True Martial World - Chapter 193

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Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: Absorbing the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng

If Yi Yun directly used the Purple Crystal to absorb a complete herb, it would easily gain the attention and arouse the suspicions of the Tai Ah Divine City alchemists.

But in the current situation, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng had suffered serious damages. Yi Yun was only absorbing the escaping herbal essence, which would not lead to any suspicion.

Of course, Yi Yun could only do this occasionally. He could not always bring back herbs that were seriously damaged. Besides, damaged herbs would greatly reduce their value, and the compensation in dragon scale runes paid out by the Tai Ah Divine City would be less.

In conclusion, it was not very beneficial to Yi Yun.

Under the Purple Crystal’s control, none of the herbal essence of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was wasted. It was all absorbed by Yi Yun. The energy that gathered into light dots were like dancing pixies.

Just as Yi Yun was planning to absorb these energies, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng which was like a piece of dead wood suddenly made a whoosh and tunneled into the ground!

This Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was still trying to escape, even after it was seriously damaged.

But it was no use. Not a second after the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng escaped, a black light flashed. A light curtain appeared, forming a sealing barrier thirty meters in radius.


The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng crashed in the light curtain and it bounced back.

This was the cicada array, which was specially used to seal in spirit beings. If the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was in perfect condition, it would be able to escape from this array, but now, it was completely impossible for it to do so.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng had never been this seriously damaged before. Its spirit was in chaos and it could feel its energy slowly depleting, and this energy was slowly drifting towards Yi Yun.

With the Thousand Army Saber in hand, Yi Yun approached the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

He was not going to go easy on it at all. The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was cunning, so Yi Yun was even considering cutting it into pieces before storing it away. If not, it could escape midway and everything would have gone to waste.

At this time, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng suddenly let out a shrill baby-child scream. It charged at Yi Yun, using its remaining pure Yang Qi to form a spirit sword that stabbed at the center of Yi Yun’s eyebrows!

It wanted to bet on that one shot, a last gasp attack!

Yi Yun did not hesitate, he slashed forwards with the Thousand Army Saber!


One was a spent force, while the other, who was waiting for an exhausted enemy, was fresh and fit. There was no doubt what the result of the clash was. With a shattering blow, the Thousand Army Saber sliced straight down!


The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was swept away by the Thousand Army Saber!

Yi Yun did not choose to cut the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng into two. If he had done so, its value would sharply drop.

But, Yi Yun realized that even so, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s spirit was growing weaker, as if it was dying soon.

Once a primordial herb died, it meant that the spirit formed from thousands of years of cultivation would disappear.

In this regard, Yi Yun showed no mercy. Between him and the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, they were in a life-and-death battle. If he had not killed the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, he might be subdued by the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s magic illusion. If that happened, he would end up as fertilizer for the Blood Yang Flower.

When Yi Yun looked at the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, he noticed that its surface color was dimming. Strand after strand of pure energy left it. It seemed like it did not wish to live on any longer.

Having been caught to be brewed as drugs, it might as well be dead.

“Oh? This energy?” Yi Yun grabbed the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s roots. Under the Purple Crystal’s vision, he could see pure purple energy leaking out from the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s wound. This energy had formed into something like the vital essence from a legendary green dragon.

This was the first time Yi Yun saw such a green dragon essence energy form.

The energy he had seen before were all light dots.

Yi Yun hesitated slightly. Using the Purple Crystal Origins, he gathered the green dragon essence and the energy light dots that the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng had previously leaked into his body.

Immediately, a herbal aroma seeped into his olfactory nerves. It was extremely comfortable!

Taking this opportunity, Yi Yun quickly took out a squarish jade box that was a foot in length.

This was a herb box built using lotus jade. It could preserve the herbal essence to a great extent.

Since the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was seriously damaged, it was unrealistic to preserve all its herbal essence. He had to make do with whatever there was left.

Whatever essence could not be preserved was totally absorbed by Yi Yun’s Purple Crystal.

When these energy light dots entered his body, Yi Yun felt his body warm up. The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s herbal essence was slowly showing its effects.

What surprised Yi Yun was the energy that resembled a green dragon, which was very unlike the light dots.

This energy surged into Yi Yun’s soul.


When this energy entered Yi Yun’s soul, Yi Yun felt a tremor in his soul. Following the tremor, his vision was filled with images.

These images were chaotic and random. Some of them were scenes from the Divine wilderness or the Tai Ah Divine City. Some of them were from the Lian tribal clan, the difficult life Yi Yun had with his sister. There were also scenes from his previous life. It was an amalgamation of bits and pieces of Yi Yun’s life.

