers brushed the lock of slightly damp hair around her ears. He raised an eyebrow and purposely misinterpreted her words. “You’re happy because of what I did just now?”


Lu Liangwei, “…”

She looked at the man’s calm composure as he watched her with a teasing glint, then she suddenly reached out to pinch him hard on the cheek to express her dissatisfaction.

Naturally, she had meant to say that she was happy that His Majesty had remembered her. He knew very well what she meant but had purposely said something else.


Long Yang’s fair face was immediately imprinted by a set of finger marks when she pinched him.

“Are you trying to pinch me so hard that the officials in the imperial court will find out tomorrow that I was bullied by the Empress?”

He emphasized the word ‘bullied’, hinting at the implication behind it.

Lu Liangwei was quite annoyed by this. Who was bullying whom?

She grunted softly and turned away, ignoring him.

Long Yang cleaned up in the bathroom and when he returned, he was carrying a hot towel that had been wrung dry.

Lu Liangwei was drifting off to sleep when she felt the warm towel being placed on her face. She opened her eyes a fraction and saw the man’s gentle and adoring eyes. She gave a small smile and drifted off to dreamland.

By the time Long Yang returned again, she had fallen asleep.

He sat by the bed and watched her quiet, sleeping face, feeling quite content.

After that, he laid down next to her and embraced her in his arms.

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