Unable to Divorce After Signing the Marriage Contract

Unable to Divorce After Signing the Marriage Contract
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Lin You He excelled in everything – his looks and accomplishments were all top notch, but he was very dense in the emotional department that made people feel frustrated.

Even if a marriage contract fell from the sky, he would not feel anything. All he knew was to remember his identity and fulfill the contract.

On the day of the wedding, he was still apologizing for his friends’ teasing.

“I’m sorry Mr. Lu, they don’t know the situation, so I hope you don’t mind……”

The other party lowered his eyes to look at him, “I don’t mind.”

Lin Yu He felt relieved, as he thought that the rumors were wrong and that the other party was not as insensitive as he was rumored to be.

Until that night, he did not manage to get any sleep.

The next day, Lin Yu He braced his sore legs and asked in a voice that was hoarse from crying, “Let me confirm again, we will divorce after the contract is over, right? The kind of mission last night only needs to be done once, right?”

The man who was about to reach out to help him massage his waist narrowed his eyes, his voice was low and his words curt: “No divorce, no stopping it.”

Lin Yu He: “……”

He looked at the man whose gaze was obscure, and finally had a change from his usual dullness, keenly perceiving the looming danger: “How about we talk about the divorce first……”

The next second, he was pinched at the back of his neck.

“Ning Ning.”

The man called him by his nickname, and his breath invading all his senses.

“You didn’t even look at me that seriously when we got married.”

“Also, last night wasn’t a mission.”

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