Unfathomable Senior - Chapter 475

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Chapter 475

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“Isn’t this thing a bit too tight?”

“Have you gained some weight, it should fit you perfectly…”

“Well, I did get a bit stronger…”

Zhang Dong lifted up his arm to flex his biceps, the moment he did he could feel the ceremonial Patriarch robe he was wearing being strained. Soon enough the fabric not meant for battle gave out and ripped as it was not able to contain his well-built physique. After the seed had been formed his body had been reinforced and along with leveling up his body refinement he found himself being more of a beefcake.

“Haha, daddy is being silly.”

“Who is being silly now?”

While he was looking at the torn biceps part of his robe his daughter jumped at his arm. She started hanging off it like a little monkey while he started to swing it around. While this was happening his son started posing just like his dad but pouted after seeing the lack of muscles on his own arms.

“Don’t worry Jun’er if you continue to train and eat your spirit vegetables you will be just like your daddy in no time.”

“Do I have to eat those… can’t I just eat the spirit fruit instead… it tastes better.”


Zhang Dong laughed while his personal maids started panicking. Soon he had taken off the robe that he was wearing so that they could fix it up. His wife moved over to place her hands on his chest as she was the one that gave the tailor his measurements while he was out adventuring.

“If you get much bigger you’ll start looking like that red monkey.”

“You two need to start getting along…”

While his physique did progress slightly he wasn’t as large as Huo Qiang. It was more of an optimal look that took speed and physical strength into consideration, an all-around good body.

“and even when you say that…”

It did not go unnoticed that after he had disrobed and was now just standing around with a bare chest and his pants on, Liena was sticking close to him. The way her delicate fingers felt on his skin were making him feel all tingly inside. If his kids weren’t in his room he would have probably tackled her down to the ground already.

This was not the time for that as they were getting ready to visit their other part of the family at the Azure Empire capital. While he was not that bothered by the visit the people that were coming with him were on the edge. Just as Zhang Kuo proposed he would be taking his kids there as a show of faith but there were many other people coming with them too.

One of these people was Zhang Jin, his grandfather. Normally the old perverted man was always eager to visit new places where potential beauties were located. Now on the other hand he was nervous as they were going to the very top of the empire. Zhang Jin was an old cultivator that had the empire's hierarchy drilled into his bones.

It was unfathomable that he could meet the emperor in his lifetime. At this very moment, he was pacing back and forth while mumbling something. His wives were also a problem with so many he couldn’t take them all and if one came then the rest would feel disgruntled.

“Should I perform a full bow or just clasp my hands? The emperor is my senior but he is also Dong’er older brother… Does that make me his grandfather?”

Zhang Dong was sure that his link to Long Qing the Azure Emperor was artificially produced by the system. Yet from the standpoint of the denizens of this world there had to be a bloodline connection. This was made by someone he was related to and Zhang Jin that spread his seed around the world was the most probable cause.

“Stop yapping you old fart just don’t cause any trouble, if you run into some old crush don’t cause any trouble.”

“Trouble, me? I never cause any trouble… but uh Dong’er.”

“What? Stop looking at me like that.”

“If perchance… only theoretically I do meet an old acquaintance… you will protect your lovable grandfather, won’t you?”

Zhang Jin looked at Zhang Dong with puppy dog eyes which made him recoil in disgust. There actually could be a woman that he had a fling with that might harbor some malice towards him. Her causing trouble was probably not something probable as Zhang Jin was still the Golden Dragon’s grandfather. He did not think the Long Clan would seek trouble with him after all this time.

“Well as long as that theoretical acquaintance doesn’t kill my lovable grandfather then it should be alright? I’m sure you’ll be able to handle yourself, I’ll jump in if it gets too rough.”

“How could you!”

While he would not allow anyone to kill his grandfather he would not go out of his way to protect him. If he made some influential women mad at the Long Clan he should be able to handle some punishment. If they beat on him a bit then maybe he would finally learn to change his ways.

