True Martial World - Chapter 194

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Chapter 194

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Chapter 194: Blood Ball in the middle of the eyebrows

Yi Yun carefully observed the tiny bead. It was about the size of a green bean and it was covered in blood threads.

This little ball was in the central axis of Yi Yun’s body. The Ren Du Er Mai was running through it. And Yi Yun found that when the energy within his meridians flowed past the blood ball, a certain amount of it was stayed in it.

What is this?

Why did something suddenly appear in the middle of his eyebrows?

Yi Yun suddenly thought of something. He realized that this blood ball was like an eye.


Could it be…

Heaven’s Eye!?

When this thought suddenly flashed across Yi Yun’s mind, he was shocked!

Heaven’s Eye was in the middle of a person’s eyebrows.

When warriors reach a certain cultivation level, they can open their Heaven’s Eye.

It was not easy opening their Heaven’s Eye. First, they had to form the “Heaven eyeball” before they could completely open Heaven’s Eye

Yi Yun recalled the books he read about Heaven’s Eye. He increasingly believed that this blood ball in his brain was the Heaven’s Eye!

Warriors who opened their Heaven’s Eye would have an extraordinary perception of their surroundings.

A typical warrior’s cultivation level was difficult to tell from external appearances, but once the Heaven’s Eye were opened, one could easily use the Heaven’s Eye to read the cultivation levels of warriors of similar levels.

Back when Yi Yun first met Lin Xintong and old man Su, old man Su was able to tell Yi Yun’s cultivation level at a glance. He could also tell that Yi Yun had reached the “Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse” state.

This was because old man Su had opened his Heaven’s Eye.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng also had the ability to read Yi Yun’s cultivation level. This was because the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s psychic power was much stronger than typical warriors.

As such, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng could be considered to have opened Heaven’s Eye.

It was very difficult to open Heaven’s Eye.

Many Yuan foundation realm warriors, including the Jin Long Wei’s Thousand Households, might not open their Heaven’s Eye or they might not even form their Heaven’s eyeball.

Yi Yun had originally thought that he would need to reach the Yuan foundation realm before he could form Heaven’s eyeball and he would only be able to open the Heaven’s Eye in the late stages of the Yuan foundation realm.

But now, after digesting the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng and using the Purple Crystal to perfectly absorb the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s spiritual energy, Yi Yun had completed this step. With this, he could open his Heaven’s Eye by the time he reached the early stages of the Yuan foundation realm!

Warriors with opened Heaven’s Eye were not only aware of dangers approaching them, but their ability to grasp opportunities greatly increased also. Even their battle powers would be upped a notch. Their sharp senses could read an enemy’s weakness and this was a great advantage.

“The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng is indeed a primordial herb…”Yi Yun was rejoicing. Having caught a divine herb and having the Purple Crystal to help him absorb its herbal essence, it could be said that all the factors were in his favor.

Yi Yun was confident that he had formed the Heaven’s eyeball in the mid-stages of Purple Blood much faster than the geniuses from the royal families or reclusive families!

With the Heaven’s eyeball formed, Yi Yun could feel the surroundings with his eyes closed.

This was an indescribable feeling.

It was as if he had soared into the sky and he was looking at this colorful world from a totally different perspective.

Using his senses to sweep the ground, Yi Yun could tell how many fine gravel and bone particles were around him. He also knew every crack and texture of the gravel and bones.

Yi Yun could even tell the weak points of the stones and the bones. If he slightly knocked on those weak points, they would shatter.

When Yi Yun attempted to interface his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal, he was shocked by the scene he saw.

In the past, Yi Yun’s energy vision was just a bunch of dim light dots. Those light dots were the symbols of energy, and Yi Yun could only tell where there was energy, and where the energy was stronger. As for what that energy represented, he had no clue.

But now, using the Heaven’s eyeball and coupled with the Purple Crystal, everything was different!

In Yi Yun’s energy vision, every energy blob was clearer and they had even evolved into what the actual thing looked like.

There were mountains, flowing water and forests!

Yi Yun suddenly realized what had happened.

Everything in this world contained energy in them.

Even if it was a ice crystal or a rock, it possessed energy.

But as their energies were weak, Yi Yun could not detect them before as his senses were weaker.

But now, by forming the Heaven’s eye, Yi Yun could clearly see everything in this world.

This feeling was miraculous. Yi Yun was very fascinated by this.

Yi Yun believed that by opening his Heaven eye, his control over the Purple Crystal would level up too.

In that case, if he were to go to the Wilderness Divine Hall, what would the outcome be when he used the Purple Crystal to absorb the chimera’s energy?

Yi Yun licked his lips as he was full of anticipation.

He couldn’t wait to go back to the Tai Ah Divine City.

Yi Yun sprang up from the ground!

He had now completely digested the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s energy.

