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Chapter 157: 157

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Chapter 157: Refuting Rumors Completely

[As the saying goes, it’s easy to spread a rumor, but takes effort to refute it. Just ban this trash marketing account. He has nothing to do but spread rumors all day long. He’s just jealous of how good they are and how well they’re doing, right? I’ve reported him. He’s annoying!]

[I really take my hat off to you. After spreading rumors about them, you took the lead in scolding them. Do you think there will still be idiots who will believe you? It’s already been reported in the latest news that the person isn’t a murderer at all, and is even the young man’s savior! If it wasn’t for him, that young man might really be gone. Instead, it was the mother, and you defended her for the sake of attacking the other party. You really take the cake, especially since the father is still around!!! Don’t say he doesn’t have a father, just to get attention!]

No, what was going on?

The blogger was scolded until he doubted his life. He immediately went to see the latest news.

And very quickly, #YoungManWhoJumpedNotDead#, #LuXingran:FightingIsFightingSavingIsSaving#, #LuAn:ApologizeToMyBrother#, #TheWorstScoundrelYouEverMet# and so on.

The news was released by South City’s Public Security Bureau and People’s News, and had been verified via an investigation —

It was true that the teenager surnamed Chang was born into a humble family and lived with his mother, Zhu Chunyu, but he had a father! A father!!

However, his father went away to work when he was very young to support the family. Because he couldn’t come back often, Chang Fei’s mother said that he had abandoned his wife and son.

The truth, however, was that Chang Fei’s father had always cared about his family, and didn’t even dare tell them that he had been injured. On the other hand, Chang Fei’s mother had long remarried, and even gave birth to a 5-year-old little half-sister for Chang Fei.

And because Chang Fei and Lu Xingran were good friends, Chang Fei’s mother often incited Chang Fei to swindle money out of Lu Xingran.

Chang Fei started working when he was in middle school. He worked part-time at an Internet cafe, which was where he met Lu Xingran, and they became good friends.

According to the owner of the place, the two of them had a common dream: To create their own online game and open their own Internet cafe.

As for the photos of Lu Xingran and Chang Fei fighting that had been posted online, Chang Fei had been bullied by hoodlums again. Lu Xingran had gotten into a fight with the hoodlums for him, and had been injured. Chang Fei couldn’t take the guilt in his heart anymore and cut ties with Lu Xingran.

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Lu Xingran didn’t agree, and the two of them started fighting.

After that, Chang Fei happened to run into his mother and her other family, and he went back to school and jumped off the building. He thought that he was an orphan nobody wanted in the world, so…

Lu Xingran, who was still worried, came back.

A witness said that Lu Xingran jumped up to the 3rd floor to catch and hold onto Chang Fei for a while, but according to Lu Xingran himself, Chang Fei was very lucky.

No matter what, life was precious. Hopefully, everyone loves themselves and treats others well!

[Hahaha, why do I think this brother is a tsundere? He probably thinks that it’s embarrassing that he couldn’t pull his friend up? Forgive me for suddenly laughing during such a serious matter!]

[+1. I wanted to say, how can there be a mother like this in the world, but after that… This is what a true comrade is, forgive me!]

[Ahhh, give me a dozen friends like this!]

Very quickly, the rumors online about Lu Xingran being a murderer were completely refuted.

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