“Hey get off me…”


Apparently, he would not as Zhang Jin went for his grandson’s thigh and started hugging it. The man was a nascent soul master that was supposed to be in the 0.01% percentile or even lower. If people saw him shamelessly hugging the Patriarch’s leg while pleading for health they would surely reconsider their view of masters like him.

“Fine, just stay close to me and I’ll help you, just don’t go causing any trouble!”

Zhang Dong held himself from clobbering the old fart over the head but his wife wasn’t so restrained. The moment she saw the old man interfering in their bonding time she delivered a hit to his cheek with a closed fan.

“Oh no, the Matriarch is mad we must run! Come children we shall flee towards the kitchen where we have some ice cream!”

“Ice cream!”

Zhang Jin was quick to back away before any more hits came his way. Then he even managed to get the two kids to follow him towards the kitchen. Zhang Dong had to give it to him, while the man was a hornball he at least knew how to treat his family well. With the kids gone the robes could be fitted in peace.

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“How do I look?”

“Like someone named the Golden Dragon, I still can’t believe that you are the younger brother of the Azure Emperor, my husband”

He stood tall wearing a mostly golden robe to fit his new image. There were many dragons embroidered into the cloth that cost a fortune. Various other jewels and gems glistered around to make him feel like he was trying too hard to look like some type of Christmas tree. But it had to be done, the wardrobe was handpicked by his wife and some consultants to fit the occasion.

They were taking this a lot more seriously than him. If he could put on sweatpants and a shirt he would be fine but that certainly would bring shame to the sect’s name. The Patriarch needed to be seen as some kind of godly creature, an unwavering rock in a sea of uncertainty. His people needed to look up to him and be proud to be part of the sect.

“I think no one could have known that but now here we are.”

He nodded while smiling at Liena who continued to play around with the tight collar around his neck.

“I need to get ready now, I will see you later.”

“Don’t take too long, we are on a schedule.”

“I know.”

The two separated as he left the room. Liena needed to get her own dress ready before leaving, his disciples and many others would also be coming to join the Long Clan’s best. However, this was not what was on his mind now, what he needed to find was the holy sword. His spies brought him various legendary tales of relics and locations of potential hidden tombs and secret grounds he could visit.

“There are just too many of them and as it stands I can’t task my people to search for them either…”

The war with the vampire tribesmen had calmed down but they were still out there. He could not order his martial masters to go search for treasures at this time. Within a month's time, he would need to report to the magic knights and stall if he was unsuccessful.

“But if I go by the setting then it should not be in one of the obvious locations that anyone can discover…”

When he considered this world to be some kind of game on a timer then the sword should not be appearing any time soon. Considering that the other empires would be able to push themselves into the Empire’s outerlands with relative ease, the item would not be there. If he considered that it just left a few places that it could be at.

“Could it be somewhere in the Long Clan lands or in those two sects…”

In his opinion, the sword could be hidden away in the lands belonging to one of the big three. Now they had turned into the big two after the Soaring Dragon Sect was eliminated. He would probably be able to examine those lands with some pushback. The problem would be the Heavenly Crane Sect which would probably not let him snoop around in their backyard even though he was the golden dragon.

Those three territories were the prime suspects but they weren’t the only ones. There was also the region with the demonic cultivators where Wang Long was hiding away. At this moment the area was cut off from the empire as it was taken over. Landmasses, where the other empires created their strongholds, could very well have the holy sword of legends.

“I guess I can only take things one at a time… maybe I should have researched some of those clone techniques and made an army of myself…”

After giving out a sigh he vanished towards his sect ground. Time began to pass and soon everyone was gathering in the Argonaut, their main flagship. With permission of the Long Clan, they would be able to directly teleport to a nearby city. From there they had the permission to fly towards the capital without being shot down by the Long Clan’s defenses.

“Everyone, I expect all of you to show respect to the Azure Emperor. We are going to meet the most prestigious cultivators from these lands so don’t start any fights, is that understood?”

“Yes, Patriarch!”

There were many people here that he only knew by name but they were now part of the sect’s elite. The once small clan had grown to giant proportions and they could now hold their heads high.

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