At the same time as forming the Heaven eye bead, his entire body had been injected with the pure Yang energy from the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng. Looking within his body, his blood seem to be covered in a faint golden layer.

He clenched his fists tightly and his joints cracked!

The pure Yang energy boiled within his body and Yi Yun could feel that his body strength had made a quantum leap!

Yi Yun had just recently broken through to the mid-stages of Purple Blood.

This absorption of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s energy had only consolidated Yi Yun’s cultivation level and so, it did not bring any improvement to his level.

But, with the pure Yang energy integrated within Yi Yun’s body, it had increased his strength up a notch!

Yi Yun felt like his body was a simmering volcano that was filled with infinite energy, wishing it could erupt!

With the Thousand Army Saber in hand, Yi Yun casually slashed!


A sharp visible blade Qi was sent out. The blade Qi carved a trench almost thirty meters deep into the ground.


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Yi Yun was very pleased with the strength of that move.

Yi Yun had a thought and so he took out the Flowing Mercury Gown from his luggage. Usually, the 200 cauldron weight would burden Yi Yun’s movement skills.

But now, with 200 cauldrons, Yi Yun felt as if he was wearing a layer of light armor.

His strength had increased greatly!

Yi Yun began to experiment by increasing the Flowing Mercury Gown’s weight.

From 200 cauldrons, he increased it to 300 cauldrons, all the way to 500 cauldrons!

Such a heavy weight made Yi Yun’s feet sink into the soil!

At 500 cauldrons of weight, Yi Yun finally felt the pressure. However, this was not Yi Yun’s limit.

If it was a momentary burst of strength, Yi Yun felt that he could increase his strength to 600 cauldrons.

Yi Yun’s eyes lit up. The primordial herb was worthy of its name. For an item that could even move a human sage’s heart, how could it be a common item?

In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, be it the royal family or the reclusive families, the young heroes from these families were not eligible to enjoy resources like a primordial herb. It would be a waste.

But Yi Yun now had the primordial herb, the primordial species and all the cultivation resources. They were all the best!

Yi Yun walked towards the cracked lunar Yin disk array. With his Thousand Army Saber, he sliced downwards.

The rock opened, and at three meters deep, Yi Yun dug up the Blood Yang Flower which had lost its luster.

Back then, Yi Yun’s attack on the Blood Yang Flower was a feint, but even so, when the Divine Hellion Bead exploded, the Blood Yang Flower had been affected too and it lost a great deal of spirit.

If it was not for the three meters of soil protecting it, the Blood Yang Flower might have been blown to pieces.

Yi Yun sealed the seriously damaged Blood Yang Flower into the jade box. Looking up into the sky, it was already noon.

Yi Yun had applied for seven days of continuous herb-picking. In three-and-a-half days, he had captured the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng in a successful procedure.

“It’s time to go back. I wonder what the prize will be?”

By capturing a primordial herb, even if it was seriously damaged, the Divine City would still give a sizable reward.

This was a herb that sages had difficulty obtaining. Yi Yun was filled with anticipation for the reward!

But on explaining everything, Yi Yun had to choose his words carefully.

As Yi Yun was digesting the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s energy, the cultivators in the Tai Ah Divine City were still doing their routine Divine City cultivation…

In the Tai Ah Divine City school grounds, a group of youths were standing at attention in the scorching sun.

These youths were all wearing heavy training suits. Under the Sun, the sweat on their muscles gave off a little luster.

The leader of this group of youths was Baldy Qin.

Zhou Kui, Xu Zheng, and Song Zijun, who were Yi Yun’s rivals or friends, were also within this group of youths.

Baldy Qin had his hands behind his back and he stood with his legs apart in the middle of the school ground. He was inspecting the recruits in front him.

The purple tungsten wall was behind him!

When Baldy Qin first brought this group of people to this school ground for training, the training objective was to insert the Primal Arrow into the purple tungsten wall. Back then, be it Zhou Kui or Yi Yun, none of them managed to insert the Primal Arrow in.

Baldy Qin had previously given them all a month’s time. Whoever who could insert three Primal Arrows into the purple tungsten wall would be rewarded with two hours of cultivation time in the Wilderness Divine Hall!

And now, the one month was up.

It was time to check the training of these recruits!

Today, the recruits led by Baldy Qin had gathered early on the school grounds.

All these days, Baldy Qin’s authority was deeply ingrained. No one dared to be late without his urging.

Baldy Qin glanced and was satisfied with all these punctual youths, but… hold on a second, his face of satisfaction disappeared.

He frowned for he noticed someone missing, Yi Yun had not arrived!

“Oh? Where’s Yi Yun?” Baldy Qin looked at Song Zijun with the eyes of a hawk.

Baldy Qin knew that Song Zijun and Yi Yun both came from the Divine City’s Jin Long Wei, so he naturally asked Song Zijun about Yi Yun’s absence!

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