Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 1818

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Chapter 1818: 1818

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A hundred days later, the party landed in front of a vast ocean.

Xu Yan took out a token and threw it into the ocean.

When that token fell into the water, it immediately turned into a streak of white light and disappeared.

Not long after, a small rowboat was faintly discernible, traveling over from the surface of the sea.

On the small boat, a youth in white stood on the bow, suave and elegant.

Ye Yuan’s gaze turned intent. This youth in white was not old, but he was already a Fourth Firmament Celestial Deity.

It seemed like this Bamboo Groove Divine Temple indeed lived up to its reputation!

But, thinking about it, Ye Yuan also felt relieved.

The Bamboo Groove Divine Temple gathered the entire Bamboo Groove Void Realm’s most talented figures.

Those able to enter, their talents were probably not beneath Baili Qingyan’s. They might even be stronger.

This kind of powerful talent, coupled with the Bamboo Groove Void Realm’s top-notch resources, cultivation speed being fast was also within reason.

“Zhu Wen pays respect to Elder Xu.”

That youth in white clasped his hands at Xu Yan and said neither obsequiously nor haughtily.

But Xu Yan greeted with a smile as he said, “Huhu, turns out that it’s Honorable Nephew Zhu! Not seeing for a thousand years, Honorable Nephew Zhu’s cultivation advances with each passing day!”

Zhu Wen smiled faintly and said, “The cultivation of the divine temple, outsiders can’t imagine it at all. Zhu Wen’s bit of improvement is nothing.”

Between the lines of Zhu Wen’s words exuded arrogance everywhere.

As if the martial artists outside of the divine temple were all lice.

Xu Yan’s expression was somewhat awkward as he smiled and said, “That’s of course! Our Bamboo Groove Void Realm hails the divine temple with veneration. This place is a holyland. A genius like Honorable Nephew Zhu is one in ten thousand.”

Zhu Wen had a smug look on his face. Sweeping a glance behind Xu Yan, he said with disdain, “You even brought a guy who just broke through to the Celestial Deity Realm. Looks like your Shadowmoon Sect really has no successors!”

These words, Zhu Wen said them looking at Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan just broke through not long ago, his aura was much weaker compared to the others.

With one glance, one would know that he just broke through not long.

Celestial Deity Realm, the disparity of each minor realm was tremendous. In order to facilitate the distinction, each minor realm would have initial-stage, middle-stage, late-stage, as well as peak, four stages.

And Ye Yuan’s aura, one look and it was initial-stage First Firmament Celestial Deity Realm, so Zhu Wen was very disdainful.

Those coming to take part in the Bamboo Groove Martial Conclave, even if they were First Firmament Celestial Deity, they were mostly late-stage or peak First Firmament Celestial Deity powerhouses too. There were very makes sense, let alone talk about initial-stage.

Except, as soon as these words came out, the few people including Xu Yan all revealed strange looks.

When Zhu Wen saw the few people’s reactions, he could not help getting a little annoyed.

At this time, shouldn’t they be indignant, but dare not speak up?

His face could not help turning dark and said, “Why? Could it be that I said wrongly?”

Xu Yan appeared slightly awkward as he smiled and said, “Right, what Honorable Nephew Zhu said is correct!”

Although he said so, how could Zhu Wen not hear the mockery in Xu Yan’s words?

Xu Yan was implying: you came from the divine temple, whatever you say then.

Rather, it was Baili Qingyan who pursed her lips and said, “Senior Apprentice Brother Zhu had best not be too confident. When Ye Yuan enters the divine temple, surpassing you shouldn’t take too long.”

The moment Zhu Wen heard, he immediately flew off the handle and said with a cold smile, “Heh, this junior apprentice sister has such high-sounding sentiments! It’s just that your Shadowmoon Sect seems to not have anyone enter the divine temple for ten consecutive seasons already, right? Where in the world did your confidence come from?”

For close to ten thousand years, the Shadowmoon Sect’s performance in the Bamboo Groove Martial Conclave got worse and worse.

