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Chapter 159: 159

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Chapter 159: Fall +1

[Hard agree. I have wanted to die before, and not just once, but I was afraid of the pain and an ugly death every time. In the end, I was a coward and lived, although I don’t want to die at all now. *dog face*]

One after another, the online users came up with all sorts of logical guesses, and a Hollywood blockbuster was acted out in minutes.

One of the comments said —

[As a student of Yu Hua, I saw Lu Xingran being denounced by his former little sister, asking him how he could do such a thing. That was her brother, heh. Anyway, a lot of people were present at that time, and everyone looked at Lu Xingran weirdly. Lu Xingran didn’t say anything to defend himself, but now that I think about it, could it be related? *question mark face*]

Then, someone replied —

[That’s right, that’s right. I was there too! Lu Yan said, “Even if everyone covers for you, I can’t let you do whatever you want, even if you’re my brother.” I thought that she had a good outlook on life, and I even became her fan for a while. Thinking about it now, could there be a problem? *question mark face*]

It was a pity that these comments were drowned out by the sea of people, and didn’t attract much attention.

Even the students who posted these comments were just saying them casually. After all, this matter had nothing to do with them; they were busy with their own things.

However, it wasn’t that simple on Yu Hua High School’s school forum.

[Don’t you think it’s strange?]

A student posted a thought-provoking question on the forum — recounting in detail how “Lu Yan” acted toward Lu Xingran at that time — and asked why there was a photo on the rooftop; there definitely had been a third person present.

The students were dumbfounded. All of them had personally witnessed “Lu Yan” scolding Lu Xingran that day. At that time, Lu Xingran had only laughed bitterly before he turned around and left without saying anything to explain himself.

At that time, everyone had thought that it was tacit confirmation of what “Lu Yan” had said. Now that they thought about it, who knew how bitterly disappointed and speechless he must have been?

Then, why did “Lu Yan” do that?

As the little sister, why was she so sure that Lu Xingran had harmed someone?

Didn’t she know that her words would cause him a lot of harm?

The students pondered the matter carefully, and quickly came up with an unimaginable answer — could it have been deliberate?

It was deliberate, right?

It just so happened that “Lu Yan” became Qi Yan not long after that. Everyone had seemed very happy and enthusiastically congratulated her on not being from a trash family.

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Thinking about it now —

[D*mn, if that’s really the case, how much of a schemer is this woman?! *scared*]

[Could it be that she did the same to the others? I heard that her big brother was also slandered unjustly before?]

[Suddenly, I want to see her fall!]

[Fall +1]

There was a heated discussion on the forum.

Qi Yan was so angry her face turned green.

Who knew the truth? Who was a schemer? Clearly, he was the one who hit the other party and caused him to jump off the building. Who would have thought there was another layer to the matter? He was the one who didn’t explain anything; he didn’t explain anything!!!

Qi Yan was furious. Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes; who knew if she was feeling more anger or regret.

She gritted her teeth and her nails dug into her palms, especially when she thought of how Lu Xingran publicly explained that he didn’t bully the weak, in order to protect his little sister.

On the side, Hu Jiaqian couldn’t help but feel her heart ache. Using her status as the president of the student union, she hurriedly spoke up for Qi Yan.

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