Oh? This is…

Seeing these confusing images, Yi Yun suddenly understood that the green colored dragon energy was the psychic power left behind after the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s spirit shattered!

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng may be a plant, but once it gave life to a spirit, it had extremely strong psychic powers.

If not, it would not be able to create illusions.

Psychic power was the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s offensive measure and also its defensive measure. After the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng died, it’s shattered spirit was the best medicine for the soul.

Yi Yun was delighted. He began to quietly absorb this energy. Soon, it was like his soul had sprouted a gurgling stream. The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s psychic energy was like a spring fountain, it cleansed and moistened Yi Yun’s soul, this made him feel very fresh.

Slowly, Yi Yun felt that his soul had some minor changes, but he did not know what they meant.

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At this time, besides the psychic energy, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s herbal essence also began to take effect. It flowed into Yi Yun’s meridians, and with a dull roar, strong Yang Qi flared through Yi Yun’s body.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi contained a rich amount of pure Yang energy. This energy was the essence gathered from thousands of years of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng absorbing Heaven Earth Yuan Qi . After numerous times of purification, every bit was precious.

Slowly, Yi Yun’s body transpired a warm air. His skin turned red as if he had been scalded by hot water.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s herbal essence was Yang in nature, while it was still in the middle of the night where the lunar Yin Qi was dense. Yi Yun’s body was burning with a Yang fire within, but Yin Qi flowed outside his body. Unconsciously, the two, Yin Qi and Yang Qi converged in Yi Yun’s body.

Under Yi Yun’s deliberate manipulation, the two Qis formed into a wonderful Yin-Yang symbol.

Yi Yun’s body was internally hot and externally cold. It was as if he had been alternately dipped into ice and fire.

As the herbal essence was digested, Yi Yun’s pores oozed out black blood. This was the accumulated bad blood and dirt that had been accumulated in Yi Yun’s body for the past six months. At this time, it was being forced out by the herbal essence, which refreshed Yi Yun.

Under the forging of the herbal essence, his muscles grew stronger, and his blood was filled with vigor.

This process went on for a long time as Yi Yun fully immersed himself in his own world.

From midnight to dawn.

And then from sunrise to noon…

With the Sun shining high in the sky, the Yin Qi on the cliff had been blown away. Yi Yun sat on the top of the cliff like a motionless statue.

It was a slow process to digest the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s herbal essence. After all, it was a primordial herb. Back when Yi Yun absorbed the chimera’s energy for two hours, he took an entire night to fully digest the energy.

Slowly, another day passed. Deep into the night, a thin crescent moon hung in the sky.

It was the second day of the lunar month. The Yin Qi had lessened and some mist had gathered. Yi Yun’s body was as if it was encased in an ice cube. His hair and eyebrows had formed a layer of frost.

Slowly, Yi Yun had finished digested 70% of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s herbal essence.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s spiritual energy had given Yi Yun unimaginable benefits to his spiritual well-being.

Yi Yun could clearly feel his mind expand and grow! His spiritual energy was continuously increasing!

As long as Yi Yun wished, his brain would produce all sorts of complex illusions. Yi Yun even felt that if he wished, those illusions could fly out from his mind and affect others!

It was as if the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s power of illusion had been inherited by Yi Yun!

The second night passed.

Yi Yun was still in meditation on the morning of the third day. Suddenly, he heard a light sound within his soul, as if something had cracked.

Immediately after that, he could feel a strong suction force in his head. All his body’s spiritual energy, blood, marrow, were all being pulled by a force to the middle of his eyebrows without any warning!

This feeling of all of his blood and soul being sucked out from his body frightened Yi Yun!

What is the meaning of this?

The blood, bone marrow and soul began to consolidate in the middle of his eyebrows, as if it was going to give birth to something.

Following that, an intense pain was felt by Yi Yun. He felt as if a drill had been pierced in between his eyebrows and it was was continuously swirling deeper.

It’s too painful!

Yi Yun’s forehead was covered in sweat. He has lost control of his body, which made him panic.

Yi Yun used his spiritual energy to interface with the Purple Crystal in a bid to stabilize the turbulent blood and energy within his body. But at this time, Yi Yun suddenly ‘saw’ that in between his eyebrows, a bead like object had been formed from his own blood and soul.

This bead was covered in blood tracks and it was connected to the surrounding meridians and blood vessels. It had became an inseparable part of his body.

When this bead appeared, the feeling of his body’s blood being sucked had away disappeared. The pain also suddenly eased.

Everything returned to normal. The only thing different was that tiny bead that had appeared in the middle of Yi Yun’s eyebrows.

Oh? What is this?

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