Among Bamboo Groove Void Realm’s 14 True God level powerful sects, only five people could enter the divine temple in the end. This struggle was very fierce.

Among these 14 True God level sects, the Shadowmoon Sect was only in the middle to lower reaches.

Some major sects prospered with each passing day, each season, there would be someone entering the divine temple.

But sects like the Shadowmoon Sect would naturally be looked down upon.

This Zhu Wen was obviously very disdainful of the Shadowmoon Sect.

This kind of sect, each time they came to take part in the Bamboo Groove Martial Conclave, they were all supporting casts.

Without strength, it was very hard to gain other people’s respect.

This rule was the same everywhere.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “The confidence of martial artists comes from powerful strength and not an unduly high opinion of oneself. After your esteemed self came, you’ve been constantly reproving the Shadowmoon Sect. Presumably, you aren’t living very well in the divine temple, right?”

Ye Yuan’s words made Zhu Wen’s expression change.

Ye Yuan really hit the mark!

To the outside world, the divine temple was a holyland.

Entering the divine temple represented resplendent glory.

But in reality, the competition within the temple was extremely cruel too. Naturally they could not dispense with the survival of the fittest.

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For Zhu Wen to be able to enter the Bamboo Groove Divine Temple, his talent naturally went without saying.

It was just that after entering the divine temple, everyone was similarly geniuses. His previous advantages were gone too.

You were talented, but others were more talented than you!

Zhu Wen discovered that after entering the divine temple, although he improved with amazing speed, other people’s improvements were even faster than him, and could obtain the temple’s high regard even more.

His days naturally became more and more difficult.

“Insolence! Who the hell do you think you are, to dare speak to me like this?” Zhu Wen’s face fell and said in a cold voice.

Ye Yuan looked at Zhu Wen pitifully and shook his head as he laughed in spite of himself and said, “Your esteemed self’s feelings, I can understand. So I won’t stoop to your level.”

Zhu Wen’s face became black as the bottom of a pot. This Ye Yuan really rubbed his nose in it!

Each sentence caused a ten thousand point critical hit to him.

Xu Yan also felt his anger vented in his heart. These few years, every time they took part in the Bamboo Groove Martial Conclave, the Shadowmoon Sect would be treated differently.

Regardless of whether it was the temple’s disciples or other sects, few thought highly of the Shadowmoon Sect.

But no choice, the temple was sublime, he could only tuck his tail between his legs and behave.

Seeing Zhu Wen get deflated, he was naturally secretly pleased in his heart.

However, he was also secretly startled by Ye Yuan’s observational power.

Very clearly, Ye Yuan guessed Zhu Wen’s situation correctly.

The temple was incomparably mysterious and never opened up to the outside world.

The people outside never knew what was happening inside.

Even the heads of True God level sects also did not know anything about the temple.

But nobody doubted the temple’s power.

So the divine temple’s disciples, even if only Celestial Deity Realm, had always been high and lofty too.

Being critiqued by them a little, they all, these skill-imparting elders, could only endure it too.

But Ye Yuan could perceive so many things through only a few sentences. It was truly remarkable.

“All shut up for me! Honorable Nephew Zhu is a temple disciple, how can it be your turn to teach him what to do?” Xu Yan suddenly glared and scolded.

It was just that the expression on his face not only did not have any anger at all, it instead had some approval.

When Ye Yuan and the rest saw, they could not help secretly finding it funny.

They knew that Xu Yan was giving Zhu Wen a way out. All of them shut their mouths sensibly.

Xu Yan had his back to Zhu Wen, Zhu Wen could not see his expression. Seeing Xu Yan fly off the handle, his expression indeed became much better.

However, he still gave a cold snort and said, “Ignorant thing, is the temple what you all are qualified to appraise?”

Ye Yuan and the rest exchanged glances and said in unison, “Yes, yes, yes, whatever Senior Apprentice Brother Zhu says goes.”

Zhu Wen’s face virtually almost turned into a horse’s face[1].

[1] Pulled a long face.

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