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Chapter 995: 995

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Zhao Heng’s gaze fell on Chen Qiyu’s face, and he said quietly, “What a silly girl. If I had minded, I wouldn’t have appeared again before her. I may not have been involved in her past, but I want to be a part of her future.”

Even Chen Xuping was a little moved by his words.

Although Zhao Heng had grown up in the martial world, he was much wiser than he was in many aspects.

If Qiyu could let go of her past and accept Zhao Heng, she would definitely be able to enjoy happiness for the rest of her life.

“By the way, that man in black set fire to our courtyard and burned it down. Before it is rebuilt, I’ll have to trouble you for a place to stay,” said Chen Xuping.

Zhao Heng’s eyes lit up. “Then go and fetch your parents. I’ll take Qiyu back to Jade Moon Villa first.”

“All right. Be careful,” Chen Xuping reminded him before retracing his steps back to the Chen Village.

The person who had come to abduct Qiyu tonight must have been sent by Long Chi.

Other than Long Chi, he could not think of anyone who would want to seize Qiyu.

Apparently, Long Chi was still without children, so he must have done this to get his hands on Qiyu’s child.

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Unfortunately, Long Chi had miscalculated.

Qiyu had aborted the child long before she came here.

However, he secretly felt that it was a good thing the child was gone. Otherwise, it would have been a burden to Qiyu.

She was still so young, and she should not jeopardize her own future.

Now that Zhao Heng was willing to marry her, he was delighted.

Although the Chen Family’s home had been ruined in the fire, it could still be made liveable with some timely repairs and cleaning up.

He had deliberately exaggerated the situation just to create a chance for Zhao Heng and Chen Qiyu to spend time with each other.

After all this time of living in remorse, there was finally one thing that could bring a smile to his face.

However, when he thought of the girl far away in the imperial capital, a gloom immediately shrouded his face.

Some time ago, he had gone to the imperial capital just to see her.

As long as she was doing well, he had nothing to worry about.

He was the one who had pushed her away with his own hands, so for the rest of his life, he could only gaze at her from a distance and never appear before her again to bother her.

Being able to watch her from a distance was already enough to make him content, and he did not dare to yearn for anything else.


The imperial capital.

It was Lu Liangwei’s birthday today.

She and Long Yang were both born in the same month – one at the beginning of the month, and the other at the end.

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Long Yang had intended to host a grand birthday celebration for her, but Lu Liangwei stopped him.

Now that she was far along in her pregnancy, she only wished to spend her birthday with her family and friends without having to deal with a bunch of unimportant people.

Long Yang obliged her every request.

Therefore, the only guests invited to her birthday banquet this year were the Grand Duke Family, the Grand Princess and her son, Lin Qingyuan, and Youyou.

The old beggar had to watch over the shop, so he did not enter the palace.

Before the banquet, everyone gathered in Grand Phoenix Palace to chat over tea.

Youyou had grown significantly in height after turning a year older, and his facial features had also matured and become increasingly handsome over time.

Looking at Lu Liangwei’s stomach, he said in surprise, “I heard from Sister Er Mu that you may be carrying two babies.”

Lu Liangwei was very fond of Youyou. She treated him like a younger brother, and she would often invite him to hang out in the palace.

“It’s just a guess. I’m not sure yet.” Lu Liangwei stroked his head.

The young boy leaned against her affectionately and declared clearly, “I’ll protect them in the future.”

Lu Liangwei burst out laughing, pleased by his proclamation. “You sound really confident. You must have improved a lot in martial arts, haven’t you?”

Youyou smiled sheepishly, but just when he was about to nod, he caught sight of Chu Qi, and his face fell. “I didn’t improve much, actually.”

Lu Liangwei followed his gaze, and seeing his face turn glum at the sight of Chu Qi, she said in amusement, “Big Bro Chu Qi’s older than you, and you started learning martial arts much later than him. But if you keep working hard, you might be able to surpass him one day. You’re younger than him, after all!”

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