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Chapter 158: 158

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Chapter 158: Scary Thoughts

Anyone who still dared to create trouble despite not knowing anything would instantly be scolded and taught a lesson.

Because of this matter, little Fifth Brother gained a lot of fans for his good looks and personality. However, since they didn’t know his Weibo account, they all went to pay attention to his little sister.

In other words, after the last wave of Big Brother fans, Lu An’s Weibo account drew another wave of Fifth Brother fans.

Just as the two fan groups were getting to know each other happily, troublemakers started to appear.

[So? Even if this matter indeed has nothing to do with her brother, even if that woman is an old scoundrel, the girl clearly didn’t know the truth at the start. Don’t you think it’s too much to say things like “take it as accumulating karma for your deceased son”?]

[That’s right, no matter what the case is, she can’t say that, right? We know now that the woman is a scoundrel, but what about in the beginning? Is that something a normal person can say? She clearly lacks manners!]

[Just like if I hurt you in the beginning, but it’s proven later that you’re a scoundrel — does this mean that I can deny hurting you, and that I’m right? I don’t know who said before to judge the matter as it stands, but no matter how cool Lu An is, she won’t be able to clear her name here!]

[That’s right, that’s right! She can’t clear her name!]

A ruckus followed.

The brother fans were really speechless, and retorted bluntly —

[Haven’t you heard the term reasonable self-defense? You’re already being bullied; should you let people ride roughshod over you? If that’s the case, we can only say one thing: what beautiful white lotuses!]

[No, saying you’re white lotuses is too good for you, since white lotuses wouldn’t doubt others and will think of everyone else in whatever they do. People like you, however, should probably be called black lotuses? Because you only root for the bad guys and think you’re so kind!]

[You, you, you…]

The troublemakers exploded with anger!

One after another, they posted that video, which had clearly been maliciously edited, with Lu An saying, “This has nothing to do with my brother. You, and all of you, be careful.”

But very quickly, they were slapped in the face again!

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A Weibo user by the name of Passer-by Chen posted a full video.

It was clear in the video that Zhu Chunyu was the first to raise her hand. Lu An was protecting her brother, and the reason why Lu An said those words was because Zhu Chunyu had been aggressive first, and even maliciously made an unreasonable scene!

What was also directly cut from the edited video was Lu An saying that she would investigate the matter; it was if it had nothing to do with her brother that she warned everyone to be careful.

The troublemakers simply felt their faces turn numb from the pain!

The brother fans were overjoyed!

[Look, look. People nowadays will really do anything to slander our little sister! I now seriously suspect that there are paid trolls online deliberately trying to create momentum. Otherwise, why would there be a malicious video edit to slander our little sister? Don’t say that you’re just trying to get attention!]

[That’s right, that’s right, I’m suspicious too! Why would someone take photos of Fifth Brother and his friend fighting on the street? Especially the photo that was taken from the top floor — that proves that there was someone else on the top floor at that time!!]

[Ahhh, my god, I suddenly feel like I’m in a horror show! That person definitely watched the whole thing happen, and still deliberately tried to slander people? I suggest we investigate, investigate it to death!]

[It can’t be that Chang Fei actually didn’t want to jump off the building, but was pushed by the person taking the photo, right? After all, it’s unavoidable to feel terrible sometimes, but many people will still be afraid if they really die, especially when Chang Fei has such a good friend. D*mn, my scalp suddenly feels numb!!]

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