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Chapter 991: Covered In Cold Sweat  

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“Miss, are you hurt?” Mei’er’s voice pulled everyone back from their thoughts.

Aunt Liu helped up Chen Qiyu by the arm and looked at her anxiously.

Zhao Heng’s attacks had been quite swift and forceful when he was fighting Chen Xuping. She wondered if Yu’er had been hurt anywhere else.

“I’m fine.” Chen Qiyu shook her head and tried to hide the pain in her left calf.

Chen Xuping turned to take a look at her. He knew Zhao Heng’s martial arts moves very well and Zhao Heng had been blinded by rage, which meant he was launching his attacks mercilessly. Zhao Heng had put in everything he had when he executed that sweeping kick.

Chen Qiyu only took one step forward before she took a sharp intake of breath from the pain. Her face was covered in cold sweat and she did not dare take another step.

“Yu’er, you’re hurt,” Aunt Liu could not help saying when she saw Chen Qiyu’s condition.

Before Chen Qiyu could say anything, Chen Xuping swept up behind her and carried her in his arms, then walked straight toward the backyard.

Aunt Liu was astonished when she saw this and it took her a long moment to react.

“Mei’er, go get a physician.”

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Chen Xuping coldly gave the instruction as he carried Chen Qiyu to the backyard.

Aunt Liu was taken aback, but quickly gathered her thoughts and said to Mei’er, “Get a physician, quickly.”

Mei’er finally reacted when she heard the instructions and nodded hurriedly. “I’ll head out now.”

Aunt Liu looked at Duke Chen, who was standing at the side. She opened her mouth, about to say something.

Duke Chen said nothing, but there was a look of relief on his face.

Aunt Liu decided not to say anything when she saw this and quickly followed the others into the backyard.

In the backyard.

Chen Qiyu was sitting on a chair. She said sincerely to Chen Xuping, “Thank you, Big Brother.”

Chen Xuping felt a little awkward. “I didn’t even do anything.”

Chen Qiyu pulled up her pant leg, revealing her bruised and swollen left calf. “I’m hurt and can’t walk properly.”

Chen Xuping frowned. “We were fighting and you just came barging between us. All things considered, you’re lucky that you’ve only hurt your leg.”

Chen Qiyu blinked. Even though he sounded impatient, she knew that her big brother was just being concerned for her.

A small smile appeared on her lips; the thought warmed her heart. “I just wanted to stop you two from fighting when I saw how badly it was escalating.”

Chen Xuping was reminded of Zhao Heng’s reactions earlier and gave this some thought. He sat down on a chair at the side and considered the situation before asking, “Did something happen while I was away?”

He did not live here, but would return once in a while to check in on the situation.

However, he had left for the imperial capital a while ago and had asked for Zhao Heng’s help to watch over his family.

It looked like something had happened while he was away.

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This time around, he had returned to Zhao Heng attacking him without even saying a word.

He and Zhao Heng had been friends for life. Even though they have had arguments before, it had never escalated to such a serious extent.

He guessed that it was because of what had happened to Qiyu.

Zhao Heng acted the way he did because he blamed Chen Xuping for Qiyu’s suffering.

He knew how Zhao Heng felt about Qiyu, but he could not understand how Zhao Heng found out about Qiyu’s past.

Those were Qiyu’s darkest days. Why would Qiyu tell Zhao Heng about it?

He was perplexed about this.

Chen Qiyu did not hide anything from him. “I met Lu Yunshuang at my inn a while ago. She wanted to kill me but thankfully, Big Brother Zhao was there to save me. Otherwise, I would have died at her vicious hands.”

“Lu Yunshuang?” Chen Xuping felt disgusted every time he heard that name now. Moreover, she had already caused Qiyu so much harm, and now she even tried to kill her. That woman was pure venom. He must have been a fool in the past to have given her all his heart. He suppressed his rage and said, “Isn’t she dead? Why would she appear in Thousand Village City?”

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