Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 1816

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Chapter 1816: 1816

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“Ye Yuan really used this opportunity and killed Qian Ye! My god, such a waste!”

“Isn’t that so? If requesting the sect master to take action, one can probably even kill a True God powerhouse. He actually used it to kill a First Firmament Celestial Deity.”

“Really capricious! The thoughts of a genius are really not what we mortals can understand.”

Qian Ye finally still died. Under Zhou Qing’s word of command, Qian Ye’s head hit the ground.

It was just that this matter was simply incomprehensible to the sect’s disciples.

Just like a mortal suddenly had a chance to request ten carts of gold one day, but he only asked for a copper coin.

Just a massive opportunity, everyone yearned for it in their sleep, but it was cast aside by Ye Yuan like an old shoe.

Except, they did not know that the wish they sought after assiduously was no big deal in Ye Yuan’s eyes.

Cultivation methods, martial techniques, medicinal pills, all did not have much attraction to Ye Yuan.

And after that day, the Shadowmoon Sect returned to tranquility once more.

Sect Master Zhou Qing and the nine great skill-imparting elders collectively entered a retreat. The drum sound this time held extraordinary significance to them. They needed closed-seclusion to slowly digest their gains.

Quite a few disciples also chose to enter a retreat.

For some time, the Shadowmoon Sect appeared much more deserted.

A melodious zither sound echoed in the sky above Firecloud Peak, gentle and melodious.

Deep love flowed within this zither sound. It was completely different from the beauty and poignance the last time.

The zither followed the heart. If the mood of the person playing the zither was different, the music played would naturally be completely different too.

A figure seemed to have been attracted by the zither sound and slowly walked up to the summit.

With a song ending, Baili Qingyan said with faint resentment, “This song was owed to you. Now, I paid it back to you.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Miss Baili is indeed unparalleled in zither skills. Looks like this condition raised back then was still really worth it.”

Baili Qingyan nibbled her lips lightly. Her face slightly red as she opened her mouth and said, “You scoundrel, still exactly as hateful!”

Ye Yuan was stunned when he heard it and said baffledly, “Why does praising you become hateful? Could it be that I should say that Miss Baili’s zither skills are awful?”

Baili Qingyan spat and said, “You dare?!”

Ye Yuan was speechless. Waving his hand, he said, “Alright, alright, I didn’t say anything. Since I’ve already heard the zither sound, then the two of us are squared.”

A hint of disappointment flashed across Baili Qingyan’s face and she said gloomily, “Sounding the Big Dipper Seven Stars Drum, why did you have to use it to kill Qian Ye? Do you know how great this favor was?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said coolly, “The sect has nothing that they can give me. So to me, this favor’s only function was to be used to kill Qian Ye.”

Baili Qingyan was taken back when she heard that and looked at Ye Yuan with a contemptuous face.

This guy really bragged without coming up with a draft!

The Shadowmoon Sect was a True God level sect, no idea how many people wanted to enter the sect but could not. But Ye Yuan said that the sect had nothing they could give him.

“Since the sect has nothing to give you, then why you did you enter the sect?” Baili Qingyan said with a contemptuous look.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “I entered the sect naturally for the Bamboo Groove Martial Conclave’s spot.”

Baili Qingyan’s brows raised up and she said, “This Baili Qingyan must be in the Celestial Deity Realm to take part. You’re merely a Ninth Firmament Divine Lord right now. You definitely can’t catch up this time.”

Actually, Baili Qingyan also felt that it was somewhat a pity for Ye Yuan. His strength was clearly already qualified enough to take part, but with his realm not reaching the requirement, he could not participate at all.

In ten years’ time, wanting to break through to the Celestial Deity Realm was simply a fool’s talk.

If Ye Yuan was a half-step Celestial Deity right now, then everything could naturally be discussed.

It was just too bad that he was only a Ninth Firmament Divine Lord.

But Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Breaking through to the Celestial Deity Realm is very easy to me.”

Baili Qingyan was speechless, this guy was simply an egomaniac.

“Okay, then I’ll wait and see if you can break through to the Celestial Deity Realm within ten year’s time.” Baili Qingyan could not be bothered to argue and just waited to see the joke.

She admitted that Ye Yuan’s talent was outstanding, but Ye Yuan’s cultivation speed was not considered fast.

In front of her, Ye Yuan’s speed was pretty much the same as ordinary geniuses.

Even she, Baili Qingyan, also could not break through to become a First Firmament Celestial Deity from a Ninth Firmament Divine Lord in ten years.

It was naturally even more impossible for Ye Yuan.

After Baili Qingyan left, Ye Yuan started closed-seclusion to assail Celestial Deity Realm.

These 200 years’ time, Ye Yuan did many things. Among them included creating the Chaos Heavenspan Canon’s fifth level cultivation method.

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Actually, ever since breaking through to Divine Lord Realm, Ye Yuan already started deducing the Chaos Heavenspan Canon’s follow-up cultivation method and finally created it during the last 200 years.

Having passed the fourth level cultivation method, this great hurdle, this fifth level cultivation method was relatively much easier.

Creating the fifth level cultivation method showed that Ye Yuan was already very clear about the Celestial Deity Realm.

Breaking through was merely a matter of water flowing when the channel formed.

The Celestial Deity Realm that was as difficult as ascending to heaven to others, it was not that complicated to Ye Yuan.

With the Obstructed Tillage Spirit Vein around, Ye Yuan did not worry about the lack of spiritual energy at all and did not even need to borrow the power of medicinal pills.

Ten years passed in a twinkle.

On this day, the three great fierce beasts were currently cultivating when suddenly, a powerful aura came over from the direction of Ye Yuan’s abode.

“Here to make trouble again? This time, it’s a First Firmament Celestial Deity again. Go, let’s go take good care of this fellow,” the old bear said.

“Heh, thanks to this kid, our strengths have improved greatly now! Got to watch this gate well. Otherwise, if this kid chases us away someday, it wouldn’t be good,” the old deer said.

The three people talked for a moment, figures rushing away.




The three beasts’ figures landed, and they were immediately incomparably shocked.

They felt the aura of a First Firmament Celestial Deity and even thought that it was an outsider intruding. They did not expect that this person was actually Ye Yuan!

“Kid, you … You actually broke through to Celestial Deity Realm!” The old bear opened its eyes wide, eyes full of disbelief.

Ten years ago, Ye Yuan was still only a Ninth Firmament Divine Lord.

Ten years later, he was actually already First Firmament Celestial Deity!

Celestial Deity Realm seemed to be too worthless, right?

Ye Yuan nodded and said with a smile, “Mn, just broke through not long ago. I see that you all have been very attentive and watchful these few years. So I took the time to refine a few medicinal pills. Take them as your reward.”

The old bear waved its bear claw and said, “No need, your humans’ medicinal pills. We can’t use them.”

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and said, “It’s demon divine pills.”

The old bear said in surprise, “You, a human, actually know how to refine demon divine pills?”

Ye Yuan casually threw out a few pills. The three beasts caught them and took a look, and nearly dropped them onto the ground with a tremble of their hands.

The old bear cried out in surprise, “Ten Heart Pill! Divine-grade! This … This medicinal pill was refined by you?”

Ye Yuan laughed in spite of himself and said, “Not refined by me, then could it be refined by you? I just happened to have some Ten Heart Pill’s spirit medicines on hand and refined it for you guys.”

When at the Tyrant Origin Imperial City back then, Ye Yuan practically got everything he asked for. So he also casually picked up some rank five spirit medicines.

Although they were not some rare spirit medicines, refining a few Ten Heart Pills could still be done.

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